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Badho Bahu 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badho reaches Ahlawat ji’s house.

Pragya teaches Marjorie the art of cutting veggies. See how I do it now. I can do it faster than machine. Marjorie cuts it faster and better than her. Pragya is impressed. Are you cutting cucumber or diamond? Lucky peeks at her from the door. She is worth taking to my mother. His friends advise him not to take so much time. You will get late. Do something fast. His other friend says maybe Lucky is scared. Lucky denies. my connection is already fixed with her. If she sees me then she will lose her sense. His friends challenge him. Lucky accepts it. See how your Bhabhi (Marjorie) will walk around your brother (Lucky).

Lucky comes in kitchen. Marjorie asks him if he wants anything. He replies that he wants to see her in this house all his life. She asks

him what he said. He gets lost while looking at her. She snaps him out of his thoughts and gives him water. Do you want anything else? He says I want to say something personal. He looks at his friends who are standing right outside only. Marjorie tells Lucky she is busy. I have to make breakfast. Your friends are also waiting. Go out.

Lucky’s friends laugh at him as he walks out of the kitchen. Lucky playfully throws them off the bed. You will tease me? I have learnt it in boxing that one should use the other move if the first one is blocked. His friends ask him how he will get entry in kitchen now. Just then, Badho asks Lucky and his friends where she should keep the eggs. Lucky guides her. He holds the tray as it was about to fall. No fear when Lucky is here. Badho nods.

Payal is in the sweet shop. She buys cheapest sweets and stale samosas for the guests. She pays only Rs. 40. He asks for 75 but she reasons that she bought stale things from him. He should actually be paying for them. He points out that they will be eating them after all. Payal says I saved you from a sin as you were going to throw away food. He gets confused. Payal leaves.

Badho keeps the tray of eggs in the kitchen. Lucky and Marjorie get busy looking at each other. Badho comes out of the kitchen but then remembers about the medal. On her way back inside she slips over some cloth which is in her way and falls down. Lucky is wiping something off Marjorie’s head when she pulls him aside. Eggs and flour and Badho fall down. Lucky and Marjorie look on in shock.

Payal asks for Badho as she comes home. Her MIL is sure Payal will be shocked to not find Badho at home. it is good though. Payal notices her MIL all happy. did you dream of my death? Payal’s mother does not tell her that Badho went to Sirsa. She is here only. Let’s go get ready.

Lucky and his friends laugh at Badho, calling her a buffalo. Marjorie laughs initially but then feels bad seeing Badho struggling to get up. She tells Lucky and his friends to stop it. They don’t stop laughing so Marjorie shouts at them. She bends down to help Badho. Lucky’s friend laugh once again. Marjorie asks them if they will stop laughing. Help her. Lucky extends his hand towards Badho. Get up. Badho sits up on her. Lucky and his friends turn to go. Marjorie asks Lucky to apologize. Lucky replies that he extended his hand to help her (Badho). She dint take it. I cannot apologize more.

Savitri Bua comes with Viren (the same whose kids Badho helped get halwa that day). She happily meets Payal and Jamuna ji. Payal is not happy to see her. She whispers in her MIL’s ears to send Bua asap. Guests will come. Her MIL tells her to be quiet. She will leave soon.

Badho thanks Marjorie for her help. Marjorie is fascinated by Badho’s parandi. Lucky looks at her from far. Badho tells Marjorie it is called Parandi. Marjorie likes it, she says. Lucky apologizes to Badho. She returns him his medal. Pragya notices this from far. Lucky says sorry to Badho and leaves. Marjorie also smiles. She tells Badho to take care. Badho leaves for her home. Lucky’s friends ask Lucky how Marjorie made him apologize. Lucky tells him to be quiet. I will otherwise slap you. She takes care of everyone. I feel like giving her a gift. His friend discuss if she will take it or not.

Malti ji requests her Bhabhi (Kamla ji) not to be upset with her. I will do all the work. You can rest. Kamla ji and Malti ji greet pundit ji. Show the pictures of girls you have chosen for our sons. He gives one envelope to each the ladies. Kamla ji eyes the envelope in Malti’s hands. Malti understands that her envelope is bigger than Kamla jiji. She will surely get upset. Kamla ji dismisses pundit ji. Pragya gives her a photo album. It has the photos of last night. Kamla ji decides to teach Malti ji a lesson.

Badho takes the bag (given by Pinki) and is about to go back inside when she meets Pundit ji. She notices Rana’s father there and says the bag is for Rana. It is from one of his fans. He tells her to give it to him only. Badho gives the bag to Rana. It is from one of your fans. She takes his leave.

Malti ji scolds cook for all the loss. Halwa was made twice. No one liked it, not even Jiji. Cook reasons that his foot was hurt. It isn’t my mistake. Malti ji refuses to believe it but Badho seconds him. He is saying truth. Malti ji and Kamla ji remember meeting her last night. Badho accepts she is at fault. I hit that water tank by mistake which eventually fell on cook’s foot. Pragya adds that Badho only brought Lucky’s medal.

Precap: Payal tells her MIL time is passing by but she cannot see Badho anywhere. Pragya asks Lucky to take Badho home. Bau ji said so. Marjorie is happy to know that Badho’s marriage talks are on. Lucky is happy to hear it too. Don’t worry madam ji (Marjorie). If her alliance breaks then I will marry her. Lucky and Badho are in the jeep. He takes a sharp turn and she falls over him. He stops the car and they both look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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