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Badho Bahu 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana finds western clothes in his almirah. I think Pinki ji must have brought them. He begins to keep them back when Ajay and Jitesh come there. They tell him to show everyone who he is. They pump him up. Rana gets thinking. Maybe Pinki ji brought it for me. Ajay tells Rana to give first prize to Bhabhi when he is working so hard. Jitesh corrects him – it is surprise. Ajay nods. Rana says you will again give me some nonsense idea which will make her angry. They deny. Ajay says problem is in you. You are hesitant. Jitesh has a solution to it – it is like sherbet. Rana asks them if they are trying to feed him alcohol. If you even try to do that then I will break all your bones. They say we cannot give you alcohol. It is Bholenath’s Prasad (hinting at Bhaang). Rana agrees to it. Ajay and Jitesh

decide to make preps while Rana goes to take bath. Bhabhi will be surprised.

Lucky finds his room beautifully decorated with rose petals and candles. Is she trying to save electricity? Why waste candles when there is electricity at home? She is mad. He keeps the bottle of alcohol on table and wonders what Komal is up to now. He checks the pillows and is relieved. I am saved today. I will focus on alcohol.

Rana finds his room all decorated too and smiles. I never thought you both could do anything but you proved your worth today. Why did you get milk? Ajay says this is special thandai. Jitesh adds that there is a little amount of bhang in it. You wont even realise it. Rana says this is no time to drink bhang. They request him. We have to do something to boost your morale. You will otherwise spend your life feeling shy! Rana is tempted with the idea.

Komal comes before Lucky covering herself with a sheet and her hair is open. He asks her what she has done to the house. Where are you walking around like this? She fumbles while telling him about the clothes. He tells her to forget whatever she is thinking. Such times don’t come often when there is no one at home and it is all quiet. Let me drink. She asks him if she should get him pakoras. He tells her against it. Let me drink in peace. She is still standing there. He tells her to go. She asks him where she should go then. he asks her if she will indeed go to where he will tell her to. Go to hell! She nods sadly and reaches out for the handle. He thinks to do something about her or she wont keep troubling him. I should give her some alcohol too. She will sleep in no time. I will enjoy my alcohol then. He stops her and asks her to sit with him. She closes the door while still covering herself with the bed sheet. He asks her if she will sit like this only. He brings a glass for her and pours a peg for her too. She says this is alcohol. He says I dint say it is sherbet. She refuses but he insists. She turns her face away as it smells foul. What has Lucky ji thought of now? Will I have to drink it too? She again says no but Lucky tells her to drink it. I will handle everything. Why fear when Lucky is here! He gulps it down to show her. It tastes real bad but she gulps it down for his sake. It burns her from inside. Give me some water. He smiles. It burns in the beginning. Wait for some time. You would start enjoying it. She drinks more. He keeps pouring more and more shots for her. Komal remembers Pinki’s words. She gulps down alcohol as she wants to do whatever Lucky says today.

Pinki enters in her room and is shocked to see the condition. Rana is sitting on bed and smiling at her. He asks her to sit near him. She does so reluctantly. What have you done to the room? And why are you wearing this quilt? He says weather looked changed today. I was feeling cold so I wore it. She mutters that she is sweating badly. He offers her thandai. Pinki is in a fix but he requests her to drink it calling it nice. She drinks it hesitantly. He too finishes his glance. She wonders what’s mixed in this. He is up to something today for sure!

Lucky and Komal have finished entire bottle together. he thinks she will sleep in 5 minutes. I will spend the rest of the night peacefully. Komal is inebriated and sleepy. She closes her eyes while sitting on the sofa only. Lucky smiles happily. She wakes up suddenly and smiles seeing him happy. He is taken aback to see her smiling at him. What is she made of? She is still not sleepy or inebriated after drinking so much! Komal says here is my love for you. she removes the bed sheet and stands before him in nighty. Glass breaks in the process. Lucky is stunned and shy to see her thus. Komal walks up to him.

Precap: Komal dances on Jaanam I Love You with and around Lucky.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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