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Badho Bahu 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chotto gets call from her husband. He reminds her that it is Teej tomorrow. Since last 15 years, I haven’t celebrated Teej without you. I will celebrate it with you this year also, that too in Punjabi style. Bajwa family from Gangwal has invited us. She readily agrees to come. I will bring along Badho, Lucky, Pragya and Vardaan so Pragya can also celebrate her first Teej with Lucky. Her husband compliments her for always thinking about others.

Payal thinks to busy Pragya with some work. She is always busy on her phone. I will ask her to grind spices.

Komal calls her mother and asks about Pragya. Jamuna ji tells her she is fine. She sits in a corner all day and does not talk much to others. Komal suggests occupying her with some work so she does not get time to think too much. Jamuna ji

agrees and ends the call.

Payal acts to be too much busy. I have to send Lattu to school too. Can you grind the spices Pragya? Jamuna ji offers to do it with Pragya’s help. Pragya remembers what Lucky had told her and agrees to help her.

Maltiji asks her Bhabhi about Pinki. Bharpayi shares that her mother isn’t well. She will be back soon. Malti ji asks Bhabhi about the magazine she is reading. Kamla ji tells her that it is full of pictures of Switzerland. When I went to Germany with him (Raghubir ji).. She stops talking noticing her Bhabhi staring at her upset. Chotto notices Badho doing all the work and the elders gossiping. This isn’t right. I cannot let it happen. She stops Badho and questions everyone if they will only gossip or do something themselves too. Kamla ji and Malti ji reply that they have their DIL’s. They will do the work. We have done our bit already. Kamla ji adds that Badho and Lucky took over the entire responsibility. Bua asks them if they will just sit idle. Malti ji asks for her suggestion as to what is needed to be done. Bua points out that Komal can tell that as she is managing everything. Komal is taken aback. Bua says you would know who can do what. Don’t be afraid. Just tell them what is needed. Bua tells Bharpayi to wash clothes and do other chores till the wedding. Bharpayi agrees. Bua next asks Badho to tell her MIL and Tai ji what they can do. Komal advises them to grind turmeric and sandalwood. Both the ladies are shocked. Chotto says seems like you don’t feel like do anything which is fine. I will call servants from my home. Please tell bhaiya as to why they had to come. Malti ji denies. we will do it. She winks at Kamla ji who too reluctantly agrees. Chotto adds that they have to make preps for Teej too. Badho will overlook those preps too. Kamla ji thinks Chotto is making them too much. This way they will celebrate while we will stay busy with all the work. I will have to do something.

Jamuna ji explains to Pragya as to how to grind the spices correctly. She sings while doing so which brings a smile on Pragya’s face. They hum together. Jamuna ji forgets the lyrics so Pragya sings for her. Payal peeks at them surprised. Jamuna ji praises Pragya. Who did you learn it from? Pragya replies that she used to sing it with Chachi. I learnt it while working with her. Payal is irked to see them bond so well. I will have to create distance between Ma ji and Pragya. She thinks of an idea.

Kamla ji reasons that Malti can grind turmeric and Badho will make preps for Teej. It is her first Teej after all. It would be great if she will do it. Komal agrees. Chotto Bua thinks she ruined all my hard work. I tried so much to free her but she took the responsibility herself. What can I do about her!

Payal tells her MIL that the buttons of Lattu’s shirt broke. You can fix them as I have something else to do. Pragya can grind spices. Jamuna ji knows Pragya cannot do it alone. Payal says she has to learn some day. Vardaan tells his mother to sew the buttons and offers to help Pragya. She withdraws her hands seeing him for a moment but then helps him.

Komal takes out a wooden box from her cupboard. She looks at her father’s photo and gets emotional. Her hands caress a wedding card that she had made for herself when she was a kid. She gets emotional.

Lattu comes home and shares that he won first prize in the competition. He gives the trophy and certificate to Pragya. She smiles at him. Payal does not seem so happy. Vardaan congratulates Pragya. Payal realises that the clothes used for Lattu’s dress is actually her dupatta. You cut it? Pragya hides her smile and says he win because of your dupatta only. Can you not leave one dupatta for your own son? Vardaan is taken aback and keeps mum. Payal decides to give a fitting reply to Pragya.

Komal plays the globe. She gets her mother’s call. Jamuna ji happily thanks her for her suggestion. Pragya helped me in grinding spices today. Komal gets teary eyed which worries Jamuna ji. Is everything fine? Tell me honestly. Komal says it is nothing. Some old memories freshened up suddenly. Do you remember how I made a wedding card when I was a kid? Jamuna ji sadly relates that it never got printed. Komal says it doesn’t matter. I am happy to have a husband like Lucky ji and such a nice family by my side. I am happy to marry such a nice guy. I will call you later. There is a lot to do. Jamuna ji agrees and they end the call. Lucky has heard everything as he was standing outside at the door.

Komal keeps the wooden box back in its place and goes out of the room. She is too lost in her own thoughts to notice Lucky. He goes inside and takes out the wooden box. He goes through its contents and finds the card. Komal’s words echo in his head.

Precap: Mahasangam Epi between Badho Bahu and Waaris tomorrow. Kamla ji calls Komal and lies to her that she cannot see the star directly on Teej evening.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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