Badho Bahu 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghubir ji’s hit and miss with Komal

Badho Bahu 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal’s new election card is to be made. Official asks Raghubir ji to make Komal sign the form and submit in office. Raghubir ji shares that she isn’t here at this moment. Official agrees to wait till she is back. We wont be able to register her without her signature. Tomorrow is the last day. Raghubir ji asks him to come tomorrow. I will ask her to sign it as soon as she is back.

Malti ji asks Kamla ji to tell her about Badho’s whereabouts. I am very much concerned for her. I will meet her. Raghubir ji also asks the same question to Kamla ji. Malti ji tells her husband she is worried for Badho. Raghubir ji agrees to meet Komal. I have to take her signature on election form too. Pinki and Kamla ji are in thoughts. Kamla ji cooks some fake point for him. Malti ji hopes Komal returns with

Raghubir ji itself. Malti ji leaves.

Pragya gives Teji his pakodas and tea. He thanks her for the same. What would have happened if you weren’t there? He takes a sip and keeps it aside. She realises he does not like cardamom tea. Everyone drinks it in Bakriawal so I got used to it too. He suggests her to give it to Vardaan instead. Pragya likes the idea shocking Teji all the more. Teji decides to do something to keep Pragya in her control. If she feels Vardaan is better than me then I will be thrown out of the house! I will have to make her crazy for me at any cost.

Payal joins Vardaan while he is working. He asks about his mother’s reports. She assures him Ma ji is fine. What did you and Pragya do that day? Did you eat that Kadhi? Vardaan smiles. I love it very much. Pragya ji liked it so much that she gave me a tough competition. They both smile. Pragya gives cardamom tea to Vardaan. Payal teases Vardaan. Your likes are so similar and you both take care of each other’s likes and dislikes. Your and Pragya’s favourite colour is red. He denies. Her favourite colour is red. She tells him not to hide the truth from her. I know you like Pragya and still love her very much. He looks at her in surprise. She insists it isn’t wrong. You aren’t divorced yet. She is still your wife. You don’t need to hide your feelings so much. Take a red rose and confess your feelings to her. Vardaan tells her to understand that Pragya is happy with Teji ji. She agrees. Come with me to market for some time. He isn’t keen but she does not let him go. He agrees to join her in a minute. She looks on. I wont give up so easily.

Pinki tells Malti ji she had no other option which is why they got Badho kidnapped. She turns to her MIL. Tell her the truth in the same manner and she will forgive both of us. If you don’t like this idea then I have one more idea. Why don’t we kidnap Babu ji too? Kamla ji hits her with a stick. Keep your mouth shut now. I very well know what I have to do. Pinki calls her goons and Kamla ji takes the phone from her. She tells them something in mute.

The goons take Komal out in a wheelchair. Her face is covered with her duapatta and she seems to be unconscious. Raghubir ji gets busy talking to someone. the goons get a call. You too should have come with Raghubir ji. Kamla ji tells them to send Raghubir ji away at any cost or they will be in trouble. Goons assure her that they wont doubt them at all. Badho ji is unconscious. Kamla ji asks them if they are mad. Take her back with you right away. Replace someone else with her who looks just like her. the goons drag with wheelchair out of Raghubir ji’s sight. Raghubir ji asks someone about the way to Maharaj ji’s abode. The goons watch him from far. They wonder from where they will find someone who looks like Badho. They spot a fat girl in the distance. One of the goons greet Raghubir ji. Who have you come to meet? Raghubir ji asks him to make him meet Komal. The goon lies that she is in a tough tapasya. She does not talk or meet someone in this condition. He offers to talk to Komal instead. Goon asks him if he wont leave without meeting Komal. Raghubir ji nods. the other goon creates a fake camp in the meantime. One lady (who appears similar to Komal in size) is standing on her feet. She has her back to Raghubir ji. Raghubir ji mistakes her to be Komal. Even the fake Baba addresses her as Komal. Raghubir ji seeks his permission to speak to Komal. Goon tells Raghubir ji to talk to Komal ji if he wants. It breaks the concentration somehow and breaks their tapasya. They have to start afresh then. You can talk to her if you want. Raghubir ji agrees talk to Komal later. He leaves from there. The goons heave a sigh of relief.

Pradhan and his son are at a tea stall. Lucky and Titli park the bike nearby. Lucky asks her if she is sure this will make her happy. she nods. They cover their faces with a stole and attack Pradhan and his son. Pradhan is in Lucky’s grip but Pradhan’s son catches hold of Titli. He pushes Pradhan on the ground and hits Pradhan’s son on his head. He passes out. Lucky tells Titli to stop. Will you be at peace after killing them? they both run away.

Malti ji asks her husband if he met Komal. Raghubir ji assures her she is fine. Malti ji asks her if he spoke to her. He denies. I saw her from far. I couldn’t get her sign on the form too. she is doing tapasya by standing on her feet. Malti ji is still relieved that he atleast saw her. Pinki and Kamla ji are relieved to hear their conversation.

Zalim Singh stops to watch Titli as Lucky’s bike passes by from there.

Raghubir ji asks his wife why she seems so worried. Pray for Komal so she is back soon. Kailash ji asks them about Komal. Raghubir ji tells him he went to do tapasya for Titli. Kailash ji is impressed as no one would do so in today’s date. Raghubir ji smiles. He can do it as he is Mahender’s daughter. Kailash ji nods. He tells Malti ji not to worry for Komal. Inspector comes just then. He tells everyone that someone punished Pradhan and his son badly. No one can take law in their hands. Do you know who they are?

Lucky and Titli reach home. They stop in their tracks noticing police at their door.

Precap: Lucky and Titli drop the sticks outside the house. Malti ji tells everyone that it wasn’t two guys. There was one girl too. She looks at Titli. Police checks for clues outside Ahlawat House.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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