Badho Bahu 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli messes up 2 meetings

Badho Bahu 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji praises Titli before the guy’s family. I am sure you wont have any complaints with her. She does everything from all her heart. Kamla ji nods. She messes with people with all her heart too! She covers it up. Say yes for this alliance once. We will manage the rest. The guy’s mother asks for Titli. Malti ji offers them tea and snacks. Titli peeks at them from far. Groom’s Dadi mistakes Komal to be Titli. She seems like some wrestler. I like her though. Malti ji says she is my DIL. Guy’s father shares that her son is going to be shifted to Delhi soon. We want a simple girl. We don’t want show off. Titli is pleased to hear it and goes inside. Malti ji says Titli is a very simple girl. Pinki comes and massages Kamla ji’s legs. They make her sit next to Kamla ji instead. Malti ji

asks Komal to call Titli who comes there wearing track suit. No one had to call me here. I came on my own. The groom looks at her from top to toe in confusion. Guy’s Dadi mistakes Titli to be her brother. Call Titli instead. Titli tells her to clean her glasses well. You will then realise that I am Titli. I am the one who you came to meet. Groom’s parents are not happy with Titli’s behaviour and dressing sense. Kamla ji covers up saying that she is a National Level Player. She dresses up like this sometimes. Titli denies. I wear track suit only. This is how I dress up! Groom’s family gets up upset. We don’t want anything!

Titli asks them what happened now. You would have liked it if the girl had come out wearing suit and makeup? Why were you talking so greatly and open-mindedly a while ago? You said you want girl from modern family and simple girl. Is your son not wearing track suit? Kamla ji tells her to be quiet. Titli keeps talking.

Kamla ji requests Lucky to do something. It is time to use the promise that we took from Titli last time. He agrees.

Lucky tells Titli to listen to him carefully. You wont say or do anything now. Go to your room. She leaves angrily. Malti ji tries to manage the situation but in vain. The guy’s family leaves. Kamla ji remarks that Titli ruined everything.

Malti ji tells Ram Bhaisahab not to worry. It happens when people speak about marriage. Ram Bhaisahab says I had a feeling that this alliance will happen. I said no to the other alliance that came for her. Malti ji says such things happen. When it is bound to happen, things will click in no time. Talk to them again. Ram Bhaisahab agrees to send the guy’s family tomorrow to Sirsa. Just talk to her about it. She assures him she will manage it. She ends the call but is worried about Titli.

Komal is standing outside Titli’s room. She tells Pinki how Titli isn’t opening the door. Malti ji asks Titli to open the door. what if this alliance wasn’t fixed? It happens. I dint like the guy at all! Your Babu ji has sent another alliance for you. Kamla ji tells her to leave it. She has made up her mind not to listen to us. Pinki knocks at the door angrily but hurts her fingers instead. Kamla ji tries this time but in vain.

Titli is crying in her room. I wont open the door! I made a mistake by coming here! Don’t know why I left wrestling and came here. Don’t know why Bapu sent me there! Everyone outside hears her and requests Titli to open the door. Titli refuses to open the door at any cost. Kamla ji tells her to not open the door if she does not wish to. I will change my name if I will not take you out before the guy’s family tomorrow! She takes Malti ji with her.

Komal knocks at the door. I know what you are feeling. I went through something similar when my marriage was being fixed. If the guy who comes to see you does not like you then it does not mean that you are wrong. The fact is that he could not see you for who you are. It will be his loss. You will find your guy when it is the right time. Have faith on Bholenath. Let us know if you need anything. We are here only. Don’t cry too much. She leaves the door. Titli calms down hearing her words and heads towards the door.

Lucky is looking for Komal. He is outside Titli’s door when she opens it (for Badho). She isn’t happy to see him but still tells him to tell his family that she is ready to meet the guy’s family tomorrow. She closes the door on his face. He wonders if she thinks him to be some postman. Now I will tell my family that Maharani has made up her mind!

Next morning, Ahlawat family is speaking to the second guy’s family. Malti ji calls out to Titli. Titli comes there in ethical attire. Guy’s father looks at her. Titli notices the long veil that is covering the faces of the ladies of the house. Guy’s mother whispers in her husband’s ears about Titli’s short hair. Kamla ji assures them that she will grow them long after marriage. Titli offers snacks to ladies. The ladies say something which Titli is unable to hear. Guy’s father points out that there is a rule in their house. Men of their house eat first followed by women! Lucky tells Komal that they gave

Titli praises the guy’s father for understanding the thoughts of the women of his house so well. I couldn’t understand it or hear them when I was standing so close to them but you are great! If you are this smart then you would understand that if you get tired after travelling for 5 hours then the women are no less. They too must be equally hungry. The guy’s father warns her to be careful. Tell her something. Kailash ji advises Titli to be calm and quiet. Titli questions the women as to why they are mum.

Teji asks Pragya if she shouldn’t have bene with her family right now. Pragya shares that everyone is busy with the family that has come to see Titli. No one is focusing on me. He smiles. Bharpayi walks in but looks down seeing them together. She leaves in a minute. Pragya is irked with Teji’s drama.

Titli asks the ladies if they cannot understand what the men of her house are trying to do! There is a veil on your brains too. Remove it. Guy’s father warns her not to inch closer to the ladies of his family. Komal asks Lucky to intervene. He denies but she requests him to do it for Malti ji. He asks the guy’s father to sit down. He refuses and demands that Titli should be tamed first. Titli argues with him. Lucky sends her inside against her wish. Guy’s father refuses to join relation with Titli or her family. I will tell everyone about this! He walks out with his family.

Malti ji decides to speak to her husband. Kamla ji says it is pointless to find a groom for this girl. It will be a mad guy who will marry her!

Precap: Mahasangam of Badho Bahu and Hanikarak Biwi!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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