Badho Bahu 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Teji refuses to do the role of Nandi. I feel too exposed. Ladies hide their smile. Raghubir ji tells him not to act like girls. He asks about Malti ji from Kamla ji.

Komal requests Lucky to pay respect to Lord with her in temple. He refuses. Do whatever you want to. Don’t pull me for anything. He goes. Komal picks up puja thaal. Malti ji comes there. Komal says I was about to come downstairs. I am ready. Let’s go. Malti ji tells her to stop. We all are going to temple but you will stay at home. You have two hours time. Decide what you want to do – do household work or wrestle. Raghubir ji asks about Komal from Malti ji. Malti ji tells him that Komal wont come. Komal comes there just then. Raghubir ji gets happy while Malti ji looks upset. Komal lies to him about a headache. He suggests

his wife to stay back but Komal denies. Let her do darshan. Raghubir ji tells her to call them in case there is any problem. Komal nods. Everyone goes out. Malti ji stays back to get her puja thaal. Komal gives her puja thaal. Malti ji reminds her again. You have 2 hours time. You can either choose to wrestle or do puja. She too leaves.

Pundit ji explains everyone about the special Rudraksh and trident which are more than 250 years old. They come back here only even if someone takes them from here. Two guys standing near him (dressed as junior pundit’s look at each other).

Komal is in house temple. I was waiting for this day since a year but now I cannot meet you. Do you also dislike the fact that I wrestle? Help me find a solution to come out of this situation so I am able to pay respect to you too. She thinks of her mother’s words. It is the faith inside you which makes you believe in anything. She thanks lord for reminding her of this.

Teji tries his best to hide himself. He keeps looking at Pragya who tries getting down from the cart but Vardaan holds her hand. Jitesh asks Lucky to come but he is speaking on phone. Jitesh pulls Teji for dance.

Komal sits down to make a shivlinga of her own.

Payal and Jamuna ji meet Ahlawat family. Payal asks about Komal. Malti ji says she had headache and said she will do puja at home. Payal tries to say something but Jamuna ji says it is her favourite festival. I created this thaal for her. Malti ji suggests her to keep it in tableau. It will be used. Jamuna ji and Pragya take blessings from Vardaan and Pragya (as they are dressed as Shiv-Parvati). Jamuna ji compliments them. You look real Shiv-Parvati. Pragya is uncomfortable.

Someone tells Pundit ji of something. He comes running upstairs and finds the trident and rudraksh gone. This is inauspicious. Someone should look for those 2 pundits. People get down to work.

Raghubir ji asks Lucky to call Komal. I want to know if she is fine or not. Lucky agrees. He calls Komal. Are you alright? She smiles. Lucky tells her to let him know if she needs anything. She nods. I am fine. I really liked it that you called. He asks her about her health. She lies that she is still feeling dizzy. I want to see Shiv ji. There is nothing to worry though. Are you alright? He walks ahead absentmindedly. Everyone is enjoying dancing around the tableau. Lucky’s foot get stuck in a wire because of which the tableau gets pushed. Vardaan keeps his hand protectively ahead Prgaya to save her from the fall. Those fake pundit’s collide with the tableau because of which the backdrop is about to fall on Pragya. Vardaan keeps his hand to stop it from falling on her. Everyone rushes to them concerned.

Komal has made shivlinga. Pardon me Lord. I had no other option. So many problems have risen because of me choosing to wrestle. What should I do!

Malti ji says everything is messed up now. Prasad also fell. How will this tableau reach till temple till now? Lucky tells her not to worry. I will go home and ask Badho to make another thaal. Kamla ji agrees. Jamuna ji calls out to him.

Komal prays that no one should separate her from Bholenath. I think Ma ji is right. I should stop wrestling. I am coming to you Bholenath! She opens the door but someone steps forward. Sound of conch is heard. It is Lucky. She looks at him in surprise / shock.

Precap: Pundit ji tells Raghubir ji about the rudraksh and trident getting stolen. Malti ji informs Lucky. Komal does puja. She keeps the trident holding the rudraksh next to Shivlinga. Lucky sees it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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