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Komal recalls another memory where she told her father she wants to marry. He got her a rotating musical globe agreeing to marry her off to a handsome man like the one in globe. She turns and collides with Bharpayi. Bharpayi does not let her talk. You only create problems wherever you go. Why am I wasting time talking to you? Let it be. Komal looks down sadly. She tells Bharpayi she will clean the mess.

Pragya asks Pinki to be with her mother. She relates everything to Pinki. I will go. Pragya goes to do some work. Pinki thinks not to go now when everyone is already there. I will try my new dress and see how I look.

Ahlawat ji slips on the oil and gets hurt. Komal helps him in standing. I am sorry. He tells her not to worry. I dint notice oil on the floor. I got saved because of the

pillar or I would have been hurt more. She says I was about to clean it. He tells her to do her work. I am still strong enough. She offers to take him but he assures her he will manage. He walks away in pain. Komal cleans the oil off the floor but is lost again. Pinki comes looking for Badho in her room but hears a foul smell. She hurriedly switches off iron and shouts Badho!

Pinki meets her FIL and asks him if he got hurt. He nods. Maybe oil slipped from Komal. I dint notice and slipped. It is fine. She sees his wound. You are badly wounded. Badho cannot do anything right. He asks her why she is worried. She dismisses it. Go in your room. I will get you medicine. He nods and goes.

Komal is sitting lost on the floor. Pinki shows the dupatta to her. What harm did I do to you that you did this to me? Forget about me, what about everyone else? Do you know how bad their condition is? How would you as you are too lost? Komal tries to reply but Pinki tells her to listen. I thought of you as my friend. I thought you will help me in case I would need anything but you messed up everything. She does not let Komal say anything. I am really angry. Go away for now or I may say something wrong to you. She leaves. Komal sits down to wipe the oil from the floor.

Komal comes to her room and cries badly. She takes out her father’s photo. Why did you leave me alone? She hugs it close. Raghubir ji comes looking for Komal and notices her crying. She hugs him and cries. He calms her. What happened? She shares how she created problem for everyone today. I cannot do anything right. Am I this inauspicious? He says there is nothing like auspicious or inauspicious. I agree you are making mistakes but it can happen by anyone. Tell me, what happened that you are not focusing on anything today? She shows her father’s photo to him. I am missing father very much. It is his death anniversary today. Raghubir ji too remembers. How did I miss that it his Mahender’s death anniversary today? I can understand that this day is very difficult for you yet you are doing everything for everyone. I am proud of this fact. I am sure you will succeed. She asks him how it will be. Everyone is upset with me. He tells her to let it be. Till when will they stay upset? He suggests her to give halwa to everyone. It will make everyone happy. Stop crying and stay strong. She goes.

Raghubir ji thinks how he forgot today’s date.

Pinki is pressing her MIL’s legs. Kamla ji asks Pinki if she dint ate anything. Do it nicely. Pinki complies. Kamla ji remarks that God is great. One DIL is so strong yet the other one is so feeble. How will Pinki do it when she is so weak? Am I right, Pinki? Malti ji sneezes and agrees with Kamla ji. Eat well. Malti ji asks Ahlawat ji if he needs anything. He denies. He asks Pinki why she looks so upset. Pragya tells him how Komal burnt Pinki’s favourite dress. Komal comes there and Kamla ji covers herself with shawl. Run everyone. Hurricane came! Don’t know who will be able to escape! Malti ji seconds him. Ahlawat ji scolds them for speaking against Komal and taunting her always on everything. He asks Komal what she brought. Komal gives him halwa. Komal gives halwa to Kamla ji with extra ghee and sugar. You like sweets. Malti ji and Kamla ji get up. Kamla ji hits the bowl thereby throwing it away.

Raghubir ji looks at his friend’s photo. I wouldn’t have been here today if it wasn’t for you. You gave me a new life that day but you left your family crying behind you!

Ahlawat ji asks his wife what all this is. Kamla ji tells Malti ji her planning cannot escape from her eyes. You taught your DIL well. She should feed me sweets and kill me. everyone at home knows I am not supposed to eat sugar. It is dangerous for my health yet your DIL made halwa for me with extra ghee and sugar. It clearly shows that you both are after my life. She feels dizzy. Malti ji glares at Komal.

Raghubir ji holds a Rs. 10 note. Remember this? It is the same note which we always used to fight for in wresting? Sometimes you used to win and sometimes I did! You wont it for the last time and gave it to me saying this should continue between our sons. I couldn’t fulfil your dream though! Please forgive me friend.

Malti ji asks Komal why she made this halwa today. Doc said Bhabhi must not eat anything sweet. Why you cooked it today then? Give us poison only if you want to kill us! There was some dangeours medicine outside. The story would have been over then and there itself. What do you want? Pinki asks Badho why she is after everyone. You dint even leave me. You burnt my favourite dress. DO something right for once. Pragya says you forcibly enter in everyone’s space and ruin everything. Her father tells him to stop. She is your Bhabhi who is equal to a mother. Learn to respect her. Kamla ji complains that he and Raghubir ji have given her too much freedom. She is sitting on our heads now because of that only. Raghubir ji says you are right. Rana asks everyone why they are not ready yet. Photographer is leaving town. Why is everyone sad? Why is Komal crying? Ahlawat ji says everyone is fine. I am ready. Kamla ji refuses to be a part of the photo where Badho will be. Malti ji follows suit.

Precap: Komal thinks to pacify Lucky too and gives him everything before he even asks for. She gives him his phone. He asks her where she got it from. She shares that he left it on table. You are too smart and secretive. He looks at her and she leaves making an excuse to get tea for him. He wonders what she was talking about.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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