Badho Bahu 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badho accepts she is at fault. I hit that water tank by mistake which eventually fell on cook’s foot. Malti ji and Kamla ji taunt Badho for bringing problems upon everyone. Pragya adds that Badho only brought Lucky’s medal.

Payal’s mother sees Badho and calls her daughter. What’s happening? I found a match for her and she is here! Payal wants to know what Badho is doing there but her mother makes her hear the convo.

Badho relates everything to the ladies. Payal mother is peeking inside. Raghubir ji pats at her shoulder. She gets conscious and leaves. Kamla ji instead blames Badho for taking the medal with her in the first place. Malti ji seconds her. Raghubir ji angrily says Malti. The ladies go quiet. Kamla ji smiles thinking that now Malti ji will be scolded.


calls her mother. Why did you disconnect? Her mother tells her that Raghubir ji came. Payal asks her to do something.

Raghubir ji points out that Komal (Badho) only came to return the medal. Your son lost the medal. He forgot who he gave to. Komal has only come to return it and you are scolding her. What would I have said to CM Sir if the medal wasn’t here? People make mistakes but the ones who accept it are big hearted. Right Bhabhi? Kamla ji agrees.

Payal’s mother walks in to make use of the opportunity. Payal taught such good things to Komal. A family has come to see her yet she is here to help you guys. Badho touches her feet upon her askance. Payal’s mother blesses her to have a bull dozer type husband for her. She goes quiet noticing everyone looking at her. Raghubir ji wishes Badho good luck. I will send driver for you. He will take you home. Payal’s mother likes the idea. This way she will reach early. Kamla ji takes Badho with her. I have some work.

Rana opens Pinki’s box. His hands shake as he holds the picture. Pinki has got a tattoo of Ahlawat on her back. He immediately drops it. Forgive me Bajrang Bali. On the other hand, Pinki too is anxiously pacing in the room. She holds Lucky’s photo and kisses it too. Rana keeps looking at the photo.

Kamla ji and Malti ji make Badho read the details of all the prospective alliances that have come for Lucky and Rana. Kamla ji is jealous of the fact that all the alliances that have come for Rana are on position 2 of some or other competition. Badho excuses herself.

Lucky tries to talk to Marjorie but she goes to talk to Badho. Pragya asks Lucky to take Badho home. Bau ji said so. Lucky suggests Badho to wait for the driver. Why will I go? Marjorie is happy to know that Badho’s marriage talks are on. Lucky is happy to hear it too. He agrees to drop Badho to her home upon Marjorie’s askance. Don’t worry madam ji (Marjorie). If her alliance breaks then I will marry her.

Payal tells her MIL time is passing by but she cannot see Badho anywhere. Sarita ji speaks of their close bonding. You both can talk once I leave. I have to talk about Viren Singh. Pinki comes just then. Payal goes to her. Pinki asks Payal if this is the guy. Payal denies. He isn’t here yet. PInki asks about Komal. She called me to do her makeup. Where is she? Payal says you are very much worried for Komal today. Do as I say. Sit in Komal’s room and don’t come out till I ask you to. Pinki stomps inside Komal’s room.

Lucky and Badho are in the jeep. She is scared because he is driving too fast. Are you driving car or aeroplane? I don’t want to die in this young age. He teases her about her figure. I am driving fast so I can take you to your place on time or he will have to marry her as per his promise.

Sarita ji tries to talk about Viren again when an old couple walks in. Payal welcomes them in.

Lucky takes a sharp turn and she falls over him. He stops the car. Her earring gets stuck in his jacket. He is trying his best to hold onto the handle but his grip keeps loosening. He tells her to get up or he will have to carry this burden on his shoulders all his life. He finally frees her earring and returns it to her. He resumes driving.

Payal and her MIL speak to the guests. Payal asks about the prospective groom. His mother shares that he will come in other car as he had some work. Payal is impressed to know about them having 2 cars.

Badho and Lucky are all quiet. They keep peeking at each other when the other isn’t looking. Badho apologizes to Lucky twice. I have two reasons. One is for the medal and two, you have to drop me home. He asks her to say sorry ten times in advance then. You will make mistake in future too. She smiles.

Payal’s family hears a car honk. Payal goes out to see.

Sarita ji says we kept thinking and a family came to see Badho already. Viren wishes to leave but she insists.

Payal sees Lucky and Badho in the jeep together. what’s going on? Lucky and Badho together? Badho thanks Lucky for dropping her. Payal questions Badho on her whereabouts. She thanks Lucky for bringing her home on time. Lucky says I had to or I would have to marry her as per the promise. Payal is taken aback. Lucky says I am funny. I was just kidding. Payal indirectly tells him off for inviting her over. Payal tells Badho to come from the back door and that guy’s family is already waiting for her inside. Badho guides Lucky to go from the short route. She begins to go when he recalls Marjorie being fascinated by Badho’s parandi. He stops her to enquire about it. Badho tells him in detail. He tells her to let it be. You explained me a city in detail for one parandi. I will find it. They shake hands. He says it is good that he dint have to marry her or she will make him roam a city for little things. He leaves. Badho is also smiling.

Precap: Pinki does Badho’s makeup. Badho acknowledges the same. What to do about my weight? Payal’s mother is happy to see the fat guy. Seems like the alliance is made in heaven. She tells Badho she likes the guy. Badho greets the guy and his family.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. awesome epi……… oh my God prince ur looks ufffff .u r awesome

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