Badho Bahu 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem loves the decor and preps done by Lucky and Komal. He hugs Lucky happily. You handle the mike also now. Lucky says I told you not to fear when. Komal adds when Lucky and Komal is here.

Pragya asks Teji to dance with him (couple dance). He says dance without music. She plays a song on his phone and they dance romantically with each other. Bharpayi calls Pragya. You dint reach home yet. Pragya asks her what it is. Bharpayi asks for her English copy. Pragya suggests her to call Vardaan. You might have given it to him.

Bharpayi calls Vardaan. Is my English notebook with you? He says it isn’t with me right now. take it after class tomorrow. she says I need it today. I need to study. He suggests her to come to class. I am not too far. I can give you now. She agrees.

All guests

reach for party. Rana and Pinki come wearing modern dress. Lucky and Komal compliment them. Komal puts a kala teeka behind her ear. Pinki requests her to keep this matter between us only. Don’t tell Ma ji. Komal agrees.

The party starts. Lucky and Komal start the party. First game is paper dance.

Teji holds Pragya’s hand. You celebrated the day. Wont you give me gift? He pulls her closer for a kiss but they hear someone knocking at the door just then and are startled. It is Vardaan and Bharpayi.

Prem explains the rules of the game to everyone. All couples dance on Main Agar Kahoon. Komal is about to put her hand on Lucky’s shoulder but he panics a little. He looks around at all the other couples. Rana gestures Lucky to dance. Komal extends her free hand and finally keeps it on his shoulder. They both are very much conscious. Music stops. Everyone folds the paper. Komal keeps her hand again but Lucky takes it down. A lot many couples get out. Komal is in a happy mood which worries Lucky. He decides to put an end to paper dance and makes her step out of the paper. Komal understands what he did but does not say anything. Lucky tells his brother to win. Only one person can stand on the folded paper now. Komal advises Rana to lift Pinki in his arms. She is too light. He lifts her in his arms and dances with her but eventually loses in the game. Pinki looks at him upset but he cutely holds his ears.

Vardaan says whoever is inside please open the door. pragya opens the door saying surprise. Vardaan asks her what she is doing here. Teji also greets them in a similar manner. Both Bharpayi and Vardaan are confused. Pragya asks them how are the preps. Bharpayi says it is good but why did you surprise us like this. pragya says we all are best friends. We thought to celebrate it with you. Bharpayi says we dint know anything. I only came here to take notebook. Pragya says I only told you to call Master ji. He would automatically come to get it for you. She apologizes to Vardaan. I had to do this which is why I took out the key from your bag. He nods. Teji takes Bharpayi with him while Pragya takes Vardaan inside to cut cake together.

Everyone asks Prem to play music. He tries the music player but it isn’t working. Lucky goes to him. what happened? Prem says it isn’t working. Lucky says I told you to do one thing. You couldn’t handle this too! Prem gives the mike to him. You handle it now. Lucky is reluctant but Prem leaves him no other option. Lucky blames Komal for bringing one problem after another always. People demand to hear some good music. Lucky sings Humma Song. Everyone starts dancing around them happily. Lucky and Komal do their best to keep the handcuff out of everyone’s sight. Everyone thanks / hugs Lucky and Komal once the song ends.

Bharpayi, Teji hold the knife. Pragya holds Vardaan’s hand and they all cut cake together. Pragya feeds cake to everyone. She asks Vardaan to make her eat too. He complies. Teji asks Bharpayi if she kept the roses. She nods. he apologizes to her for shouting at her earlier and feeds her cake. He next feeds cake to Pragya and Vardaan. Vardaan tells Pragya that this is the first time this day got celebrated so nicely. Thank you Pragya ji and Teji ji. Bharpayi says I really had fun. Let’s go. Teji too compliments Pragya. We really had fun today. he holds Bharpayi’s hand when no one is looking. Pragya turns in his direction and he immediately lets go of Bharpayi’s hand. let’s go home.

Prem gives an award to the couple dance winner followed by the most fashionable and stylish couple to Sirsa – Rana and Pinki. Pinki happily shows her trophy to Komal who is all praises for her. Prem gives last award to the couple who are made for each other. They have helped me a lot. I will always be indebted to them. It goes to Iron Man of Haryana i.e. Lucky and Komal. Komal excitedly claps her hands. Her handcuff gets revealed. Everyone is shocked to see the same. They begin to gossip about it.

Precap: Komal thanks Prem for the award. They turn to go when Inspector comes there. Kamla ji reads the newspaper. She calls out to everyone and shows the news article to Malti ji. Malti ji thinks they both went to jail!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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