Badho Bahu 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan beats the goons. He calls Raghubir ji but Vikram throws the phone away before Vardaan can say anything. Vardaan is again attacked but he manages to beat them all badly. He rushes out of the place followed by the goons.

Marjorie asks Lucky what happened. Why are you so quiet? Why don’t you say something? Are you upset with me? Say something please. He says what to say. I said already what I had to. What’s left to say? She feels bad. I know you love me and you want to marry me but please don’t treat me like this. Say something. I don’t want to lose a friend like you. Please try to understand. I will go tonight and will never return. Please don’t do this. He still drives quietly. She keeps requesting him to say something. They both share an eye lock. Pinki

thanks Lord for sending her here with Lucky somehow. You also took the thorn out of my way. Thank you for that. Now I will mend Lucky’s heart on our way back and make space for myself in his heart. He is only mine now.

Viren gets Vikram’s call. Vikram shares that Vardaan fled from that place. VIren is in thoughts. He asks Savitri Bua to ask pundit ji to start pheras asap. Go now. Savitri Bua obliges. She lures pundit ji for 3 times payout. Do as I say. She tells him something in his ears. He nods.

Pundit ji asks bride and groom to come in mandap. Jamuna ji says you spoke of mahurat to be half an hour later. Pundit ji says it has already begun. Let’s go. Payal readily agrees. Komal wants to wait for Vardaan but Payal says pheras don’t stop for anyone. She thanks pundit ji for saying that the mahurat has already begun. The sooner this happens, the better. I mean this is what we have gathered here for, right? Viren thinks his right time to take revenge is here.

Raghubir ji tries calling Vardaan but his phone is engaged. He worries for Vardaan. He notices Rana lost in thoughts. Rana fumbles. Raghubir ji sends him to find Vardaan. I am concerned for him. Plus I cannot see Komal like this. Rana agrees and leaves.

Pundit ji starts the mantras. Komal keeps looking around. Payal tells her to keep her neck at one place. Stop staring around you. It is your wedding. Be a little shy. Komal says Vardaan. Payal says he will come. Viren is thinking of his next move.

Vardaan is limping while running but does not stop.

In the backseat, Pinki says a small shayari to herself. Great! I have become a poet in love. hope this thorn named Marjorie gets out of my life soon. Lucky pays no heed to Marjorie’s requests. He looks at her and they almost get saved from a collision. Pinki falls unconscious because of her head colliding with the car seat in the process.

Goons spot Vardaan and begin to chase him.

Payal does gathbandhan of Viren and Komal as per Pundit ji’s instructions. Jamuna ji is emotional. Malti ji tells Payal to tie it so tight that it wont break. Everyone smiles. Jamuna ji tells Payal she is feeling scared. Hope wedding happens nicely. Hope nothing goes wrong. Payal suggests her to say good things. Ma Saraswati sits on tongue at times. Say good and good will happen.

Viren thinks his time to seek revenge has finally come.

Vardaan falls over Rana’s car. Goons try to get hold of Vardaan but Rana hits them and they flee.

It is time for pheras. Viren and Komal stand up. Komal wonders where Vardaan is.

In the car, Vardaan tells everything to Rana.

Pundit ji asks for bride’s brother. Payal’s husband steps forward and does the next ritual with Komal. Savitri Bua is tensed. Viren and Komal start taking pheras (rounds around hold fire). VIren is walking ahead of Komal as per the ritual for initial pheras.

Komal takes lead next but Viren stands rooted in his place. Komal keeps walking ahead unaware of it because of which the gathbandhan comes off. Everyone is shocked. people begin to gossip. This is inauspicious. Payal holds it to join it once again but Viren tells her against it. There is no need of this gathbandhan now. It wont happen now. Payal says Komal is worried for Vardaan and is waiting for him so you are worried too. It is good. Viren says let him go to hell. I don’t care. I don’t want to marry this girl! I wont marry her even if a mad dog will bite me. Do I have to ruin my life by marrying an illiterate girl like her? Payal says did we do any mistake. Tell us. Jamuna ji is in tears. She asks Viren the same question. Kamla ji says this is what I said. We shouldn’t have allowed these people at home. there will be a drama now and we will be insulted. Jamuna ji asks Viren again. VIren says everyone should listen! There is only one reason because of which this marriage is ending – Shri Raghubir Singh ji Ahlawat! Epi ends on Raghubir ji’s face.

Precap: Jamuna ji says curse me as much as you want, insult me, hit me but don’t leave my daughter like this! Payal also requests him not to be so cruel with them. Viren does not pay any heed to anyone’s words. He pulls the varmala from Komal’s neck. Raghubir ji slaps Viren.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. This kamla is so insensitive really. Malti ji is way much better than her. Thankfully, vardaan escaped. This marriage drama has become so intense. Waiting for the next epi now and for lucky’s arrival

  2. I want komal to slap viren and sit on him, he deserves to be killed # for spoiling a girls life & hurting her self respect, & as well as viren needs to be beaten till black & blue by raghubir ji..! :/

    1. That’s right

    2. Too right Bebo, Kamla should sit on viren until he can’t breathe and aplogise infront of the whole village and be humilated back! No one will want to betroth Viren as he has exposed his true nasty colours.

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