Badho Bahu 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Komal finds out the truth behind Lucky’s injury!

Badho Bahu 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji begins to go inside when Malti ji blocks his way. He warns her with his finger not to say anything now and heads inside.

Lucky is taking Komal to their room. He encourages her on the way to boost her morale. She is quiet all along. He knows she wont forget it so easily. The moment they reach their room, Komal asks Lucky to leave her alone. She closes herself in the room. He stands right outside the door trying to talk to her but she keeps crying inside. Dua song plays in the background. He has kept a hand on the door. She sadly keeps hers on his but breaks down really bad. Lucky is also in tears. Malti ji asks about Badho. He tells her she is inside. Kamla ji comes there with Pinki. She reprimands Malti ji for allowing her DIL to wrestle. She insulted us before everyone. Payal questions

her but Kamla ji stays put. A girl’s respect is her ornament. When her cloth gets torn before everyone then her respect is maligned. It might be normal in your Bakriawal but it is a thing of respect for us here. Your SIL has insulted us before everyone. You are the real reason behind it. If you hadn’t gathered people then this wouldn’t have happened. Payal insists it was such a big matter. I dint do anything and neither is Badho at fault here. Such things happen during matches. Why are you scolding Badho so much? Lucky seconds her. It isn’t as big a matter as you have made it. It isn’t Payal Bhabhi’s or Komal’s fault. This is an ordinary thing but it doesn’t mean their respect is at stake. Raghubir ji also agrees with them. He requests his Bhabhi not to drag such a small matter. Don’t worry. Such things happen during wrestling matches. People will stop playing any sort of games if this matter is dragged way too much! He asks Lucky about Komal. Lucky tells him she wants to spend some time alone. Raghubir ji nods and goes.

Komal gets ready. She has covered herself well as she steps out of the room. Lucky asks her if she is fine. Komal leaves on the pretext of doing some work. Payal, Malti ji and Lucky look on sadly.

Kamla ji asks her husband when he will return home. He says I will be back by tonight. Why do you sound so tensed? She replies that the matter is really urgent this time. We will talk when you are back. Just understand that this has put our family’s respect at stake. He agrees to discuss the matter with her at night.

Pinki asks her MIL why she is bothering Kailash ji. Kamla ji asks her if she dint understand anything. I will leave no stone unturned to turn the situation in her favour now. I will gather as many people on my side as I can. Rana’s father will stop Badho’s wrestling! Pinki asks her if they will listen to Kailash ji. Kamla ji is sure they will have no other option. We are their elders and Sarpanch also. I will make them agree to it at any cost. Payal has heard everything.

Komal cannot stop thinking about what happened in the morning. She begins to cry again. Lights go off. Raghubir ji walks in. He thinks it is Malti ji and asks her why she is sitting alone in the dark. Are you upset? I know why you are upset. I stopped you from saying anything outside. Forgive me. I am also very much tensed these days. Whatever happened with Komal outside isn’t new. It keeps happening and people keep laughing at it! I am telling you it will be fine in sometime. Komal thinks how happy Malti ji was with her resuming her practise. She allowed me to practise and she was embarrassed so much because of my wrestling today. she gets up but Raghubir ji begins to talk once again. We have to focus more on Lucky than Komal now. His problem is serious. I couldn’t tell you earlier but I am telling you now. You have to be strong. I did not submit Lucky’s form for Nationals as his shoulder wound is critical and deep. Doctor is unsure if he will recover in 4 months or not. Komal cries thinking of Lucky’s wish. Raghubir ji says I am sorry for telling you this so late as I dint want to bother you. I cannot hide it from you anymore. Are you alright? I have been saying so much since so long and you are quiet. Light comes on the moment he walks up to her chair. He is taken aback to see her instead.

Pinki shows the photo (of Komal’s torn kurta) to Kamla ji. It is being passed on in every phone here. Kamla ji is pleased. Now I will tell Malti about it. Let’s do something fun.

Raghubir ji apologizes to Komal. The situations have turned me selfish. So much happened with you outside and I am worried about my dreams. She apologizes to him for the insult that he had to bear today because of her. He tells her he is her Guru. Ask me how proud I am of you. Don’t think of insult or embarrassment. She suggests focusing on Lucky’s problem as of now. Lucky ji has taken a step to fulfil your dream. He has submitted his form for Nationals. He will fight! Raghubir ji calls it impossible. He must be stopped at any cost. Bharpayi comes to tell him that Officer of Sports Committee (Sanjay) has come to meet him. He agrees to come in a minute and asks Komal to come with him.

Kamla ji blames Malti for all that happened. I would have taught Badho a good lesson if I was in your place. You and your DIL have ruined everything. Kamla ji sends Pinki outside. She says sorry to Malti ji. I lied to you that Badho is the reason why Lucky’s career is going down. It isn’t because of Badho but you that Lucky’s and our lives are getting destroyed. It isn’t Badho but you who is responsible for our bad days!

Sanjay tells Raghubir ji that Lucky and Rana’s forms have been accepted. I have to send their physical certificates by tonight. If you fail to do so then they wont be able to take part in the match. He takes their leave. Raghubir ji turns to Komal. I couldn’t stop Lucky from submitting his form but I will stop him from entering in these qualifying matches for Nationals. You have to make sure he does not step out of the house and that he does not find about the medical exam from anyone in the family. If it happens then he will go to a doctor and find out about his health. I cannot see him dejected. You must help him. She assures him she will try her best to stop Lucky from going to see any doctor. He adds that she is the DIL of their house, his disciple and a famous wrestler of his Akhada. I am proud of you for all these things. He blesses her and goes. She thinks to find a way to stop Lucky from making a medical certificate for himself.

Kamla ji says you know we wouldn’t have been in this situation if you had acted smart by not letting Badho wrestle. You are still not at peace. I suggest you to use the remaining 2 methods advised by Baba. First one proved out to be true. Try the other 2 now. You will get your answers. Malti ji says there is no point using his methods now. What had to happen has already happened. Just wait and watch what will happen now!

Precap: Komal wonders how to stop Lucky from going to doctor. I will take him to Bakriawal and not let him find out about the medical certificate. Pinki and Kamla ji see Teji dancing with that girl (Pragya). They are not aware as to who she is as her face is covered with the dupatta. They find her behaviour very strange. She is dancing so happily with Jatta Singh. Kamla ji blames that girl’s parents for letting her do it. Pragya lifts the dupatta leaving both the ladies shocked. Rana calls Lucky and speaks against Komal. Our career is ruined since Badho came in our lives. You would also not know that today is the last day of submitting medical certificate!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Frosties

    I hope the writers put some obstacles in the villian’s Way! No more towards Badho.. I felt so sad for her. On top of that Rana tries to poison Lucky’s mind.. ggggrrrrrrrr!!!!??? it’s not fair!

    When will evidence of diya being broken, polling result rigged, iron man match fixed and all the other unfairness towards Komal and family be shown? Payal needs to work hard or Chutto bua needs to come back!

  2. Hi Frosties, Yes, they certainly do need to bring Chotto bua back!! She needs to sort them out! Kamla is far too arrogant and so is Rana- obnoxious and how dare he try to poison Lucky’s mind against Komal!

    I hope now that Lucky’s eyes are open and see through Rana.
    Please let truth and honesty win…like you, waiting eagerly for the diya’s to be exposed, Kamla’s rigging the votes and Rana cheating the title!

  3. All the injustices done by Kamla should be exposed. Badho should get a slim figure. She should be given proper guidance to lose weight

    1. Summer

      Hi Rinky,
      Yes, i second Sara’s comment. I’ve noticed Komal’s clothes looks a lot looser around her torso and she has lost weight around her face. Her heart shape face is becoming more pronounced, in particular her mandible. She is probably preparing for further challenging episodes that requires her to be physically exerting. She could be training behind scenes in prep for the upcoming episodes. She looks fitter; looks less clumpsy when she runs. 🙂 I really hope Komal and Lucky will win victory and this will put Rana, Kamla and Pinki in their place.

  4. Rinky…..
    I think she already is. She looks trim than before! At the same time people with extra weight can also be fit and healthy if they exercise more.. so I wouldn’t expect her to become so slim that she loses the “ Badho” look?
    Because of her size she looks innocent and bubbly !

  5. Pleas update 10/27/17,Thank you.

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