Badho Bahu 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Raghubir ji is in a fix!

Badho Bahu 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana says it will only take us down. Don’t worry about me. I have defeated your best wrestler and won Iron Man Championship meaning that now I am the best. Now no one can defeat him. The medal is going to come in your Akhada only. Komal tells Rana he cannot speak to Guru ji like that. Rana tells her to stay out of his matter. Raghubir ji takes him aside.

Raghubir ji tells Rana he might be the best wrestler of this Akhada or the world but he wont win anything if he becomes too proud of his one victory. Your downfall begins right then. Take it as my warning. Change yourself for good or I will have to think about your future! He shouts at Rana while saying this. Lucky comes outside to see what the commotion is all about. Rana apologizes to him. I am only telling you to stop worrying about

me. I have four months to prepare for National Championship. My training will happen nicely in these months. You better worry for Lucky as his shoulder wound has still not healed. Who knows if he will recover or not! Raghubir ji nods. Rana pushes Ajay and Jitesh aside and begins to practise with Ajay. Lucky goes back inside. Raghubir ji sends everyone in their rooms to rest. Komal wonders what’s happening here. Lucky ji’s wound hasn’t healed yet whereas Rana Bhai has become too arrogant. Hope he does not even lose National medal because of this. No one’s dream will come true then. What will happen now?

Lucky seems disturbed. Randeep comes just then and apologizes for yesterday. Let’s start your treatment. Lucky confronts Randeep. I know everything. There is no point hiding it. Randeep tells him to lie down so they can continue his treatment. Lucky shares that he has read his report already. My wound is very critical. Is it true or not? Randeep nods. Don’t know how much time it will take to heal or if you would be able to take part in National Championship or not. Lucky asks him why he hid it from him. You are my childhood friend. Randeep replies that he only hid truth from him upon his father’s request. Lucky is taken aback. He thinks of how his father did not let Randeep tell him about his wound last time. This is why he was so concerned for me. My father must be in so much dilemma. He cares for my pain, my happiness when he is my father. When he is a Guru he comes concerned for his wrestler. I don’t understand if he should be a father or a Guru. Randeep asks him what he will do now. Lucky says I only know I will solve the dilemma of either the Guru or my father. I will have to speak to him first to figure out the same. He goes to speak to his father.

Payal gives milk and almonds to Komal. You should take care of yourself too. Komal asks her if she is fine. You don’t even give me water in Bakriawal and now all this. Payal smiles. This is from your in-laws house after all. Have as much as you can. I will also have some as I too need energy to support you. Komal advises her to also practise if she is so interested. Payal denies. It suits you only. I will encourage you more than anyone else. Komal is sure she wont change. I have work. She goes. Payal thinks you can say anything but I wont go from here till you become a wrestler and win the match!

Raghubir ji looks at Lucky’s form. I am in a fix. As a father, my mind tells me not to submit Lucky’s father. As a Guru, I feel I should. This is a dharma-sankat. I cannot understand what I should do. Komal gets confused and calls him Babu ji, Guru ji at once. I don’t understand when I should call you what. He tells her both are ok. Give me tea or it will get cold. She hands the cup to him and notices the form in his hand. You dint submit it till now? He shares that he was just going to. Do you have any other work? She asks about the clothes that are to be washed. He tells her and goes outside leaving the form on the table.

Teji asks Kamla ji how her meeting with Baba ji was. She is super excited to tell him everything. Teji tells her to follow his words diligently. Baba ji has sent a message for you. If his suggestions work then you must pay him nicely. Kamla ji doesn’t mind it. I will give him gold when my wishes will come true. Teji gets happy.

Lucky is confused seeing Komal in Babu ji’s room. She tells him he just went outside. Lucky turns to go when he notices the form on the side table. She tells him that Babu ji was going to submit it. You will not just win national but international medal soon. She thinks of what happened in the morning. I am worried for Babu ji though. National Championship will be held after 4 months. There are equal chances of you and Rana Bhaiya winning it. Rana Bhaiya has changed a lot lately. His arrogance may not let him win. We both know that he cheated in Iron Man Championship also. This time he will have to work extra hard to win but he is doing the opposite. This is worrying me. I am fully sure about you. The day you recover, practise hard and win the medal, Babu ji will be thrilled. He nods.

Kamla ji scolds Malti ji for taking all the things openly. Malti ji tells her she is taking it all to Badho. I will try the first suggestion. I will ask Badho to pour water from this pot on the stone. If it bursts then Baba ji will be proved right. If not then we will see how things go. Kamla ji calls her innocent. All this cannot be done openly. If your rebellious DIL finds out about it then Baba ji and I will be chased! We must do all this quietly. Malti ji says it can never happen. Badho cannot do anything quietly. Kamla ji takes the thaal from her. I will think of something. Call Badho in sometime. Malti ji says I still don’t feel like doing any of this. My heart wants all these ideas of Baba ji to fail and Badho should continue her practise. Kamla ji is determined to stop Badho’s practise at any cost. She leaves with the plate. Malti ji looks tensed. Teji stops Kamla ji. I overheard your convo with Malti ji. You did the right thing. Such things are not done openly or they don’t work at all. He takes the thaal from her. Call Badho, Pinki ji and Pragya ji in courtyard. Leave everything else to me. I will handle it. She asks him what he will do. He says something in her ears. She is thrilled at his idea. It will kill 2 birds with a stone. I will call all 3 of them. Teji dances happily.

Lucky agrees with Badho. I will recover soon and practise fully. They hi-five. Bharpayi comes to call Badho. Ma ji has called you outside. Komal leaves. Lucky mentally apologizes to Komal. I cannot tell you how deep my wound is or you would have made me sit in the room only.

Teji readies 3 flower plants. He puts that stone in one of them and covers it with a plant. Kapoor asks him what he will do with them. Teji explains that all the 3 girls will pour water in their respective plants. Kapoor understands the plan. Badho’s plant will burst. Teji nods. Kapoor is impressed with his plan. Teji says the more she is under our spell the better or she will throw us right out of the gate. They panic hearing Kamla ji’s voice and cover it up. She looks at the flower plants. I will see who will stop Badho’s truth from coming out before everyone.

Raghubir ji is outside in the temple. I have taken so many difficult decisions till date. You are a witness to how hard this decision is for me today. I am stuck between Guru’s ideals and a father’s love. Show me a way.

Kamla ji shows the plants to Malti ji. The pot with flower marks is that special pot. All the 3 ladies will choose a pot each. If the pot with cracker bursts from Komal pouring water in it then you should understand it. Malti ji nods. Komal, Pragya and Pinki join them. Kamla ji cooks up a fake story. MIL’s give a pot each to her DIL’s. She gives a flower pot each to Pinki, Pragya and Komal. All 3 of you should pour holy water in them and pray to look after them. Pragya smiles seeing Teji. Kamla ji reprimands her for smiling. Pour water in it. Pragya does as told and leaves. Pinki follows next. She tells Bharpayi to keep the plant in her room so she can take care of it properly. Bharpayi and Pinki leave. Malti ji asks Komal to step forward next but is tensed. I am trying this tactic because of Kamla Bhabhi but I am fully sure Komal is not responsible for my son’s condition. She prays for Mata Rani to not let this come true.

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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    1. Matli is soo stupid and if anything happens, she will again stop Komal from doing wrestling..????

    2. Poor Lucky and Raghuvir, both want to win medal for country, but both are in pain to choose right path..

    3. I wish Komal clear all hurdles and take part in championship and win medal…???

    1. Summer

      Hi Shradda, how are you? 🙂 Hope you are well!
      Malti feels obliged to listen to Kamla but her heart is telling her something different, hence the conflicting actions. She really wants to disbelief what Kamla is doing but her Motherly protective love for Lucky is blinding her. She is looking for a reason to understand Lucky’s misfortune but little does she know, her enemy is closer to her than she realise.
      Malti feels indebted to Komal for her kindness and understands she has a good heart. But Kamla ji filling her ears with poison against Komal is making Malti confused and doubting herself.
      I really like to see the end of Kamla and Teji track! They both are truly despicable characters, shallow, lame and disloyal to say the least. With suppose friends/families like them, who needs enemies?!
      I really hope that Lucky and Komal will gain victory against all odds and have the truth revealed before everyone. Too long, Pinki, Teji and Kamla have got away with it. Now we have arrogant, obnoxious Rana believing his own hype, neatly forgetting he did not win the title with honour but deceit!

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