Badho Bahu 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Randeep gives Lucky his medical fitness certificate

Badho Bahu 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan opens the doors of the room. Pragya and Teji step back. Vardaan smiles at them. Teji tells Prgaya the shoot was done so comfortably. It will be a hit for sure. He brings Vardaan inside. Pragya asks him if he had some work. Vardaan says I only wanted to thank you for giving Pragya ji this role. I request you to keep giving her the roles she deserves in future also. Teji acts modest. It is all God’s grace. I recognize talent from far. She is the upcoming superstar! He turns to go but Pragya notices him sad. Did anything happen? He says wrestling lost a great wrestler like Badho Didi today but I am sure that she will return one day and she will be named the best one. Teji assures him it will surely happen one day. She will also bring gold medal. Vardaan leaves. Pragya tells Teji she cannot love

stealthily anymore. I want to do it openly. He tells her that Ahlawat family will kill him openly then. She turns to go but he thinks of an idea. We will do it openly before everyone including Vardaan. He wont be able to say anything. She smiles shyly.

Sanjay comes to collect medical certificates of Lucky and Rana. Rana gives his certificate. Sanjay checks it and asks about Lucky’s certificate. Lucky comes just then. Raghubir ji and Lucky tell each other they want to say something. Randeep walks in just then. I feel I have to give you medicine for improving your memory along with physiotherapy sessions. Here is your fitness medical certificate. Lucky, Raghubir ji and Rana look at him in shock. Randeep says this is your direct ladder to Nationals which you forgot in my clinic. Raghubir ji checks it. Lucky looks at Randeep who nods back at him. Raghubir ji looks so surprised. Rana asks him why he seems so shocked. We met Randeep in the morning. He said that Lucky is having a speedy recovery. Now he is eligible to play Nationals. Raghubir ji says I dint know about it. Randeep again says Lucky’s wound is healing fast. Raghubir ji gives the certificate to Sanjay. Raghubir ji gets excited. Two wrestlers will come in the Nationals from Ahlawat Akhada. It will be Rana and my son. Sanjay takes their leave. Rana goes to drop him off. Randeep tells Raghubir ji that Lucky if fit to play qualifier match. His physiotherapy will continue till then to ensure he is completely fit for the final match. I am sure he will surely take part in Nationals. Lucky hugs him. Pinki has also witnessed everything. Lucky turns to his father. This is what I came to tell you. My certificate is ready and I want to resume my practise from tomorrow. Pinki leaves. Raghubir ji agrees. I was going to tell you we will start with jogging tomorrow. Lucky agrees and seeks his blessings.

Pragya is happily singing a song. Vardaan smiles noticing her happy mood. What is it? She shares that Jatta is going to make another clip and has chosen me for it. I was only making preps for it. I am just nervous. He tells her not to be nervous. I always wanted you to do things which make you happy. Jatta ji must have noticed something special in you. I want you to give your best. Jatta ji must not be disappointed. She agrees. Vardaan goes. She thinks her entire focus is anyways on getting into Teji ji’s arms. That will be my best performance.

Pinki advises Rana to practise hard. Lucky ji is going to fight Nationals. What if he wins? He smiles. Don’t worry so much. I am all ready. It is Lucky who must worry. He might be fit physically but he is not at all fit mentally. He hasn’t recovered from what happened with Badho. He cannot stop thinking about it. I am sure he wont be able to fight like earlier when he will step into Akhada this time. She is impressed with the change in his outlook. You have started to think like Ma ji. Kamla ji says whose son is he after all. Badho, Lucky and Raghubir ji are completely engrossed in Badho’s incident. They are weak. This is the right time to defeat on. Pinki asks about Malti Ma ji. Kamla ji says I am worried about her. I have told her something because of which she wont be able to think about Lucky at all. She would only be thinking about what happened with Badho in the Akhada. She would be upset with Badho. I will add fuel to the fire. Pinki and Rana smirk at each other.

Lucky tells Badho that pious thoughts and wishes make things successful sometimes. She is happy to see him happy. He says I cannot tell you how happy I am. I will get back in Akhada and practise. I am double happy over one thing. She asks him about it. He holds her hand. We will practise together. I will support you fully from a distance when you will be fighting. You can do the same for me. She gets teary eyed. He asks her if she isn’t happy. You used to say such things to me before but you are quiet today. What happened? She tells him she wont be able to wrestle. I wont be able to do it again! He wipes her tears. There is no point crying. Don’t do it if you don’t want to. She is taken aback. Aren’t you upset with me over it? He asks her why he would be upset with her on this matter. He thinks I am not upset with you. I know what you are going through. I know you will take time to come out of it. Take as much time as you want to. He tells her to take her time. I will tell Babu ji to tell Nisha not to come from tomorrow. she smiles through her tears for his sake.

Raghubir ji is pacing in his room. He is thinking about what happened with Badho and what all followed afterwards. Sangram Singh’s words and Malti ji’s silence haunt him. Malti ji comes just then. Raghubir ji says God is strange. On one hand, my dreams have gained strength after hearing that Lucky is participating in Nationals. On the other hand, what happened with Komal broke her completely. You too are upset with her. There must be someone who will encourage Badho so she can start her practise. I thought to share it with you. Go ahead and do your work. She turns but is in thoughts.

Payal fails to understand why Malti Ma ji is quiet in Badho’s matter. She was the one who pushed her back in wrestling but now she is quiet. Is it because of that Baba? Is Kamla Ma ji behind it? She recalls recovering the samples of things given by that Baba. She calls some lab assistant. By what time can I collect the report? He tells her she can get it tomorrow morning. She ends the call. Malti Ma ji’s silence has messed up everything but I wont sit quietly. I will do anything but push her to speak up. She will have to let Komal continue her practise. Lab reports will come by tomorrow. She turns and finds Pinki and Kamla ji staring at her. Kamla ji warns Payal to stay in her limits. Don’t fly high. Don’t bring such gang of women ever again for Badho! Payal smiles. You don’t have to worry about me. Think about yourself. You got so much support yet Kailash Babu ji dint even listen to you. He took the right decision. I understand that you must be hurt. Payal thinks come what may I will do what I want to. You certainly cannot stop me. She leaves for her room. Kamla ji says I don’t care if you stop or not but Badho’s wrestling will stop today itself. Your Malti Ma ji will stop it!

Lucky notices that Komal has already slept. I am sure the day will come when we will wrestle together. This is my faith. He goes. Komal opens her eyes. I know you want me to wrestle but I cannot insult my family anymore after whatever happened. I cannot make them look down. Please forgive me.

Precap: Raghubir ji notices too many people in the Akhada. Why are they all here? Malti ji says I called them here. I announce before everyone that my DIL will return to Akhada once again just like other wrestlers. After today, she will practise / fight wearing track suit. She makes Komal wear one before everyone. Lucky smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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