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Malti ji is shivering. Kamla ji faints when everyone is taking her inside. Komal holds her. Malti ji asks her to let go of Bhabhi. You act to help first and then ruin everything for everyone. Leave her! She leaves her and it gets difficult for everyone to carry Kamla ji. Malti ji allows her to take Kamla ji to her room. They make her lie down on the bed and cover her well. Malti ji tells Komal to let it be. Bharpayi can clean up Bhabhi. Bharpayi complies. Komal notices Malti ji sneezing. She covers her with a shawl and steps back. Malti ji throws it away. Komal feels bad.

Pundit ji does puja and takes leave. Vardaan goes to get his books as he is getting late. Jamuna ji asks Payal to give her tea. I have a bad headache. She gets no reply. She turns but does not see Payal there. She cannot stay

put at one place. She left without telling. She is a masterpiece! Payal comes there. Jamuna ji asks her what she was up to. She notices some things on the floor. What’s all this? Payal gets more stuff out (for weightlifting). Jamuna ji asks her what she will do with all this. This belongs to your FIL. Are you going to practise now? Rag picker greets her just then. Payal ji called me. She said she wants to sell some things. Payal tells him to take all the stuff. Give me a good rate. Jamuna ji is taken aback. Vardaan angrily says Bhabhi.

Doc comes to see Kamla ji. Kamla ji isn’t waking up or moving. Pragya cries seeing her mother not responding. I am really concerned. Doc checks Kamla ji. Pragya asks Komal if she is happy now. How many more people will you hurt? Will you kill everyone? Are you a human or devil? Malti ji tells her not to talk like this. It does not suit the girls of our family. come here. Pragya cries hugging her. Malti ji tells her not to worry. Bhabhi will be fine. Pragya nods. Malti ji asks Komal if she has some more plans. Go from here. Komal reluctantly leaves.

Jamuna ji and Vardaan argue with Payal for trying to sell stuff belonging to Vardaan’s father to the rag picker on the day of his death. She reasons that it’s been 13 years already. Are you giving it respect by keeping it at home? He warns her not to touch it even if it stays here for 100 more years. I cannot bear arguing with you daily. I cannot use it even if I wish to. Think about someone’s sentiments. I respect all this. You don’t! Jamuna ji is in tears. Vardaan tells the rag picker to leave but Payal tells him to stop. She turns to Vardaan next. You don’t use it and your brother isn’t interested. Badho used to clean it sometimes. I don’t like seeing scrap in my house. Vardaan again angrily tells the rag picker to leave but Payal stays put. This will go today at any cost! Vardaan angrily says I told you it wont happen! Rag picker leaves. Payal says you are becoming too brave these days. The day you go past my limit of bearing you, you will see the worst of me! I am your Bhabhi. Speak to me nicely and in right tone. Tell him this. She walks away in a huff. Jamuna ji tells Vardaan not to get angry. This much anger isn’t right for your health. Vardaan picks up one of the dumbbell. Forgive me father. I couldn’t do anything in life even after being your son! I have always asked God to fix my leg once so I can make you and mother proud. Everyone would have known you by name then. I will work really hard to fix my leg. I will make you proud in the next birth if I fail in this one. Jamuna ji calms him down. He says you can wipe my tears. Who will wipe yours? She calls him her support. I wont let you go anywhere. He too says the same to her. She reminds him that he has to leave for class. Don’t cry like this. You are my strength. What will I do if you will do this?

Doc asks since when Kamla ji is like this. Malti ji tells him. Is there anything to worry? Doc shares that she ate too much sweets.

Komal prays for Kamla ji’s well being. Don’t punish her for my mistake. Jamuna ji calls Komal. Komal can hear her sobbing. She diverts the topic. You don’t miss me these days! I too don’t have time nowadays. I too don’t miss anyone. Is everything alright? Jamuna ji says you have grown up. You are lying to me today. You get tears in your eyes late but I experience them before you. Tell me honestly, are you not missing your father? It is his death anniversary today. Komal cries. Jamuna ji tells her not to cry. You know your father could not see you crying. His soul wont be in peace if you will cry. Stop now. Give me a nice smile. Komal keeps a condition – you too will have to smile with me. Jamuna ji agrees. They both smile for each other’s sake.

Doc takes Kamla ji’s blood sample. She wakes up just then. Doc says she will be fine soon. Her treatment will start only after her report comes. Don’t let her eat anything sweet till then. Malti nods. Doc gives medicines to Malti ji. He tells Kamla ji that sweets are poison for her. Stay away so you can recover soon. He leaves. Pragya sits with her mother. Malti ji sends Bharpayi to change clothes. Warm oil for Bhabhi. We will give her a massage. Malti ji too goes to change clothes. She leaves the medicines on the table. Give them to her. Pragya nods.

Jamuna ji shares that she kept a puja at home today. Your Bapu ji’s last wish was that we shouldn’t be sad if we miss him. We should make suji halwa and everyone should eat together. It will give him peace. Komal nods. I remember it. Jamuna ji advises her to make halwa at her home. I will make halwa too. It will make your father happy. Komal agrees. Jamuna ji asks her if everyone is fine at her home. Komal recalls the recent incident. She does not give any reply to that question and ends the calls on the excuse of making halwa.

Precap: Komal is crying before Raghubir ji. I created problem for everyone. I made such a mess. Raghubir ji suggests her to give halwa to everyone. It will make everyone happy. Komal gives halwa to Kamla ji with extra ghee and sugar. Kamla ji throws the bowl away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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