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Badho Bahu 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinki is outside Ahlawat House wishing to see Lucky. Her friend is afraid to be caught but Pinki goes inside.

On the other hand, Lucky’s sister brings Marjorie outside so Lucky can see her in moonlight. Marjorie is sleepy. Lucky’s sister excuses herself on the pretext of some work. Lucky comes and stands behind Marjorie. She turns and gets surprised. She tells him she is sleepy and goes inside. Lucky follows her.

Pinki does not see Lucky going in and Rana coming out. She thinks to confess her feelings to Lucky. She has her back to Rana. He notices the tattoo on her back and remembers the photo. She asks him if he liked the photo and chocolates that she had sent to him. Rana folds his hands at Lord Hanuman’s photo but is obviously attracted to Pinki’s tattoo. She says I came

here to see you only. She takes a step back and trips. Rana holds her. She closes her eyes. Moon comes out of the clouds. Rana keeps looking at Pinki lovingly. She opens her eyes and gets shocked seeing Rana. She runs from there. Rana smiles.

Pragya talks to Marjorie about her boy friend. Marjorie shakes her head. I have no boyfriend. I dint find any till date. Pragya asks about her preferences. Marjorie says he should be your best friend. Someone who can understand you. Lucky hears them from outside. Baba Shahrukh Khan was right. Friendship is love. Marjorie shows her best friends’ photo to Pragya. Lucky turns and finds his friend standing behind him. He says time is not on your side. Bhabhi dint take your gift. You dint even see her in moonlight. Do something or she will leave before she can fall in love with you. Lucky plans to take Marjorie out on a bike ride. Once she will sit with me closely on bike then she wont forget me. Next plan will be to be friends with her. Third, I will propose her. his friend likes the plan. What if all this wont work? Hide her passport. Lucky suggests him to find out how to get her Indian Passport.

It is morning. Payal wakes up. She finds clothes neatly put on the bed and everything clean. She checks everywhere and everything is done already. She is surprised. Ma ji’s slap did work. Everything happened on time. It did magic. Better late than never! Badho got her mind working.

Rana wakes up. He touches Lucky to make sure it is him only. Lucky tells him he is no ghost. Rana says I am not used to seeing you up so early. lucky says this is the best time to exercise. Rana tells him to come to the point. Lucky keeps looking at main door. It is time to shoot the arrow. He cooks up an excuse for his brother.

Jamuna ji asks Komal where she is off to this early. Badho says I am going to temple. Her mother asks her to be back soon. There is a lot to do. Payal says everything is done already. Vardaan also offers to go with KOmal. She goes to get something.

Lucky keeps practising while looking towards the main door. Rana teases him not to look pointedly in one direction or his neck will get stiff. Lucky’s friend and everyone is puzzled to see Lucky up so early. Marjorie comes out of the main door.

Marjorie greets all the men who are practising. Lucky asks about Pragya. Marjorie replies that she went to call driver. Lucky smiles. He had told driver to come late tomorrow. Driver wants to stay here only for the night as he has to take Marjorie and Pragya for sunrise. Lucky sweetly sends him home. Flashback ends. Marjorie wants to take shots of a kid. Lucky makes him sit on his back and gets his photos clicked. Pragya informs Marjorie that driver isn’t here. Lucky drops the kid hearing it. Pragya says there is only bike. I think sunrise trip will be cancelled. Pragya notices Lucky smiling. She understands it his plan. I will have to teach him lesson. She requests Rana to take them to see sunrise. Lucky tells her not to disturb Rana. He is practising. Other people tease Lucky to go as he has come this early for the first time today. Lucky readily agrees. He tells Marjorie to wait. We will then go to see sunrise. You see sunrise. I will see you. No, sunrise. He hurries off to change.

Badho does Vardaan’s aarti and wishes him good luck. You thought I forgot it is your CA Exam today? I know how hard you are working. Forgive me. I don’t know if you were able to study because of all what’s happening in the house. He assures her he did study well. They talk positively about studies. Their mother watches them from far. She blesses Vardaan. Badho leaves with Vardaan.

Lucky tells Pragya to sleep. You have seen sunrise so many times. Marjorie insists that Pragya will come along. Lucky tells her that they cannot do triple ride on bike. It wont start by anyone else. Marjorie asks for the keys. I will drive it don’t worry. He gives the keys to her. She starts it in one go surprising both Pragya and Lucky. They are impressed. Lucky keeps staring at her. Even my bike likes her. Pragya advises her to close his mouth or fly will go in. Marjorie takes Pragya with her. Lucky sits in the end.

Precap: Viren scolds that fat guy a lot in Ahlawat ji’s house. Sarita Bua ji shares that they like Badho a lot. Ahlawat ji confirms the same from Viren. Payal happily tells Badho about VIren coming to see her tomorrow with Ahlawat ji.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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