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Jamuna ji shows the groom and his family their door. My daughter does not need your favour. They walk out of the house angrily muttering at Badho’s family. Viren gives his kerchief to Badho and leaves.

Jamuna ji is all heartbroken. Badho is also in tears. She hugs her mother and they both cry. Payal complains to her MIL for her misbehaviour with the guests. Jamuna ji goes inside without saying a word. Payal stares angrily at Badho who too heads inside.

Jamuna ji angrily sets the containers back in place. She drops one container and sits down to collect the fallen grains. Badho tries to help but she can see her mother is upset. She leaves for her room quietly.

Badho removes all her jewellery and looks in the mirror.

Payal’s mother refuses to hear anything. How dare

your MIL be rude to the guests? I have no respect in Sirsa now. They dint do anything wrong. It isn’t a sin to call a fattie, a fattie. You throw your guests out of the house for speaking truth. Don’t call me after today. She angrily disconnects the call. Payal is in the stable. She almost trips over something and looks down. I will have to break Badho’s ego. She begins to dig there. Badho sits up hearing the noise. Badho and her mother go out to see what’s happening. Payal digs out a wooden box. Badho asks her what she is doing. She tries to take the box from her Bhabhi but in vain. Payal remarks that her FIL saw too many dreams for you (Badho) but he dint know you will trample them all under your elephant feet when you will grow up. Life is no film. No hero will come for you. what was wrong with the guy? He had every possible luxury. You wouldn’t even have dreamt of them! You will get someone who is like you only. He might have said wrong things but why you (Jamuna ji) had to counter react. You don’t have a queue of guys waiting outside for you. Look at Badho first. Her MIL tells her to stop. You said enough. Payal refuses to return the box to Badho in which she has kept her dreams locked. My mother got you such a good alliance but this fattie ruined everything! This box has ruined you and your mother’s head. She throws it down angrily! Here go your dreams. Vardaan enters just then. Badho emotionally picks up her father’s photo. She pins Payal to the wall and even raises her above ground a little. Everyone gathers hearing her angry voice. Not another word! Whatever you have to say you can say to me. Don’t even think of talking ill about my parents. Her mother tries to free Payal but it is really difficult for her. Vardaan stops his brother from intervening.

Jamuna ji slaps Badho once she lets go of Payal. You blamed Payal? You are at fault. Why dint you take care of your eating habits? Blame your destiny and no one else. Payal’s husband takes Payal inside. Badho stands there with tears in her eyes. Vardaan is also rooted to his place. Badho sits down to pick the items of her wooden box. Vardaan pats at her shoulder but she is all quiet and tearful.

Lucky, Rana and their friends are listening to radio. They hear some radio news about tonight being Purnima night. If you see your lover or the one you love tonight then he or she will become yours for forever. Pinki is also hearing radio. All of them are thinking about the ones they love. Pinki thinks to meet Lucky. Her friend asks her if she is thinking on the same lines like the song (Aankhon me teri). Pinki nods. I will surely go.

Lucky stops Pragya. Do one thing for me. Bring Marjorie outside on the pretext of evening walk. She understands he is trying to test his luck on Purnima night. He is surprised. How did she listen? She asks her if Marjorie knows about it. He says she shouldn’t know about it actually. She finally agrees to do something for him.

Ahlawat family sits down for dinner. Malti ji asks about her Bhabhi. Ahlawat ji says she is not feeling too well. She will eat when she will be up. Raghubir ji offers to call doc but his brother shrugs it off lightly. Malti ji thinks something is definitely wrong. Seems like Bhabhi will do something big this time. Raghubir ji tells her to check on Bhabhi after dinner. Ahlawat brothers taste food and compliment Marjorie on her cooking skills. Lucky thinks Marjorie impressed Babu ji too. Pragya signals Marjorie who requests Raghubir to allow her to go with Pragya to see sunrise. Pragya suggests going with Lucky. Raghubir ji says he can surely take you till sunset time. He can never wake up that early. Lucky makes a sad face.

Payal serves food to her husband. He asks about others. Vardaan and Lattu share that they already ate. Payal’s husband asks about his mother and Komal. Vardaan and Lattu get two plates of food and leave from there quietly.

Badho is with the calves. She thinks of her father’s words and of the recent taunts of pundit ji and Payal. Her mother was also so badly affected by it all. Badho says will someone come who wil honestly love me. I don’t even know if God has written some love story for me. Vardaan brings food for her. She refuses but he reasons that Lattu has gone to feed mother. You know he wont accept her no.

Lattu feeds his Dadi sweetly. She is crying. He asks her if there is less salt in food as she is crying. She smiles. He wipes her tears. On the other hand, Badho too eats food. She offers it to Vardaan but he denies. you know I cannot stay hungry. I ate already. She smiles.

Malti ji brings food for Kamla ji in her room. She decides not to wake her Bhabhi soon. She might calm down too. Kamla ji isn’t asleep. She peeks at Malti. I wont wake up now or she wont bear my tantrums. I am hungry though. Malti ji keeps the plate of food near her Bhabhi’s bed.

Lattu suggests his Dadi to play radio near Bua. She might not be able to sleep otherwise. Badho hugs a photo close. She keeps it aside her mother comes. Her mother regrets behaving this way with Komal. Radio plays. They hear a radio commentary about tonight. Badho too hears the commentary. When will such a beautiful night come in my life when I will get to witness this night with someone else? Her mother says not moon but sun will come in your life. Relations are formed by sunlight. Dawn will come soon in your life. Sleep as you got to see dreams to fulfil them too. They share a hug. Badho lies down to sleep. Her mother leaves.

Precap: Badho’s mother asks Raghuvir ji when they will come over for the alliance. Raghuvir ji agrees to come asap. Payal excitedly tells everyone how Viren is coming to see Badho. Viren comes to Badho’s home with Raghuvir ji. Badho’s mother asks Viren why he wants to marry Komal. Viren is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I realy love this serial. When i watch via internet, i can see good acting of Badho and Lucky. The plot very interesting. I cant patient to watch next episode and read the recaps. I dont know Hindi Language but when i watch this serial, i can understand because i read the recap. I always read recap before watch to understand the dialogue.

  2. same here….Love the main hero!! and love komal!!

  3. priya rathore

    Love prince narula and badho ??? best show l have ever watch

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