Badho Bahu 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Lucky also submits his form for National Championship!

Badho Bahu 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal asks Lucky why he wasn’t picking his phone. I have been looking for you everywhere. He lies that he was at his friend’s place. What is it? She takes him with her while speaking of Diwali celebrations.

Pragya thinks of Vardaan’s suggestion of going to Bakriawal when Teji comes there. You aren’t celebrating. Now that I am here your Diwali will be happy. She throws sweets away. Enough of your drama. I don’t want to celebrate Diwali! Just go. He holds her hand and pulls her to him when even she warns him against it. He holds her hand as she tries to slap him. Leave me, He asks her if she loves him. She calls him mad. Have you seen your face? He removes his turban to reveal his true identity to her. She is about to hug him but he stops her. He says I thought you loved me but you

couldn’t recognize my touch or my antics whenever I came before you. I thought you will tell me to stop acting as Jatta and come in my real avatar but you couldn’t recognize me. I couldn’t get you as Teji so I thought to become Jatta but this also seems useless. I should leave. She calls out to him. He smirks. She requests him to forgive her. I love you so much that I couldn’t see anyone else. I did not realise you came here as Jatta for me. Please forgive me. I have lost you once. I cannot lose you again. She hugs him happily. Teji smirks.

Rana gives his form to Raghubir ji. I want you to keep this with the medals. Raghubir ji tells him he hasn’t won the medal so far so it is logically not their property. Pinki asks him what happened then. My husband has won Iron Man Championship. I am sure he will win this one too. Why don’t we keep the form and medal in Goddess’s feet thinking about the future? Kamla ji seconds him. Raghubir ji complies. Lucky and Komal also join them. Malti ji asks Lucky to also keep his form in the puja thaal. You too deserve to participate after all. Kamla ji reminds her of his shoulder wound. We don’t know if he will recover or not. She covers up saying that he shouldn’t participate till he is 100% fine. Rana is fit after all. Malti ji tells her not to say such bad words on such an auspicious day. My son’s wound isn’t that bad after all. He would recover soon. He too is a contender for the match. Kamla ji nods. Komal asks Lucky if he would like to keep his form in Goddess’s feet.

Vardaan has come to his Bakriawal Home to celebrate Diwali with his mother. She is missing Pragya. Vardaan lies that she wanted to come but he told her to rest as she was unwell. Payal asks her MIL if she means nothing to her. Wont you welcome me? Jamuna ji advises her to call Shankar. It is time for Diwali puja. Shankar also joins them.

Lucky tells everyone he will participate in the National Championship. I will surely win this medal for my Guru ji. Kamla ji and her family is taken aback. He signs the form and turns to his father. Everyone keeps things before their Gods before doing anything big. You are my God, my father and my Guru ji. I want to keep my form in your feet and does it. Raghubir ji, Malti ji and Komal are touched. Lucky says I assure you I wont disappoint you. Just have faith in me. Raghubir ji picks the form and touches it to his head. He keeps it in the puja thaal next to Rana’s form. He hopes his son recovers asap. I don’t want anything else.

Jamuna ji stops Vardaan from doing puja. Husband and wife do it together. It is considered auspicious then. Vardaan points out that Pragya isn’t here. Jamuna ji points at the door. Pragya has come with Jatta. Smile disappears from Vardaan’s face. Teji tells them that he made Pragya understand that she should spend Diwali with her family. It was wrong to send Vardaan alone. Pragya hugs her MIL. Payal is tempted to see the gift in Tejis hands. Jamuna ji suggests her to wait till puja is over. We will all it together afterwards. They promote Kurkure.

All the couples do aarti one by one in Ahlawat House. Lucky thinks I might get weak while walking on my chosen path but don’t let me sway from that path. Komal also prays to Lord to fulfil her husband and FIL’s dream. They have seen the same dream. Fulfil it so they remain happy always.

Screen shifts to Bakriawal House too where both the couples do aarti together.

Rana and Pinki light diya’s together. Kamla ji tells Rana to burst crackers. Komal advises her against it as it causes pollution. It is bad for health. Kamla ji asks her what they should do on Diwali then. She suggests lighting diya’s together. It will spread happiness. Lucky happily goes with her. Komal and Lucky light diya’s together. Malti ji and Raghubir ji look on happily.

Lucky and Komal come in their room. She talks of the Diwali celebrations. You also offered your form to Goddess Lakshmi. I forgot I have a lot to do. He asks her what she wants to do at this hour. She speaks of the morning incident when her suit was torn. He tells her not to focus on all that and gives her his track suit. You will wear this during training. They are fit for wrestling. She declines. What will people say? I cannot accept so much change suddenly. Please forgive me. He agrees. I have another solution. She asks him about it.

Next morning, Komal is wearing Lucky’s jacket. Raghubir ji asks about her attire. She tells him that Lucky gave it to her. My kurta was torn yesterday. Raghubir ji notices Rana practising loosely. He questions him on his style. This wont work if you want to win National medal. Rana asks him how he will prepare for national championship by fighting with local wrestlers. I feel your method is wrong!

Precap: Komal asks Rana how he is speaking to Guru ji. Rana tells her to stay out of his matter. Raghubir ji tells Rana he might be the best wrestler but you wont win anything if you become too proud of your one victory. Take it as my warning. He shouts at Rana while saying this. Lucky comes outside to see what the commotion is all about. Lucky meets Randeep and asks him why he lied to him about his wound. Randeep replies that he only hid truth from him upon his father’s request. Lucky is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Why did Teji come back????
    Any ideas?

    Loving Komal and Lucky bonding?

    Greedy Payal whose like a child at times but she is trying to look after Komal.


    1. Komal and Lucky both are going to complete dreams or may be komal more..

    2. Finally Raghuvir will ans Rana and his trantrums… Rana won by cheat but act as if he won by rules ????

    3. Teji should be killed and pragya should be declared his widow and should die too ?????????, poor vardhan had to bear her??

    4. Track pant and t-shirt would have looked nice on komal and i think malti will bring that change in her..

  4. I want Kamala,Pinki,Rana, Pragya and Kalish to all be found out for the hypocritical cheaters that they are. I feel bad for Vaardan for marrying a witch like Pragya. I wish he would of married Baripyl she liked him and she is a nice girl. I hope Lucky’s arm heals otherwise he may not deal with it well .

  5. Please post 10/23/17,thank you.

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