Badho Bahu 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky goes to Banaras with his parents

Badho Bahu 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji tells Lucky and Komal about Shambhukund which is going to be organized in Banaras after 12 years. I wish to go there too as all the wishes get fulfilled there. Komal likes the idea. Malti ji wants to pray for Titli too. Komal says the idea is good but how will Titli’s training happen. You all should go. I will help Titli here. Raghubir ji agrees. Komal assures them they will find a great guy after they return from Banaras.

Pragya hugs Teji from behind. He tells her to let go. What if someone sees us? She asks him why he is doing this even when they are engaged now. He lies that he wishes to respect the elders in the house. She says no elders will come here. She hugs him tight. Titli knocks at the door. They part startled. Titli laughs. Teji requests her to be little careful. Someone

might come. Titli tells him not to call her Titli ji. You both are engaged and are going to marry soon. Look at what’s happening with me! You are scared as if some big fighter dragged you to Akhada! Pragya begins to go but Titli stops her. She stares pointedly at Teji. Titli assures Pragya that now Teji will do whatever she will ask him to. Pragya demands to go to a Gola shop right away. Teji promises to take her there tomorrow.

Akhilesh asks his mother what she is doing. She shares that she has made it for Ira. She escaped danger yesterday. I don’t want any evil eye to fall on her. Akhilesh calls out to Ira. A guy tells Akhilesh ‘smother that Chandu called to inform about the fair which is going to be held in Banaras. Akhilesh realises that she always wanted to go there. She suggests sending him and Ira instead. You might get blessed by a kid. But Pundit ji said Ira’s life is in danger at the moment. Ira hears them. She insists upon going. Bholenath came in my dream yester night and told me that is should go to Shambhukund for sure. Akhilesh’s mother allows her to go. She tells Akhilesh to tie the black thread on Ira’s hand. She goes. Akhilesh asks Ira if she isn’t acting too smart. She replies that she can do this for him if he can order stethoscope for her. Now pack suitcase for me too. He is surprised. I should be doing it? She jokes that she might hurt her fingers while packing. He keeps the black thread in her hand and leaves.

Komal asks Pragya and Teji where they are off to. Teji shares that they are going to the Gola shop and will be back soon. Pragya tells him not to lie. We are going out and will take some time. She leaves with Teji. Komal worries that this might lead to some problem.

Akhilesh’s mother tells Akhilesh to take Ira to the fair for sure. Ira assures her she only will take Akhilesh there. They leave for Banaras. Akhilesh’s mother prays that they get blessed with a kid surely.

Scene shifts to Banaras. Akhilesh and Ira reach the fair. She is excited to be there. I was a kid when I went to fair last time. I am coming after so long. She sprains her leg. He suggests going back but she refuses to go back without following Pushpa Aunty’s words. I am lying to her a lot anyways. I don’t wish to lie anymore. He is concerned but she assures him she will manage. She limps in her steps. He tells her not to put strain on her leg. I will help you cover the distance. He lifts her in his arms. Ira keeps looking at him. He asks her why she is looking at him. She asks him if she is heavy. He tells her 50-60 kg is nothing for him. She points out that no one asks a girl her weight and age. He points out that he dint ask her. I am telling you. She nods. People / Pundit ji shower petals on them. May God bless the newly-weds. Akhilesh is surprised as to how they know they just got married. Pundit ji shares that this is the ritual that every newlywed follows. You have to bring the bride to Bholenath like this only. Ira tells him to let her walk. He declines and takes her inside the temple. Her pain goes away the moment she stands. He shares that this is the speciality of Shambhukunda. All the problems go away the moment you stop here. They pray. Ira praises Akhilesh for sacrificing himself for others. I don’t know what mistake he made that you sent me in his life. I have hurt him again and again. I pray that you give me a chance / strength to rectify my mistake so I can return Akhilesh his happiness. Akhilesh tells Bholenath he is ready to give all the tests. Don’t break Ira ji’s dreams please. Make her dream come true.

Ira suggests enjoying the fair. I am going to eat a lot and I will drink thandai too. He warns her against thandai but she runs off. Akhilesh finds a Baba standing in his way. Baba says I can read the forehead lines very well. The lines of your wife’s forehead hint at an impending danger. Did anything go wrong with your wife in the last 24 hours? Akhilesh agrees. Baba points out that she is under Rahu and Shani’s effect. It will last till 4 pm today. There will be problems in every step. It can be dangerous for your wife to stay out of the house till 4 pm. Akhilesh gets worried.

Ira is drinking thandai. Akhilesh realises that she is drinking Prasad that has Bhang in it.

Komal prays that no villager sees Pragya and Teji together. I hope it happens just like I have thought it will!

Sita and Gita ji see Pragya and Teji together. Pragya insists upon feeding ice cream to Teji but Vardaan takes a bite. Teji appreciates Vardaan for coming on time. Vardaan looks at the ladies and praises Pragya for taking care of his choice. He manages the situation well. We came together but I got a call. Pragya adds that she went out with Teji ji only. Vardaan ji came in between. Teji gets tensed. Pragya holds Teji’s hand and takes him with her. Gita and Sita ji are stunned to see this.

Ira is under Bhang’s effect. Akhilesh suggests coming back at 4 pm as it is too hot. She refuses. She sits in the giant wheel (meant for kids). Akhilesh and Ira argue. Akhilesh keeps asking her to come back at 4. She tells him his voice is irritating her. Why should I listen to you? He shares what baba had just told her. She refuses to believe it. I am a 21st century girl and a doctor. I will do as I please. Forget about your Baba! Akhilesh gets Ira off the giant wheel. Ira goes away as Akhilesh gets busy in paying the guy. Akhilesh runs bare foot.

Akhilesh collides with Lucky while looking for Ira. Lucky tells him to be careful while walking. Raghubir ji pats at Lucky’s hand and they head off to the temple.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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