Badho Bahu 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli’s new avatar

Badho Bahu 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky tells Badho to run fast. Increase your speed. Titli runs faster than both of them. Lucky and Komal look on. Lucky says she is Titli which is why she dint run like normal human beings. She just flew away. Let’s continue. Komal and Lucky meet Titli. She compliments Titli on her speed. Titli speaks in her normal sarcastic tone. Lucky points out that you say thank you when someone compliments you. Titli says the same to him. Lucky teasily says thank you to her thrice. Komal again praises Titli on her speed. Titli says I was tired today or you could have seen me running. Lucky says you otherwise compete with airplane. Titli thinks to resume her run. Lucky advises her not to go to a particular path as the road is not good but she talks bravely. I am not a weak person. Komal tries saying something

but she has run away already. Lucky also tells her to let it be. She wont listen to us anyways.

Ram Bhaisahab calls Malti ji. He informs her that a guy’s family will come to their house today itself to see Titli. Malti ji worries that she couldn’t train her on anything. Ram Bhaisahab says this alliance came the moment Titli left. Let’s meet and see if things work out. I like it very much. We will teach her everything with time. Malti ji agrees to talk to her. You take care. They end the call. Malti ji wonders how it will happen. I will first tell the family. There is so much to do!

Komal and Lucky find Titli sitting on the ground hurt. Komal is concerned but Lucky continues teasing her. Komal tells him to see that she is hurt. Titli is angry with his remarks and he does not stop taunting her. Why don’t you leave quietly instead? Lucky tells her that only he can help her now. Villagers will run away hearing your voice / remarks. Komal tries twisting her ankles to fix the sprain but in vain. She requests Lucky to try now. Lucky asks Titli to say please to him 10 times first. Titli refuses to say please to him. You can ask my shoes to try that. He tells her to ask her shoes to help her then. He turns to go but Komal says please to him 10 times. He sits down to fix her sprain. She shouts in pain but he tells her no one will help her in this matter. He manages to soothe her sprain. He tells her to get up now. You are fine. I know you say everything except thank you. Titli says why I should thank you. Komal helps her stand. Are you alright? Lucky says there is no use helping her. I told her so many times not to take this path or she will get hurt but she is stubborn. Titli says shall I listen to whatever you say. I will do whatever I want to. Komal tells them to stop fighting. I say thank you on her behalf. Let’s go home now. Titli takes her shoe from Lucky. She also picks a stone to hit Lucky. He notices it and tells her to try. It wont reach me!

Kamla ji and Malti ji are making a list. Pinki asks them if they are going to make something special. Delicious food will be made when that family will come to see Titli. Kamla ji nods. The chef is great too. Pinki praises Komal’s cooked food but they suggest her to start cooking. Badho is busy in training Titli. Pinki gets irked. I have to do everything! Kamla ji tells her to start working now. There is a lot to do. Kamla ji and Malti ji leave. Pinki scolds herself for inviting trouble upon herself.

Titli picks Mugdhar to practise. Lucky tells her to give it to Komal. This is not fit for you. Titli and Lucky begin to argue again. He calls her Kabootari while she calls him chicken. Komal tries to pacify them but in vain. He gives Komal his Mugdhar. Titli trips while lifting Mugdhar but falls. Lucky holds her. He reprimands her for the same. I would have gotten hurt just now. their arguments continue. Komal advises her to abide by Lucky’s instructions twice now as she disobeyed him twice. You will be even then. Shake hands and make pact. They both refuse to shake hands. Malti ji comes to call Titli.

Malti ji tells Titli everything. Leave this training and come inside. Get ready. Titli insists upon practising. Malti ji tells her against it. She asks Komal to get Titli ready soon.

Teji has called Vardaan in his room. He thinks to make him emotional before Vardaan says anything. I am staying in this house but every moment that I spend here is painful for me. Vardaan tells him to come straight to the point. Teji says I was only trying to say that all 3 of us should not stay under the same roof. If we try then! Pragya comes and hugs Teji from behind. He tries freeing her but in vain. She has her back to Vardaan. Teji frees himself telling her to listen to him once. She notices Vardaan there and gets tensed.

Titli refuses to wear all the glittery clothes. Pinki will look beautiful in this. Pinki refuses to be dragged in this matter. Malti ji tells Titli she got these clothes especially for her. girls these days wear such clothes only. Titli stays put. Komal asks Titli what she wishes to wear. Titli says track suit. Kamla ji thinks only she can make Titli understand. She is a tough nut to crack. Malti ji tells Komal to talk to Titli. Komal tells them to let Titli wear whatever she wants to. Did you (Malti ji) spoke to Ram Bhaisabhab? Malti ji gets the cue and nods. I will call and give him an update. Titli agrees to wear whatever they want.

Vardaan says I came here as Teji ji called me here. I have no problem with you both meeting each other even if we live under the same roof. I am not with Pragya ji anymore. Pragya ji can do as you please. He leaves. Teji tells Pragya she messed up things. I was trying to make Vardaan agree to divorce you soon so we can get married. Pragya apologizes to him. I dint know about it. He just said he had no problem with us staying in the same house. Teji says his eyes said something else.

Titli gets ready. Malti ji compliments her. I told you these clothes will suit you. You look really beautiful. I am going outside now. Come outside when I will tell you. Greet everyone once you join us. Behave like a girl. Don’t talk too much. Everyone leaves except Komal and Titli. Komal hopes Titli stays calm like this only.

Precap: Malti ji praises Titli before the groom’s family. They share that they want a simple girl. Malti ji says Titli is a very simple girl. They ask for Titli who comes out wearing track suit.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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