Badho Bahu 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Teji lies to Pinki

Badho Bahu 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky asks Titli to apologize to Jitesh but she outright refuses. Why should I? Lucky points out that he got hurt and you even spilled tea on him. She replies that when there was a fight going on, he should have been careful. It was his mistake. I wont apologize. Lucky again insists upon her to apologize but she stays put. Jitesh ends up calling her mad but she does not care. She keeps taunting them back. Jitesh asks her if she knows who she is messing with. Titli says I don’t care. He is not Prime Minister. Lucky is about to reply when he gets Badho’s call. He goes aside to pick it. Jitesh still keeps telling her to apologize. You don’t even know who you were messing with. Titli keeps arguing. Lucky tells Jitesh to let it be. She has apologized many times already while refusing to do

it. Let her be. He asks the dhaba owner to give her a chilled lassi from his side.

Komal gives water to Lucky. Why do you seem worried? He tells her that he fought with a bull it seems. I was already disturbed when I left and now I am even more disturbed. It is good that you called or I don’t know what I would have done! She asks him why he was disturbed. Vardaan and Pragya enter just then. Komal says why dint you guys shop anything. Vardaan says she dint wish to buy anything. Komal points out that he could have bough something for her on his own then or he could have brought something for all of us. Vardaan says I went to office for some work while she looked around. Komal pats at her head. Lucky thinks he does not care about his sister at all. Komal tells Vardaan that she sent him to spend some time with Pragya. Pragya covers for him saying that he isn’t at fault. I only told him to go ahead. Komal teases her saying you are so concerned for your husband nowadays. They head to their room. Komal tells Lucky that Pragya got shy. They are only spending some time together and they are already coming close. Their relation will become stronger when they will shift to their new house. I will go and check on the preps. Lucky thinks if she does not wish to see or if she cannot see how Vardaan is treating Pragya. I don’t mind if she will understand or not but I will separate Pragya from Vardaan.

Kamla ji tells Malti ji to go. I will get almond milk to everyone. Malti ji instead offers to do it. Kamla ji agrees. Lucky comes just then. He tells them that as Pragya’s elder brother, it is his duty to make sure his sister is happy. I have decided something for her. Malti ji asks him about it. He asks her to promise to support him in his decision. I will tell you the rest later. She promises him that she will support him in his every decision. I know you will think well of your sister. Kamla ji also promises him but keeps a condition. You will have to drink almond milk daily without any question or argument. Lucky readily agrees and heads back to his room. Kamla ji is touched by his concern towards Pragya. Rana does not care about Pragya even though they share blood relations whereas Lucky cares so much for her even when he is not her real brother.

Pinki paces in her room thinking about Teji. Teji enters just then. Did you call me Didi? She nods. I did you call you Jatta ji. Why are you calling me Didi? Did you forget Teji ji? He says you are misunderstanding me. Listen to me once. She asks him if he thinks her to be mad. You think I will repeat my mistake? He accepts he made mistakes in the past especially when he left Pragya alone in the mandap. I have come to rectify them only. Pragya ji still loves me and wishes to marry me. I also want to marry her. She is not at all happy with Vardaan. She has spoken to Lucky on this matter. He has promised to help her. Pinki is shocked. I don’t understand anything. Does he know about you and Pragya? Teji denies. He only knows that Pragya is not happy with Vardaan which is why he is supporting her. Once that happens, no one can stop me from meeting Pragya. My own sister does not trust me though? She knows he is acting. Why did you come here in disguise if you are so smart? Don’t you get tired of all this? As your sister, I will not tell anyone anything but understand that I will also act shocked when people will find out your truth. They should also believe that I don’t know anything about it. He acts that he only is wrong here. She calms down. If you really wish to marry Pragya and Lucky will support Pragya then you must tell everyone everything asap. He turns to go but she asks him what happened. He knows Lucky wont spare him if he finds out his truth. Pinki asks him what if Lucky finds out that Teji is crazy to win Pragya back. Do something to show Lucky that Pragya cannot find a better guy than you and that you love her very much. Teji likes the idea. Seems like Teji must come back now. He thinks she solved this problem but does not know the truth. I have to handover Pragya to the goon anyhow. I am at a crossroad. If I do that then Pragya wont be spared. If I don’t do it then I will be in problem!

Malti ji is singing aarti while making preps for puja. Bharpayi brings charnamrit. Malti ji is surprised that Badho gets to know what she wants without her telling it.

Pragya tells Teji that it is Basant Panchmi. I wont be left with any other option but to commit suicide if I am asked to shift with Vardaan! She leaves from there upset. Kapoor calls Teji and asks him to finish the work asap. My life will also be in risk because of you! Teji agrees.

All couples of Ahlawat Family do puja one by one.

Titli is talking to her friend on phone. I cannot avoid going to Ahlawat Family anymore. Babu ji was so worried. I have to celebrate Basant Panchmi there only. Thank your mother from my side. I really enjoyed my stay at your place. She asks someone about Ahlawat House.

Komal tells Raghubir ji that we do puja of even Guru’s today. We would like to thank you today for teaching us so much. Raghubir ji politely denies but Kailash ji seconds their wish. I too would have been a champion if I had a Guru like you in adolescent. Komal, Lucky and Rana do Raghubir ji’s puja. Pinki makes faces. Komal and Lucky look at Pragya and Vardaan. Lucky thinks Babu ji will give them key of their new home today. I must free Pragya from this relation today itself!

Precap: Bhago intentionally falls on Rana. Kamla ji and Malti ji see them thus. Komal meets Titli. Teji meets Lucky and finds his clothes battered. Lucky asks him if he still loves Pragya. Teji nods. Lucky asks him if he will still marry Pragya if she gets a chance. Teji agrees.

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  1. I can’t believe Lucky is happy to break a marriage- then again he should so Vardhaan will be free to marry Bharpai?
    This way once Teji actually chucks Prague to the goon no one will notice.
    What’s with Bhago and Titli storyline ?

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