Badho Bahu 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

VIren says everyone should listen! There is only one reason because of which this marriage is ending – your beloved Shri Raghubir Singh ji Ahlawat! Everyone is shocked and confused at the same time.

Sad song plays as Lucky stops his car outside Airport. Marjorie eyes him sadly but he does not look at her.

Vardaan enters all bruised. Stop. You don’t need to marry this Viren. He is plotting against you. He will not marry you. It is because Raghubir ji had insulted him before entire village. Viren calls him brother-in-law and says we were waiting for you only. You entered at the right time!

Lucky avoids eye contact with Marjorie all the time. She bids him goodbye teary eyed and takes her bags.

Raghubir ji asks Viren what happened. you went so ahead with the alliance.

Why did you step back? Think calmly. Decisions taken in haste are not right. It wont be right to talk before everyone. Why don’t we go in a room and sort this matter? Viren says great. You think of talking to me privately today? Did you lose your mind on the day of nomination? You dint think of it that day? You insulted me before entire village, my entire family and this fattie! Think that it is my turn today. why should I lose my turn? I will insult you today before your family, entire village and this fattie! Komal stands rooted to her place too stunned to react.

Marjorie tells Lucky to take care. She turns to look at Lucky once but he turns his face away. She is hurt by his reaction. She finally goes inside. Lucky breaks down. He keeps eyeing the door sadly.

Raghubir ji says how you are connecting things here. Viren replies that I know you have taken responsibility of this girl and her family. you took responsibility of their respect. Wear the medal of their insult for life now when I will leave her alone in the middle of the mandap with incomplete pheras! Think how I would have felt when you stopped my nomination before everyone. My life would have been great but you stole that chance from me. I will not spare your dignity today! He throws the stole from around his neck. Everyone should listen! I leave this Komal, with whom I took half pheras and who is unmarried, alone in the middle of the wedding! Komal and her family are in shock. Viren once again blames Raghubir ji for it all. Ahlawat ji asks him if he lost his mind. My family respected you. Instead of being thankful you are blaming my brother! Kamla ji also scolds Viren for not respecting the girl. What will happen to Komal now? Who will marry her? Malti ji adds that her husband did what was best for him always. You are insulting him today before everyone? Aren’t you ashamed of it?

Viren smiles in reply. See Raghubir Singh, how shaken up your family is. I felt the same way when you snatched my dream from me. Jamuna ji folds hands before him. I apologize to you for what happened. You can scold, curse, taunt and disrespect me as much as you want but don’t leave my daughter like this. Don’t leave her alone at the altar. I fold my hands before you. She begs him and touches his feet. Vardaan tells his mother not to beg before this cheap man. He does not deserve to be apologized to! He goes to Komal. Please don’t marry this cheap man. Listen to me. He will ruin your life. He is a cheat. Jamuna ji breaks down. Payal tells him to stop. Don’t say another word. Elders are here to talk. She asks Komal not to pay heed to Vardaan. He has gone mad. She folds hands before Viren. Please don’t leave Komal alone. What will happen to her if you will do this? It does not suit you to take out your anger on us. Please don’t be so cruel with them. She pulls Savitri Bua there too, requesting her to do something.

Viren walks up to Komal. Much to everyone’s shock, he pulls the varmala from Komal’s neck thereby breaking it. He throws it in Raghubir ji’s feet. Raghbubir ji picks it up. He touches it to his head. Komal is all shaken up by now. Raghubir ji slaps Viren. Everyone’s eyes widen in shock. Viren has a smile on his face. Raghubir ji asks Rana to throw this cheap man out of the house right away! Rana and Vardaan pull Viren out. Viren shouts that it is he who has been slapped in the face now. You will be responsible for this girl’s ruin!

Komal falls down on her knees heartbroken.

Precap: Komal is crying. People begin to speak about the fact that now it will be Komal who will be taunted for life. Who will marry her now! amuna ji says (to Raghubir ji) that he had turned their world upside down 8 years ago too. You did the same thing today by ruining my daughter’s life. Raghubir ji announces (before everyone) that Komal will marry his son Lucky.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I feel that They need to be a bit fast with this marriage track

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    the way majorie was lookking at lakhan…….i feel she will realise her love and be back but of no use but trouble.

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