Badho Bahu 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Lucky submits his form!

Badho Bahu 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji asks Komal to step forward next but is tensed. Komal pours water in the flower pot. Kamla ji stands there in a ready to run position but no blast happens. Teji and Kamla ji are shocked whereas Malti ji looks relieved. Komal goes to attent her phone.

Malti ji thanks God for failing the first tactic itself. It means nothing is going wrong in this house because of Badho. Kamla ji makes some unhappy signals towards Teji. The flower pot blasts just then. Teji smiles at Kamla ji. She asks Malti ji she has only tried one method now. 2 other techniques are still left. Pray to God that those 2 tactics fail and your DIL is saved. Malti ji goes to house temple. Kamla ji assures Teji (in signs) that she will pay Baba ji / him.

Malti ji looks at the pot sadly and leaves from there.


comes there and wonders how the pot blasted the moment Badho put water in it. She collects all the samples and runs before anyone can see her.

Postman greets Jamuna ji. He has come to return her the amount of pension of her late husband. It was started by your husband some 10-15 years ago. She thanks him and looks at her husband’s photo emotionally. I very well know for whom you saved all this money. I will give it to that person only. She takes out her trunk and keeps the envelope in it safely.

Kapoor asks Teji since when they are staying here. Your stardom also dint help us. You said you will get us some good girls for calendar but we dint find even a single one. Teji insists he got him the girl he wanted. Kapoor tells him he wants around 4-5 girls for the project. I am getting so many calls for the project these days. Either find me the girls or find a new producer for yourself! He walks out in a huff. Teji thinks he always keep threatening him.

Jamuna ji comes to Ahlawat House. Lucky greets her. He offers to call Komal but she wants to speak to him only. They both sit down. She gives him a small wooden box. This box is very auspicious for me. It helps me whenever any kind of problem comes on us. There is something inside it for you. Your and Komal’s father started some savings from their income. They were wrestlers and knew their limits well. They knew they can go to only an extent. It is only their kids who can go beyond that limit. They thought that their sons only can train for national or international level so they began saving. Luckily, Raghubir ji never fell short of money but this amount is of their joint efforts. They both wanted their sons to wrestle. You are all grown up now so you deserve it. I pray that you not just win national championship but international championship thereby fulfilling everyone’s dream. He nods and politely takes the envelope from her. She blesses him before leaving. Lucky thinks it means Babu ji wanted his son to become an international level champion since years. How do I fulfil his dream with my broken shoulder? He looks at the form and then at the envelope in his other hand.

Pragya brings milk for Teji. He acts to be worried before her. Producer wants beautiful girls for audition. From where can I bring them? She reminds him he is Teji who can make anyone crazy. He shushes her. I am no more Teji but Jatta Singh. Please don’t call me crazy. She looks at their hands. You have still many crazy fans. I saw the audition. So many girls came for the audition and were mad for you. Teji says they wish to come but no one wants to start. Their parents keep taunting them for the same. Some girl should step forward and set an example for everyone. She tells him there is no problem in that. I know which girl can give you that kind of head start.

Raghubir ji paces in his room. He gets call from Sanjay (Sports Committee). They have received only Rana’s form. Raghubir ji says this year there will be only one entry from our Akhada. Sanjay agrees and ends the call. He is surprised to see Lucky in his office. I was just speaking to your father as to why he only sent Rana’s form for national championship. He said he dint send it for some reason. Lucky smiles before him. You know about my shoulder wound. You also know how mothers are. She got emotional and told my Babu ji not to submit it till I recover so I came here on my own. Sanjay checks his form and sends his nomination for the national championship. Lucky thanks him.

Pragya gives tea to Vardaan. He says it wasn’t needed. She says I can do this much for you. You are doing so much for my father and cannot even sleep at night because of this. He nods. Noticing her standing there for some time, he asks her if she wants to ask / say something. She nods. Jatta ji wants to make his new video song. He wants me to cast me as his heroine. I would decline if you would have any objection. I really want to do it though. Teji too comes in. I assure you (Vardaan) that your wife will have no problem while shooting. It is a top class video. Our heroine’s face wont be shown as her face will be covered in a veil throughout the song. No one else will also mind it. Please say yes. Vardaan tells Pragya he is happy with whatever makes her happy. You don’t need my permission for such a small thing. I don’t care if you wear a veil or not. Do as you wish to. Pragya is overjoyed and thanks him. She leaves the room followed by Teji. Outside, Teji and Pragya do hi-five.

Komal is making preps for tomorrow’s practise. Malti ji comes there. Komal shares that Lucky ji gave her his jacket to wear during practise. She calls her lucky. He is helping, encouraging you so much. Komal points out that she is also supporting her in this. Malti ji remembers the flower pot incident. Komal asks her what she is holding in her hands. Malti ji gives her the suits that she has stitched for her. You don’t have enough of them but you would need them for practise. Komal thanks her. Malti ji blesses her.

Raghubir ji looks at Malti ji’s photo. It is time when I should tell you everything about Lucky’s wound. It wont be right if I hide this anymore. I would also feel relieved. I dint submit Lucky’s form this year as he is not in the condition to win the medal this year. Malti ji comes there just then. He notices her looking tensed. What happened? She shares she is concerned for Badho’s practise. You saw how her kurta got torn during fight. Thankfully, it wasn’t too big. There weren’t too many people there or we would have been embarrassed. Now I only hope her wrestling does not leave any wrong impression on Lucky’s practise. Raghubir ji realises she is already very much worried. I don’t want to worry her more by telling her about Lucky’s wound. He sits next to her. Don’t worry about Badho so much. Now she has Lucky, me and you by her side. We must encourage her now and boost her morale. We can stand together and get her out of any problems that will come in the way. Malti ji looks unconvinced.

Lucky enters his room with a big broad smile. Komal asks him what happened. He reminds her of his dream. I took my first step toward it today. I submitted my form today. I am thrilled at the idea. I will make mine, my Guru ji’s and my Babu ji’s dream come true. I will make him proud. She nods happily. I am sure you will make our respected Babu ji-cum-Guru ji proud. This is just the beginning. Lucky smiles.

Precap: Komal is running. Kamla ji complains to Malti ji that her DIL is running around the village in messy hair. Malti ji advises Komal to cover her head with a dupatta when she steps out of the Akhada. Lucky tells Randeep his Babu ji has always made his happiness, his wishes his priority. Can I not risk my career and life for his sake then? If anyone asks you about my wound, just say that I am recovering fast and there wont be any problem with me participating in national championship.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    I so hate Teji and unfaithful and ungrateful Pragua??
    I hope with Payal’s detective work she will expose Kamla ji. Malti ji needs to stay away from that poisonous minded woman!
    Has Badho lost weight? She’s looking different…

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      Hi Frosties, I thought that too! Perhaps its the training she has been doing as part of her character resuming wrestling?

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