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Raghubir ji tells Lucky that he fixed his alliance with Komal. It is your engagement tonight. Lucky nods happily without understanding it. He notices the shocked look on Marjorie’s face and realises what he just heard. He is stunned. What did you say? One minute, whose wedding? Raghubir ji repeats that he fixed his marriage with Komal. You will get engaged tonight. Kamla ji says Viren left Komal in mandap. This is why we fixed your wedding with her.

Jamuna ji is kneading dough. Komal sits down next to her and does it. Jamuna ji notices her tensed. What’s bothering you? Share it with me. You will feel better. Komal says relation was fixed with Viren. His kids also liked me. every girl wants a groom of her dreams. I agree Viren was not like that but I made a compromise and I was happy.

my relation got fixed with Lucky after what happened last night. It is all too fast. I cannot understand anything. Is it right? Payal advises her to stop thinking on this matter at all. Marry quietly. Thanks to Babu ji we got another chance. I would have even married you to buffalos if Raghubir ji had said so! Jamuna ji tries to say something when Payal shares that she has become the hot topic. Tell her what will happen if this marriage wont happen. I don’t want this kind of shame for my family. as far as I can see, this is right. What you lost was good but what you are getting is best. You both are of right age. I don’t think you could get a better match than this. I don’t want any discussion on this matter anymore!

Lucky says what are you saying Bau ji. Ma, tell me this is a lie. He tells same to Kamla ji. She says this isn’t joke. Your relation has been fixed.

Payal’s husband says Payal says bitter words but she isn’t wrong. Understand her situation too. It is bitter but true. Komal is 20 years old and fat. We were lucky to get such an alliance after what happened yesterday. Raghubir ji gave us hope. It will light her life. We anyways have no other option. I am honestly saying, if she does not marry Lucky this time then I swear this time I will. Komal stands up. Say what you want to. He replies that he does not have that much money to bear her for life. You have to marry some day or other. Vardaan says you might not be able to take care of my mother and Didi but I will do it!

Lucky asks his brother to say it is a lie. Rana stands quietly. Lucky angrily begins to throw things around. Raghubir ji says his name sternly. Lucky stops.

Vardaan says what if I don’t have that much money today to do that but I will work hard. I will make sure I give everything to my mother and Didi before they even say it, even if someone wants to keep them or not. Payal asks him if he has gone mad. Dint you understand what your brother said? Vardaan is about to retort but Komal stops him. Their elder brother goes inside upset followed by Payal. Komal and her mother are in tears. Jamuna ji tells Komal not to take their words to their heart. Komal says I am not worried about that. I am worried wondering if Lucky will marry me or not. Jamuna ji says I don’t know about Lucky but I have full faith on Raghubir ji. Your father always trusted him. we too should trust him like your father did.

Lucky questions his father on his decision. How did you think I will spend my entire life with that fattie? How could you think I will agree for it? I wont even stand with that fattie for a photo. You want me to be with her for life? I wont be able to do it! Raghubir ji says you are my beloved son. I took this decision after thinking through. I have more experience than you about life. Trust me. this decision is better for you only. Don’t forget that I promised that girl to make her marry you. Marjorie looks at her ring. Raghubir ji vows to live by his words. Lucky tells him to go ahead and do it. Don’t make me a scapegoat. Rana is also there. Make him marry her. Why are you after me? Raghubir ji tells him not to think about Rana. Elders are here to decide for him. Keep your mouth shut and make preps for evening. He tells Malti ji to take him inside.

Kamla ji points out that Lucky raised a right point. It isn’t right to marry younger brother first. Rana should have been married first. Everyone is busy marrying younger brother first. Has anyone thought what people will think about us? If I had anything in my mind then I would have married both brothers in the same mandap on the same day. This has always been my dream. Raghubir ji agrees with her. I will think as to what is to be done about this. Rana looks at his mother who smiles slyly.

Pinki enters quietly in the house but her mother spots her. She questions Pinki where she was last night. Pinki says I was busy in Badho’s wedding. Too much of hard work. It was her bidaai in the morning. My shoulder is swollen because of her crying. Why are you taking my class like a headmaster? Her mother says I am not a fool. Your sister has lied to me so many times for her crushes. I somehow arranged her wedding. I can see the same thing happening here. Get back on track. Pinki asks her why she is saying so. Her mother shares that Badho’s marriage dint happen. Tell me truth. Pinki lies that Lucky asked her to accompany him to airport when he went to drop Marjorie alone. Her mother understands truth. Go to your room now. Pinki complies.

Raghubir ji calls Jamuna ji. Raghubir ji says please try to understand what I will say now. There is nothing to worry. Payal puts call on loudspeaker. This engagement cannot happen right now. Komal’s family gets shocked. What are you saying? Raghubir ji replies that Rana is the elder son of the house. It wont look good if younger brother marries first. The day we find a girl for her, we will marry both the sons on the same day. I wont back out from my promise. Jamuna ji goes quiet. Raghubir ji gets concerned. She ends up agreeing to it. The call ends. Epi ends on Payal’s angry face.

Precap: Payal insists to take Badho to their house today itself. I will make sure Badho’s marriage happens in next 15 days itself! Kamla ji speaks in favour of Pinki in front of Malti ji. no one can change my decision now. I have decided to marry Rana with Pinki. Raghubir ji asks Marjorie to make Lucky understand Komal is best choice for him. There cannot be a better option than her for him. Marjorie gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Mona146

    I hate this concept. Poor luckky is too forced to accept komal. I agree she is a victim but still no one should be forced to marry.

  2. I am feeling bad for lucky but we already know at the beingning about the story . we all know that this marriage will be done by lucky’s father forcefully . WO apne ego aur wade k chakkr mein uski life spoil kR denge

  3. a cute couple lucky and komal

  4. OMG I can’t stand Payal. She’s a very cunning woman and I see she wears the pants in the family. I see shows where the MIL treat the DIL badly but Komal’s mom is too nice and quiet. Someone needs to put Payal in her place and her husband cuz he’s a wussy of a man. ???

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