Badho Bahu 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji asks Rana to throw this cheap man out of the house right away! Rana and Vardaan pull Viren out. Viren shouts that it is he who has been slapped in the face now. You will be responsible for this girl’s ruin!

Komal falls on her knees heartbroken. Payal also cries. Her husband comforts her. Vardaan comforts his sister. Kamla ji thinks don’t know till when this drama will go on. A lady says we understand your pain but what will happen to this unmarried girl now. The news of this girl’s marriage breaking because of Raghubir ji will spread like wildfire soon. People begin to speak about the fact that now it will be Komal who will be taunted for life. Viren is a man. He will find another girl one day for sure. Who will marry Komal now? raghubir ji is in thoughts.


ji walks up to Raghubir ji. Now you tell me what I should do about Koma. Which well should I tell her to jump in? Should I give her poison? Or should I take it instead and die? Why did you come back in our lives? Things were going fine someway or other. You had turned our world upside down 8 years ago too. You did the same thing today by ruining my daughter’s life. I was mad to trust you. You only had assured us you will take entire responsibility of my daughter’s wedding. What happened now? Did you lose your trust? Who will hold my daughter’s hand now who has been left in the middle of mandap alone after taking half of the pheras!

Flight takes off. Lucky teary eyed looks at the schedule. She finally left me alone. He takes out a flask from his back pocket and drinks. A beggar walks up to Lucky. He takes out bundle of notes and gives them to the man.

Jamuna ji asks Raghubir ji to answer. Who will marry my daughter and take her home with him? Don’t you have anything to say now? Malti ji intervenes. What rubbish are you talking? My husband tried his best for Komal. What’s his fault if Viren was bad? You too chose this alliance after thinking a lot. Did Komal have a queue of guys waiting for her? My husband did the best he could yet you are taunting him? Why? Raghubir ji tells everyone to stop. No one will say another word now. Payal says I know what will happen to Komal now. She will be thrown down a well. Nothing can be done now. We too will die like this one by one. We don’t have the strength to bear her burden all our life. This is your (Jamuna ji’s) answer. We too should die after Badho because of embarrassment. She holds Komal’s hand and pulls her with her but Raghubir ji asks them to stop. I wont let this family be destroyed now. I have answer to your every question Bhabhi. I take responsibility of Komal’s happiness. Komal will surely marry the son of Ahlawat family! Rana looks at Hanuman ji’s photo. What’s happening Lord? You showed me a path today only. Why do you want to risk it all today? Kamla ji hopes her son isn’t made the bait. Malti ji asks Raghubir ji about what he just said. He replies that what he said will happen.

Lucky stands upset, heartbroken. Wind starts blowing. He rubs his eyes and finds Marjorie standing there. Romantic song plays. Marjorie runs up to him and hugs him. I love you. Lucky smiles. What? Say it again. She says it this time in Hindi. I love you Lucky. He dances thrilled and holds her. I love you. They share a hug.

Raghubir ji announces (promises before everyone present) that Komal will marry my son Lucky. Everyone looks at him in shock. Komal turns. Raghubir ji blinks her eyes at her in a way to reassure her. Entire Ahlawat and Komal’s family is stunned by his words.

Jamuna ji asks him what he is saying. How can Lucky and Komal marry? Malti ji is also worried. Epi ends on split screen of Komal and Marjorie and Lucky together.

Precap: Malti ji refuses to let Lucky marry Komal. I wont let it happen. Raghubir ji says I wont step back from my words and decision even if I have to sacrifice our relation for this. If Lucky and Komal don’t marry then understand that our relation will be over. Kamla ji and Komal hear them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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