Badho Bahu 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Two ideas on love

Badho Bahu 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akhilesh holds the pillar but Ira gets hurt. She falls unconscious. Diya’s fall down and the stage catches fire. Akhilesh is finding it difficult to hold the pillar back. Lucky comes running to help him. Akhilesh asks him to leave. There is danger here. Lucky tells him not to worry about him. Save Ira. Akhilesh rushes to Ira, lifts her in his arms and makes her lie down away from the danger / fire zone. He pours water over the fire so as to douse it. Both Lucky and Akhilesh chant Har Har Mahadev and finally put the pillar back together.

Akhilesh’s mother also reaches Shambhukund. She thinks to call Akhilesh but notices the large crowd there. She is shocked to see Ira. Akhilesh asks her what she is doing here. She shares that she was worried for him so she came here. She tries waking Ira.

Malti ji recognizes Akhilesh’s mother (Pushpa ji). Ira wakes up. Akhilesh’s eyes well up and he hugs Ira. I got so scared. I wont leave you alone ever!

Ex-sarpanch ji tells Kailash ji that people want to know the truth. Villagers are also present there. Kailash ji requests them to think with a cool head. Sita and Gita ji demand to know the truth. Kamla ji lies to them and Pragya catches her lie in front of everyone. I will tell the truth. Kamla ji warns her to stay out of the matter as elders are already talking. Pragya asks her what if elders are lying. She tells the villagers that she was roaming with Teji ji only as she loves him. I have also decided to divorce Vardaan ji very soon so I can marry Teji ji. She shows them their engagement ring. We dint do it stealthily but in front of entire family! Now you all know the truth. You may leave now. Kamla ji asks her if she has insulted her enough. Pragya justifies that it is truth. It has to come before everyone one day. Kamla ji shouts at her to go inside. Teji also advises her to go inside. Kamla ji raises her hand so as to slap Pragya but Titli holds her hand.

Akhilesh’s mother is relieved to see Ira fine. Ira asks her how she came here. Pushpa ji shares that she couldn’t stay away from them. Are you fine? Ira nods. I am feeling dizzy. Pushpa ji sends Ira with Akhilesh to make her drink lime water.

Akhilesh tells Ira that there was bhaang in thandai which is why she was acting like that. Ira worries that her MIL wont like it. He assures her he wont let her know anything.

Pushpa ji is happy to meet Malti ji and her family. Malti ji tells her she is happy to see her happy in her life. You got such a nice DIL. I prayed for you and see, you got such a good DIL.

Akhilesh points out that the vermilion is gone. Ira says MIL will get upset. He pulls her to him and puts tilak on her hairline with the tilak on his forehead. They go back to where both the families are. Pushpa ji introduces them to each other. Lucky tells Akhilesh that they just became friends but they were relatives already. They all smile. Raghubir ji says we got to know that you played 2 roles since Akhilesh’s childhood – of a mother and father. Now also you will have to play 2 roles for Ira – of her mother and her MIL. Pundit ji asks Lucky to come for the aarti but Lucky suggests that Akhilesh should do it. Everyone agrees.

Titli says they are not to be blamed here. I only sent them outside. What’s the harm in them going out together now that they are engaged? Kamla ji warns her to mind her words. You don’t know about yourself and are giving ideas to Pragya! Entire village is mocking us now and is pointing fingers at us! She tells everyone that they have never hidden anything from anyone. We were only looking for the right time to break this news to you. Titli says there is nothing bad that they know it now. Will we keep them locked in this house forever? Komal says there should be no space for fight where there is love. Titli says I am talking about the love today. She asks Titli if the meaning the meaning of love has changed over the years. Love means living your relation daily and make efforts to keep it alive and healthy always. We try to bring people together and don’t block their way. Everyone would have sooner or later anyways found out about their engagement. Titli feels love is a madness because of which 2 people can do anything. Komal reasons that they have to live in this world only after all! Ex-sarpanch ji leaves the decision on Kailash ji.

Komal is missing Lucky. What I was afraid of has happened. Wish you were here. You would have stopped Pragya and Teji ji! She gets Lucky’s call. He tells her that the guy’s family liked Titli and are coming after the puja. Tell everyone including Titli. Tell her there is still time or she will! What did you wish to say? Komal does not tell him anything about what just happened. She ends the call. This is not the right time to tell him everything.

Ira asks Akhilesh why he is so happy. Akhilesh shares that he wanted to do this aarti since childhood and has finally got this chance. chandu greets them. Everyone has come here for Maha aarti. Pushpa ji meets her old friends. She is happy to see one of the pregnant ladies amongst them. Sushila ji (the sister of that lady) asks Pushpa ji when she will become grandmother. Pushpa ji dismisses it. Someone asks Pundit ji how he can allow Akhilesh to do this puja.

Pundit ji asks her about it. Sushila ji shares that only a man can do Mahadev’s aarti. His sterilization has happened. How can he do aarti when he isn’t a man anymore! Pushpa ji asks her if this is something to be talked about like that. Nothing can be hidden from Bhole Baba. He knows everything. Lucky seconds her but Sushila ji stays put. Others also raise an objection to it. Lucky says he did so much for his wife outside just now and I feel he deserves to do it. Akhilesh refuses to do aarti. It comes in 12 long years. People come from far to attend it. I don’t wish to be an obstacle in anyone’s puja. Pundit ji should do aarti and I will prepare bhog. Pushpa ji offers to come along but he asks her to stay here. You always wanted to attend it.

Akhilesh steps out of the temple but is very much bothered by Sushila ji’s words. Ira comes there. He tells her to attend aarti. She says what I would have done there without you. He tells her such chances don’t come again. Please go. Lucky joins them. Akhilesh tells him to go inside. I don’t need your help. Lucky says you call me your friend. As a rule, one should help their friends. Tell me how it happened. Akhilesh shares that his life was very simple before he came to Bombay. He tells him everything. I will have to live with this tag till my operation happens. Lucky says Bhabhi made such a big mistake yet you gave her a chance to rectify it. You saved her life today and did so much for her. This is the sign of a real man. Have faith in Bhole Baba and don’t pay heed to such things. Malti ji and Raghubir ji take their leave. Akhilesh asks them to wait for Prasad but Raghubir ji says it ended for us the moment people raised an objection against you doing the puja. We will leave now.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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