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Badho Bahu 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal sits down tired. Raghubir ji says it wouldn’t have happend if you followed your training regularly. You will do this daily as you failed today. She is shocked. He asks her if she understood the meaning of training and time now. She nods. But why give such punishment for such a small mistake? She seems to be in pain so he sends her inside.

Pragya and Bharpayi are leaving for class when Raghubir ji asks them to come here. Pundit ji asks them why they don’t have an off today on Mahashivratri. Pragya says our master ji is hard working and wants us to work hard too. Teji tries escaping from there avoiding Raghubir ji’s eyes but he sees him. Teji shares that he got job in the coaching center. I will be helping them in a drama. Raghubir ji asks the girls if they go to learn acting

or English. Pragya and Bharpayi explain it to him. Raghubir ji appreciates Teji for his work. He tells the girls to leave. Pragya says we thought to go see Jhanki on Mahashivratri. Pundit ji says we have no one who will do Mahadev’s role. He left Sirsa.

Komal is headed to kitchen to make Prasad but Malti ji tells Komal not to step inside the kitchen or pray or do any work related to home. You dint do anything since morning. Pinki did everything. You aren’t ashamed even a bit. You want to be a wrestler so go ahead. Kamla ji is impressed by her drama. I feel like I am watching some cinema. Malti ji tells Komal that she frees her from your every work from today onwards. Komal says I want to do my duties but Malti ji stays put. You wont come in kitchen, do puja or do any household work. I take back all these rights from you today. Komal requests her not to do so. She asks Kamla ji to explain Malti ji but Malti ji refuses to hear anyone. If you don’t listen to me this time then you will see the worst of me. Komal leaves sadly.

Pragya suggests Vardaan to play Shiv ji’s role (so the class can be cancelled). Raghubir ji likes the idea. Pundit ji says I have been asking him since many years but he always says no. Pragya says he wont be able to say no to Chacha ji. Raghubir ji agrees. He calls Vardaan. Don’t go to class today. Sirsa’s pundit ji told me you always say not to him for Shiv ji’s role. Vardaan says there are lot many better people than him in village. Raghubir ji speaks well about him. we want you to do this this time. Vardaan says I said no as I had to go to class. Raghubir ji asks him to give everyone off for today. Vardaan agrees. They end the call. Raghubir ji tells Punidt ji Vardaan is ready. Pundit ji asks him about the other characters. Raghubir ji looks at Teji. You will become Nandi. Teji is taken aback. I wont be able to do it. Raghubir ji stays put. You learnt acting from Mumbai. You only have to put horns. Teji gives in. Raghubir ji says now Parvati and her Daasi are left. Teji looks at Pragya and Bharpayi and says here they are. She doesn’t have anything to do. It will suit her. Raghubir ji says you spoke the right thing for the first time calling him Bull (Nandi and then Teji). He tells Pundit ji the same. It will be fun tonight. Pundit ji thanks him and takes his leave. Raghubir ji goes to drop him till the door. Teji and Pragya look away upset.

Boys are playing cricket. Komal comes there. She thinks to make Panchamrit for puja. How to go in kitchen though? Ma ji has told me against it. She sees Pragya and seeks her help. Pragya goes to kitchen to bring the ingredients. Komal sees Lucky enjoying playing with his friends. Pragya gives the ingredients to Komal who sits down to make it there only. Lucky sees her. Komal mutters that Pragya forgot to bring ghee. How will I make Panchamrit? I wont be able to make it because of wrestling. Lucky asks her if she is talking to some ghost. You are looking sometimes at me and then at the kitchen. She tells him she wants ghee. He asks her why she does such things then. Lucky is distracted while talking to her. He brings ghee for her. Don’t talk to yourself now. She smiles and thakns him. She keeps looking at him sweetly. He tells her to make Panchamrit now that she has ghee. Malti ji and Kamla ji come there. Ball falls near Komal who throws it with her left hand absentmindedly. The diya falls on the chunri kept in house temple.

Komal hurriedly picks up the diya but Malti ji angrily shouts at her. Leave it there only. Komal is still holding the diya. Malti ji holds her hand. Don’t you understand anything? Komal fumbles. Malti ji says you do whatever you want to. You never listen to me. Komal says you are mistaken. Malti ji asks her if she will explain the right and wrong to her. I saw it with my own eyes. I told you not to touch anything related to house temple. You took your anger out his way. Komal shakes her head but Malti ji continues scolding her. do you want to insult me before everyone? You are doing all this intentionally to make me look down before everyone. I know how to bring people like you on the right path. She does not let Komal talk. Go and stand in that corner. She forces Komal to stand in a corner on one leg with her hands raised. Komal complies. Everyone smiles. Pragya offers to keep Panchmarit in puja but Malti ji says we wont touch anything touched by badho. You should make another one. Lucky asks Komal why she does things for which mother has to punish her. Malti ji tells him not to speak between her and Komal. Lucky says she isn’t a kid who will learn this way. Why are you doing this? She again tells him to stay out of this matter. He says why I would come between you two. Do whatever you want to!

Kamla ji tells Malti ji this wont bother Komal anyway. She is thick skin. She does not care about what you say. Ahlawat ji sees Komal standing on one leg. He asks the ladies what’s happening. Kamla ji lies to him that Komal is doing special puja on Mahashivratri. He says I haven’t seen her like this ever. I think she is a big tapasvi. Kamla ji tells Malti ji to stop Komal now. Keep the matter amongst us. Don’t do anything wrong before pundit ji. Malti ji sweetly tells Komal to stop now. Pundit ji praises Komal. She is a true devotee and you guys are really lucky. He asks Komal if she made all preps. You will do puja in that temple right? Komal nods. I love this occasion most. I am waiting for evening.

Precap: Malti ji tells Komal everyone is leaving for jhanki. You have two hours time. Decide what you want to do – do household work or wrestle. Komal thinks Ma ji is right. I will come to you Bholenath! She opens the door but someone steps forward (Mahadev I think).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Bado MIL and her Jethani are tooooooooo much.. they acting goes beyond limits.. i thought raghuvir ji and his brother should know complete truth of their wives..

  2. yea u r right.dey shuld kmow about them.

  3. Raghuvir Ji and Alawat Ji seems oblivious to their wives behaviour. Hopefully, they will learn of their treatment towards Komal very soon… poor Komal being humiliated like that. I think it won’t be long before Lucky starts showing concern and genuine care for Komal soon. He kind of felt sorry for Komal instead of being annoyed with her like he normal does.

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