Badho Bahu 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Teji asks Pragya to get new house for them

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Lucky asks Komal why she looks so tensed. Komal says Titli is so much under pressure to marry. Lucky says she spoke so badly last time. Komal justifies it wasn’t wrong though. Her manner wasn’t right. Lucky hopes Titli likes the guy this time. He respects her for who she is and holds her hand and just takes her with him.

Kamla ji and Pinki give scary warnings / tips to Titli which irks her. Malti ji advises her not to get upset. try to control yourself whenever you lose your calm. She agrees. Komal suggests Titli not to be under any pressure. Take your time and decide. Kamla ji says this way she will lose every possible guy. Her Bapu is concerned for her. She should get marry at the earliest. Don’t give lectures. See if all the preps are made or not. Komal leaves.


and his parents are with Ahlawat family. Titli greets them and pours them tea for them. Aditya’s mother compliments her. Aditya’s father asks Aditya to ask Titli whatever he wants to. He asks her about her studies. Titli’s father answers their question. Next question (about household work) is answered by Kamla ji. Komal thinks this is bad. They are praising her incorrectly. This way the guy wont be able to know real Titli at all. We must do something so they can talk honestly to each other.

Aditya’s father says Titli isn’t saying anything. Kamla ji lies that she is feeling shy which is why she is quiet. You know this is natural.

Komal asks Lucky to take them both out for some time. Titli wont be able to say anything before her Bapu ji. Lucky is enjoying seeing Titli quiet for the first time. Komal looks at him pointedly. Lucky proposes to take Titli and Aditya to the market in the village for a while. They will talk to each other. Kamla ji says we don’t mind if they talk here in front of us. Raghubir ji seconds Lucky’s idea. Aditya’s parents and Titli’s father agree. Komal tells Lucky to leave Aditya and Titli alone. He murmurs that she trapped him. Kamla ji is tensed. We could have managed the situation if she was here. Don’t know what she will do now. Komal asks her to trust her. Nothing will go wrong. Kamla ji points out that Titli has never done anything calmly.

Aditya asks Titli why she is still quiet. Lucky says she likes to keep quiet. She is like that only. She was so quiet when I met her for the first time that I doubted it she was a girl or a boy and if she couldn’t speak. Aditya smiles. Titli glares at Lucky in the rear view mirror. Aditya asks Titli her hobby. Lucky says – dhulayi (beating). He covers saying that she loves to wash clothes. Aditya finds her to be different than anyone else. Lucky agrees. You wont find such a girl anywhere else. You are lucky to marry such a nice girl. Titli makes a fist and looks at Lucky. He acts to fold hands but is enjoying teasing her thoroughly.

Teji comes to Pragya’s room. She asks him if he isn’t scared to enter in her room today. he says you are also taunting today. I dint come to pacify you today but have come with a permanent solution to this. what if we don’t have to meet stealthily and stay in our own house? She asks him how it is possible. Teji says they can send us in a new home too like they were sending you and Vardaan. Even our relation is legitimate now. He hugs her telling her not to think too much. She agrees to speak to Lucky today itself.

Aditya tells Titli Lucky called. He asked to come home directly once we are done. He asks her to have Lassi. We will be able to know each other better this way. They sit in the dhaba. Titli is irked by the clothes. This guy cannot stop looking at me. Aditya’s constant stare is irritating her. I don’t know how to dress up like girls! I feel like someone has held me captive here. Aditya asks her how she found him. how am I looking in this shirt? I wear tshirt and jeans. He opens the first button of his shirt. She mumbles that he should think about her. He notices she isn’t looking comfortable. You can relax. She is relieved. These bangles and dupatta were suffocating me. It is so nice now and we can enjoy Lassi now. She gulps it down in one go and asks him to drink his. He drinks his glass and they leave.

Everyone at Ahlawat House is waiting for Titli and Aditya. Lucky enters but lies that they are still in the market. Komal is happy thinking they will get to know each other better this way. Kamla ji walks up to Lucky and speaks to him in low tone. Are you mad? You should have brought them back with yourself only! Ram ji says the same thing. Pragya comes to speak to Lucky and takes him with her.

Lucky tells Pragya she did good by bringing him here or Tai ji wouldn’t have spared me. She asks him to send her and Teji to the new house. We got engaged and are about to marry soon. Komal hears them. You will have to wait for that. You just said that marriage will happen soon. Wait till then. You both are staying with each other anyways here. There is no point. Lucky seconds Komal. We have given you enough freedom already which is enough for now. I will speak about this after your marriage. Pragya tries to speak but Lucky stays put on his decision. She leaves. Komal asks Lucky if Aditya likes Titli. Lucky says it is 50-50. She was so quiet till I was here. I know she wont keep quiet for too long. Hope God saves Aditya when she does that. Bharpayi comes to call them outside.

Titli and Aditya return home. Everyone is surprised to see Titli walking barefoot without her dupatta. Aditya’s mother asks Aditya about their short trip. This time Titli answers excitedly. Her father stares at her so she drops her shoe. She begins to praise Aditya. We got a chance to know each other. Ram ji asks Adtiya’s parents about what should happen next. Aditya’s father says we have spoken enough already. Give us some time to discuss amongst ourselves. They take their leave.

Titli tells her father to be assured. Your daughter has found her match.

Komal thinks Titli seems to be happy. Help her Lord. Hope this goes well.

Precap: Titli tells her father that Aditya must have spoken nicely about her. What did he say? Ram ji shares that they said no. Kamla ji scolds Titli who in turn blames Kamla ji for always adding fuel to the fire. Ram ji raises his hand angrily to slap her but stops. Titli cries. Everything went so well. Aditya told me to act normal and I did so and see what happened! Lucky looks at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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