Badho Bahu 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone was shocked to see bundles of money fell out of watermelons. She asks if they need more proof and breaks another watermelon. She says this is the money that Payal took from the villagers, and Raghubir had to bear so much. Payal says its not what it appears to be.
The villagers call her as liar, the recall selling gold watch and chain to Shankar as well. Malti ji says Payal paid well for their trust. Kamla ji says Payal planned and sent her mother to her, she calls Payal as cunning as a fox. Payal stood silent. Teji tells Pragya to take advantage of this chance, as she was the one who brought proposal of Vardhan for her. Pragya tells Payal she is so cunning she must have an advantage in bringing the proposal for her. Payal comes to wrestle Pragya for speaking falsely to her. Komal comes to

clutch Payal’s neck asking if she still dare speak in front of everyone, after bringing such disgrace to Raghubir. Lucky comes to get Payal rid of Komal’s grip. Komal asks Lucky to call the police. Raghubir forbids Lucky as its a matter of woman, police won’t come to the house. Komal says they would get a punishment, Shankar will no longer work here. Shankar agrees to Komal and says he is no more worth working here. Komal says Payal only cares for herself, Ragubir had to hear so much because of her. She tells Payal she won’t stay here as well, she doesn’t want to look at her face. Payal comes to Raghubir and asks to forgive her if possible, she forgot what was right and wrong in quest of her needs of money. She says further, Kumhar urged them into this greed of money. She never intended to disgrace him. Komal says Payal isn’t worth speaking to Raghubir anymore and tells her to leave her house. Shankar leaves, Komal sends Payal away as well. Komal now asks the villagers if they need to witness something else as well, they have hurt Raghubir much today. The villagers now apologize Raghubir. Raghubir replies he isn’t worth punishing anyone, he is only hurt because the eldests of their village are standing here. He requests them not to mistrust their family anymore. Raghubir now blesses Komal.
Malti ji comes forward now and says she and her family has troubled thier family. She tells Komal it was the biggest mistake of her life to marry Komal with Lucky. Raghubir tries to stop her but Malti says Komal and her family never leave a leaf unturned in disrespecting Raghubir. She asks Komal what would be thier next plan. Kamla tells Malti to calm down, Komal even broke all her relations with her family for thier sake. Firstly, her mother left this house, then she got her brother jobless because of them. Malti says she doesn’t care if her family left happy or angry, she only understands this girl has moved the foundations of thier house. Raghubir asks Malti if she didnt think for once that Komal has even broken all her relations with her family as well, she must be hurt by her bitter talk. He assures Komal that he and his family stands with her.
Komal cries when everyone has left the house. Komal miss her family, how her mother and Vardhan had to leave this house. Lucky comes to her but can’t keep a hand over her shoulder. he then gathers the courage to hold her shoulder. Komal looks towards him and cry again saying she has lost her relations. She wonders if she would be able to meet her mother again. Lucky assures Komal he is with her in such times, he would always be her side. Komal watches his hand placed over hers, and asks sure? He nods. They smile at each other. Lucky wipes her tears and takes her into the room; then offers her water.

PRECAP: Lucky massages Komal’s head. She fells asleep with her head laid over him. Later, Komal takes aarti from Malti and bends to touch her feet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It was a mind blowing episode. I just love this one. Badho has lost everything for ahlawat family and still she bears so much for the dirty deeds of others . It’s lovely to feel the real love when somebody wipes ur tears.Komal proved herself to be a greedy woman and got punished severely . Slowly and steadily the plot is getting power . Amazing physics,and chemistry also . *:*

  2. Sorry I meant to say payal bhabhi was a greedy women .

  3. Malti is so annoying. She’s so rude to poor Komal. Episodes without her were so much better.


    Poor komal…. due to her cunning bhabhi, she has to bear so much.. all becoz of her, komal broke all relations from her mayeka.. and this malti should go to hell..
    And lastly lucky felt pain of komal.

  5. Hi Shraddha and Everyone,

    I too felt for poor Komal. I thought Malti words was insensitive and hurtful. Despite saving Ragu Ji and exposing the culprit Malti failed to see that Komal was not at fault. Very sad indeed. When Lucky Ji placed a comforting hand on his shoulder that was nice. I only hope now that Lucky Ji feelings towards Komal grow stronger and warmer, perhaps then Malti Ji will only Komal, after all, she thought this union would ruin her son life.

    Teji Ji is a real nasty scoundrel! How he manipulates Pragya to insult Payal ( ok she deserves it) and add fuel to the fire.
    Just waiting patiently for the truth to unravel how Teji not once, but twice put Pragya life in danger.

  6. Hi Everyone!
    I liked the episode. Malti’s reaction was shocking specially insulting her daughter-in-law before all present! What was she trying to proof. It is understandable for her to get frustrated due to villagers doubting Raghuveerji’s integrating. But how can she overlook Komal’s efforts in clearing his name? Specially after Komal makes sure that she has rid off her family, specifically Payal form the Ahlawat houselhold! She always tries to please and proove herslef to Kamla Bhabhi. She has to someday relaise that it will only hurt her son in the long run! She might push her husband away too!
    I AM JUST CROSSING MY FINGERS THAT Pragya doesn’t go so crazy about Teji that she crosses her limits, compromising herself. I think Pragya angle is here for giving opportunities to Komal to show that strength, perosnal integrity, loyalty towards family is above physical appearance. Glad to see Lucky has realised it!

  7. oops please read RAghuvirji’s integrity

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