Badho Bahu 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Komal’s kurta gets torn during practise!

Badho Bahu 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji notices Komal’s condition as she returns to Akhada. What have you done to yourself? Komal says we ran too much. I dint realise. Raghubir ji asks about Rana. Jitesh shares that he met his friends on the way and stopped by to have tea.

Kamla ji is speaking to someone on phone. She is intentionally speaking in loud tone. Malti ji comes there and asks her what happened. Kamla ji complains to Malti ji that her DIL is running around the village in messy hair. People have started calling us to tell the same. I don’t care what you do but do something. It will become difficult for us to answer everyone. I wont take it anymore if Komal wont cover her head the moment she steps out of Akhada. I am that bomb which blasts without a timer! Malti ji agrees to explain to Badho right away.


ji asks everyone to start practise. Komal compliments Nisha on her tracksuit. Raghubir ji is listening to their conversation. Nisha speaks of how comfortable she feels while practising wearing it. Komal thanks her FIL for getting her a good trainer and friend. She corrects herself calling him Guru ji. Raghubir ji tells her they will only be opponents when they will be in Akhada. You should only think about winning. I don’t care if you make her your friend or anything once the competition is over. She nods.

Malti ji calls Komal aside. She advises Komal to cover her head with a dupatta the moment she steps out of the Akhada. We must also adhere to our traditions. Komal agrees and touches her feet before going back in Akhada.

Lucky is with Randeep. You are like my brother. I really need your help. If anyone asks you about my wound, just say that I am recovering fast and there wont be any problem with me participating in national championship. Randeep tells him he is not even fit to practise forget about taking part in nationals. You will take a long time to recover. Please understand this. Lucky tells him to understand him. I know you care for me but it is too late now. I have submitted my form for nationals. I cannot back down now. Randeep suggests him not to risk his career. Please try to understand. Lucky says my Babu ji has always made my happiness, my wishes his priority. Can I not risk my career and life for his sake then? I will fulfil his dream this way and will be selected for international match then. It can only happen when you will say what I am telling you to. He folds his hands begging him to agree with him.

Komal and Nisha are practising. Komal is able to defend herself well. Nisha praises her. Komal is happy to hear it and becomes casual. Nisha manages to throw her on the ground the very next moment. Komal praises her on her move. Raghubir ji asks Nisha to repeat her moves. He explains the logic of defence to Komal in that particular move. They try the same move again. This time Komal has an upper hand. They are surprised to see too many people coming there suddenly. Payal welcomes them all. Everyone is clapping for Komal puzzling her. Payal says I called them all here. They should also see wrestling. Komal seems uncomfortable but Raghubir ji and Payal tell her not to be distracted. Kamla ji also comes outside. A guy remarks that drama has begun in Sirsa’s Akhada nowadays. Everyone ignores his comment and keeps their eyes glued on Komal and Nisha. Komal overpowers Nisha yet again. Kamla ji looks pointedly at Payal. First she came in the house forcefully and now she brought everyone here. I have to stop Komal’s practise at any cost now!

Randeep tells Lucky to think once again and takes his leave. Pinki and Rana greet him. Pinki asks about Lucky’s treatment. I feel it will take lot of time as the wound is very deep. Randeep lies to them that Lucky’s treatment is going good. He will not just play nationals but International too. Rana and Pinki get tensed but don’t show it. Lucky goes to drop Randeep outside.

Pinki tells Rana Lucky will return to Akhada now. Your real test starts now. You should keep your strategies better than Lucky. We snatched Iron Man Championship medal from Lucky. If you want to keep your head high and want him to look up to you always then you must win this competition at any cost! He stares at her. she tells him staring wont help. I am being honest. Work hard and then thousands of Lucky ji wont be able to stand in front of you. He nods.

Lucky watches Badho’s practise and gives her tips which helps her in the match. Raghubir ji is pleased to see it. Malti ji also comes outside to see the match. She hopes Baba ji’s words don’t come true. What if my son is never able to wrestle again because of Badho’s practise? Kamla ji reprimands her for coming out with rice. Malti ji shares that Jatta’s shooting is going on inside. I came outside to see the practise too.

Pragya comes dressed in the village attire. Her face is completely covered with the veil. She asks him about his video’s hero. He tells her he will come soon. Pinki asks about the girl. He does not tell her it is Pragya and keeps talking about the video. His friend comes right then with a girl (Siddhi) in tow. Teji introduces them to Pinki and Pragya. Siddhi teaches them dance steps as she is the choreographer. Pinki learns some steps from her. The guy gets a call and tells Teji he must leave right away. I have to wrap up where I was shooting. I came here for you. Teji asks for some time or he will be ruined. His friend promises to make 2 videos next time. The cast promotes their new show Siddhivinayak.

Lucky is enthusiastically giving tips to Komal. People are enjoying the match. He gets a call from someone and goes aside to talk. Komal tries escaping from Nisha’s grasp and takes a step further. Nisha pulls at her kurta and it gets torn. Malti ji drops the plate in shock. Everyone begins to gossip. Komal stands against the pillar holding her torn dupatta. Raghubir ji asks everyone to leave but everyone stays put. Kamla ji stops Pinki from intervening. Payal scolds some guys for clicking videos in such case. She asks everyone to leave. Lucky notices it and jumps inside the Akhada with a t-shirt. He covers Komal. Payal feels bad. Komal is crying by now. Lucky glares at the spectators and gestures Komal to come.

PRECAP: Komal asks Lucky to leave her alone. She closes herself in the room. He stands right outside the door trying to talk to her but she keeps crying inside. Kamla ji reprimands Malti ji for allowing her DIL to wrestle. She insulted us before everyone. Later, Kamla ji tells Pinki she will leave no stone unturned to turn the situation in her favour now. I will gather as many people on my side as I can. Rana’s father will stop Badho’s wrestling!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh dear! Back to same old same old! This is so boring to read. Can’t bring myself to watch this. When are the good guys going to be vindicated? Things just seem to fall in place well for Teji, Kamla and Pinkie. How long are we going to see repeats of the same humiliation of Raghu’s family?

  2. Kamla is such an evil envious woman that is sickening. Her husband is such a fool if he does not see through her wicked ways. I hope Payal exposes her whole family’s cheating ways. Malti is so gullible and ignorant she should never open her mouth. Lucky gets his stupid mentality from her. He should consult another Dr. they may be able to do some other treatment.

  3. Frosties

    I totally agree with Edel & Helen… it’s getting quite boring to see everything is so simple and easy for the villains but hard for the innocent ones. Storyline needs to change quickly !
    Hope Payal can help with the changes and get in Komal’s good books.. by the way whose looking after her son and husband??

  4. Summer

    Hi Everyone,
    I didn’t bother watching this episode. Reading the updates was bad enough. Don’t think i could watch Teji any Kamla longer. His mannerisms and everything about his character is distasteful. As for Kamla, her evil eye squints and nose wriggling especially when she is scheming brings to mind ‘wormtail’ from Harry Potter; also known as Peter Pettigrew. Sheepish when faced with truth and caught, but ruthless and unpleasant behind your back.
    Payal, I’m rooting for you to reveal the truth with your beady eye! Please expose Kamla and co…their arrogance is becoming too much to bear on screen.

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