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Kamla ji refuses to be a part of the photo where Badho will be. Malti ji follows suit. Pinki too says no as her dress is burnt. Pragya too backs out. Komal tells them not to lose this chance. Photographer wont come again. I wont come for photo shoot. Raghubir ji tells her to be quiet. Don’t say anything. Don’t know since when everyone became so tough. You all found out she is making mistakes but did any of you try to find out the reason behind it. I can see her pain in her eyes but you cannot as you still think of her as a stranger. She is not just our DIL but our daughter too. She is missing her father since morning as it is his death anniversary today. Everyone is taken aback. Raghubir ji says she is still doing everything that everyone is asking from her, keeping her pain in her heart.

No one knows why this halwa was made. It was Mahender’s favourite halwa. She made it as per his wish and got it for all of you. You all couldn’t understand it at all! The only mistake she made today is that she couldn’t stop herself from missing her father today. You all can get your photo clicked but I wont get clicked if Komal is not there. Ahlawat ji follows suit. Kamla ji says even I cannot get my photo clicked if my husband isn’t there in photo. Malti will get her pic clicked. Malti ji too declines. Pinki apologizes to Komal. You will be a part of family photo right? Komal nods. Photographer comes just then.

Ahlawat ji and Kamla ji pose for the photo. Raghubir ji signals his brother to hold his wife. Ahlawat ji tries when Kamla ji tells him to take care of his surroundings atleast. He still holds her and gets some pics clicked. It is Malti ji and Raghubir ji’s turn next. Rana sits with Pinki. Raghubir ji hints at him to hold her too. Pinki makes a face when he does so. Photographer clicks some pics. Lucky isn’t home and will be back by tomorrow. Raghubir ji asks photographer to come some other day for family photo. Komal says we will get another one clicked later. Everyone is ready now. Let’s click one. Photographer suggests photoshopping Lucky’s photo in the frame. Just keep some space free next to Komal Bhabhi. Everyone agrees. Komal suggests including Jitesh and Ajay in the family photo too. They are also a part of our family. Raghubir ji asks everyone to come. Everyone takes position. Komal stops them. Bharpayi should also be here. She is also a part of our family. Elders agree. Bhaparyi sits next to Pragya. Pragya tells Bharpayi to sit on the floor. Bharpayi does as told. Kamla ji looks pointedly at Bharpayi. Jitesh stops photographer just when he is about to click. Lucky ji only will stand next to Komal Bhabhi. Komal says how it can be. He will come back tomorrow only. How is it possible? Ajay says you gave us respect by giving us space in your family. We can do this much for you. we will be back in two minutes. Ajay and Jitesh return with Lucky’s cut out. Everyone is pleasantly surprised. Komal thanks them. Photographer asks Komal to hold his hand. I will click such a photo which will show he is right there. Komal smiles shyly as she holds his hand. My best wishes are with your forever. I hope you always stay successful. I hope you will also look at me the way one day the way I look at you. I wont give up till then. I will do my best to make you mine. Photographer clicks family photo.

Komal readies Lucky’s things. He comes to take his towel but she tells him she has already kept his clothes and towel on the bed. Lucky is looking for his phone. She gives him his phone. He asks her where she got it from. She shares that he left it on table. He asks her if she does not know you don’t touch anyone’s stuff without permission. Move aside. She remarks that he is too smart and secretive. He looks at her and she leaves making an excuse to get tea for him. He wonders what she was talking about.

Jamuna ji is putting winter stuff in sun. Payal praises her MIL for doing so much without asking for. Badho too used to do all this on her own. Jamuna ji asks her if she will call her daughter here to do all this. You too are the daughter of this house. From now on you will do this. I got all this out for you without you even asking me to do it. Do the rest of the work nicely. If you will get tired by hard work and then sleep at night, you will sleep peacefully. Vardaan excuses himself. Jamuna ji gives him lunch box. Take care. Jamuna ji tells Payal to go ahead and do the work nicely.

Komal and Pinki are cooking. Komal asks Pragya to have breakfast but she hurries outside. Komal asks her again but Pragya scolds her. Can you not understand it in one go? Eat it yourself. I am getting late. Komal thinks to keep it in Pragya’s room but Pinki goes to do it (so she does not have to cook anymore). Komal resumes work.

Pinki comes to Komal’s room and finds western clothes on the bed. Ma ji made Bharpayi throw all western clothes outside after that drama. What are they doing here?

Pragya asks Bharpayi if she brought copy for her. Vardaan and Pragya end up arguing. She asks for another English teacher but Senior Teacher says we only have this teacher. You will have to learn from him only. Bharpayi thinks Didi’s drama already began. Don’t know what more will happen by the time Didi learns.

Komal stands in Lucky’s way when he is about to drive. Are you mad? Do you want to come under my car? Komal requests Lucky to drop her to Vardaan’s coaching institute. Pragya forgot her lunch. I have to give it to her. Lucky says there is driver in the house. Go with him. Komal shares that he went out for Babu ji’s important work. She requests him again. Lucky tells her to sit in the car. She smiles shyly.

Precap: Komal asks Kamla ji if she is going anywhere. Malti ji says all of us are going. Take care of home. Pinki boosts Komal to wear the clothes Lucky has chosen for her. Can you not fulfil his wish? Komal agrees to fulfil his wish if this is what he wants.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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