Badho Bahu 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji announces (promises before everyone present) that Komal will marry my son Lucky. Jamuna ji asks him what he is saying. How can Lucky and Komal marry? Malti ji is also worried. She requests her husband not to say anything further. She takes him aside.

Ladies begin to gossip about Raghubir ji’s announcement. Who would want to marry their handsome son to this fattie? What did my daughter lack if Lucky had to marry this fattie? She looks average but has good features. Another lady is sure Malti ji will do something. She wont sit quietly. Kamla ji worries that Raghubir ji might change his decision because of which her son might get stuck with this fattie.

Rana thanks Hanuman ji. You took care of my wish but what about Lucky! Payal thinks they will have good luck if Lucky marries

Komal. She advises her MIL to keep quiet. Wait to hear what Raghubir ji has to say.

Malti ji refuses to let Lucky marry Komal. I wont let it happen. Don’t know when these people came in my house and have destroyed everything! We have done so much for them already. Why this now? Raghubir ji reasons that this family and Komal is really nice. I took responsibility of her marriage after all. Malti ji says you have done enough for them. Now it is up to them as to how they live. It shouldn’t matter to us whether they live or die. He sticks to his words while she sticks to hers. Raghubir ji says I wont step back from my words and decision even if I have to sacrifice our relation for this. If Lucky and Komal don’t marry then understand that our relation will be over. Kamla ji gets happy. Hope Raghubir ji sticks to his words come what may. Raghubir ji warns his wife not to create any obstacle in the way of this marriage or he will end his relation with her. Don’t force me to do this. Look at me. You promise (during pheras) to support me in every decision. Support me in my decision now. He heads back inside. Malti ji stands there teary eyes.

Marjorie says Lucky Singh Ahlawat ji will you marry me. He nods teary eyed and shows her the ring. She smiles sweetly as he makes her wear it. She kisses him on the cheek. They share a cute hug.

Ahlawat ji goes to Raghubir ji. I am telling you this being your elder brother. Don’t take any decision in haste or under any guilt. Many lives are related to your decision. Decide wisely. Raghubir ji replies that he took this decision after thinking thoroughly. Trust me. It is for everyone’s good. I only need your trust and blessings. His elder brother blesses him. Raghubir ji goes to Komal. You will marry my son Lucky only. Kamla ji smiles whereas Malti ji is upset. Jamuna ji says I cannot understand how to thank you. I wont be able to repay your favours even in my next birth. Thanks for saving our respect. Kamla ji tells Jamuna ji to forget the past. Think about future now. Your daughter is going to marry the biggest fighter of Haryana and you are crying? Payal seconds her. Everyone ends up smiling except Malti ji. Raghubir ji says we will come to your house tomorrow with Shagun. Kamla ji says this would be perfect. I wish I could marry them off right away but Lucky isn’t here. Fruit of waiting is good only. We will come tomorrow. They all decide to make preps for tomorrow.

Komal returns to her house with her family. Payal’s husband tells Komal and his mother not to stay awake the entire night thinking about everything. Take rest. We have to get up early tomorrow. Jamuna ji tells Komal to sleep. She goes in her room. Komal stops Vardaan and rests her head on his shoulder. They both ask each other if they are fine. Komal is worried about his wounds. He calls it a small thing. I will be fine after applying ointment. You too must be tired. Take rest. He heads to his room. Komal is in tears.

Komal looks at herself in the mirror. She thinks of Viren and all that happened today. She breaks down. Lucky’s insult on their first meeting and his taunts later on on her weight flashes before her mind. She looks at her father’s photo. What do you want to show me? First you sent Viren and then you placed Lucky in his place. I know you are doing it for me but see if it means good for them too or not. Setting Lucky in my life would mean forcibly fitting a square in a circle. I don’t know how it will happen. I don’t understand anything.

Next morning, Lucky and Marjorie are back home. Lucky says we will say your flight got cancelled and you will spend some more time here with us. I will tell Ma at the right time. She will then speak to Bau ji. Our relation will be fixed then. They both get down from the car. Pinki wakes up. She realises that they are back home already. She goes inside from back entry.

Malti ji gives tea to her husband. Kamla ji reminds her to order a ring for bride and groom. Take measurement. Make sure nothing goes wrong. Lucky and Marjorie enter. Everyone is surprised to see her. Lucky lies that her flight got cancelled. We will book another one for her. Marjorie seeks their permission to stay with them. Raghubir ji agrees. This is your house only. Take rest. Kamla ji asks Malti ji to tell Lucky his father’s decision. Malti ji says I will tell in a while. He has just come. Kamla ji insists. You anyways have to tell. Raghubir ji agrees. There is nothing to hide. Lucky asks everyone what the matter is. Raghubir ji tells Lucky his alliance has been fixed with Komal. It is your engagement tonight. Lucky nods happily without understanding it. He notices the shocked look on Marjorie’s face and realises what he just heard.

Precap: Lucky says what you thought. He begins to throw things around in anger. How did you think I will spend my entire life with that fattie? How could you think I will agree for it? Raghubir ji makes it clear to him that it will happen. Raghubir ji calls Jamuna ji. They put the call on loudspeaker. Raghubir ji says this engagement cannot happen right now. Komal’s family gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. And I was thinking that return of Marjorie in yesterday’s epi was lucky’s dream.
    Sad for Marjorie and lucky.
    Though, the bond of komal and vardaan is admirable

  2. thanks for recap. Sad for marjorie and Lucky. But, I hope that Lucky will love Komal faster. If they are get married, the serial will be more interesting.

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