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Komal looks at everyone outside. She is in a fix. On the other hand, Lucky hopes Komal does like he asked her to.

Kamla ji asks Jamuna ji to bring Pinki and Komal here. It is time for mahurat. Vimla ji offers to go but Jamuna ji suggests her to look after guests. Rinki will bring Pinki. I will get Komal.

Pinki tells Marjorie she cannot fool her. I can clearly see your love for Lucky in your eyes. You can trust me. Am I right? You are like my sister. Trust me. Marjorie falls for her words and nods. Pinki asks her what’s they wil do next. Marjorie replies that Lucky and she wants to marry. Jamuna ji interrupts their conversation. She asks Pinki to come. She nods. I will just have water and come. Jamuna ji leaves. Pinki turns to Marjorie who says Lucky said he will manage everything.

He had a word with Komal. Pinki thinks I will manage things once Lucky gets that road roller out of my way. It will be your turn next. She makes Marjorie promise her that she will not hide anything from her from now onwards. You will tell me everything so I can help you. She hugs Marjorie. Rinki comes to call her for engagement. Marjorie goes out.

Jamuna ji comes to Komal’s room. She notices her tensed. I know you must be worried thinking about what all happened in the last few days. don’t worry. This time nothing will go wrong. Komal says that isn’t the matter. Lucky came to meet me just now. He does not wish to marry me. Jamuna ji makes her sit down. This decision is made by Raghubir ji. You must respect his decision. Don’t think what Lucky wants. He is an immature kid. He must have gotten tensed hearing about this. It happens but time will change everything for good. He will understand. You too should listen to what I am about to say. Women are born to make sacrifices, sometimes for their loved ones and sometimes for strangers. No one can change what’s written in destiny. When I came as a bride, I wondered how I will spend my life with a fighter. Life rolled in slowly. You have no other option than marrying Lucky. Raghubir ji wants this only. Accept things whole heartedly. Do things with all your heart. Smile now and get ready. She hugs her daughter.

Pinki comes with Rinki and Marjorie. Rana keeps smiling to himself. Pinki feels awkward sitting next to her. Pragya teases Rana. Can you not take your eyes off Bhabhi? Kamla ji asks her to give ring to her brother. Pragya obliges. Jamuna ji brings Komal too. Lucky, his mother, Marjorie and Pinki look at her with hope. Komal sits down next to Lucky. She looks at her husband’s photo. Komal’s future is in your hands now. Please take care.

Raghubir ji notices Komal tensed. What happened? You look tensed. Do you want to say something? Payal thinks everything was fine till now. What happened suddenly? Why did Komal go pale? Komal tells Raghubir ji there is no problem. Marjorie gets sad whereas Lucky is shocked. Kamla ji starts the ceremony. Rana and Pinki exchange rings. It is Lucky and Komal’s turn next. Kamla ji mentally vows to take revenge from Malti. See how your DIL will act with you now. Kamla ji praises rings. They are beautiful. There was not much time so we ordered rings directly. Everyone smiles. Kamla ji keeps praising Malti ji for her brains. You think through before doing anything. Lucky reluctantly picks the ring when his father sternly asks him to. Marjorie is almost in tears. Lucky picks up the ring and begins to put it in Komal’s finger. Flashback is shown. Kamla ji had specially instructed the jeweller to make smaller size of ring for Malti ji’s ordered ring. If you are questioned, don’t take my name or I will make sure not even a jewel will come from your shop. Flashback ends. Lucky continues to try but fails. Kamla ji points out that this ring is small for Komal. Pinki smiles. Kamla ji taunts Malti ji. I know you are unhappy with this wedding. What is this way to show that though? You ruined the life of Komal! Malti ji is sure she gave right measurement to jeweller. I am sure he did some mistake. Kamla ji tells her to let it be. How will the engagement happen now? Payal offers her chain to do shagun. Lucky stands up. This is Shagun. It should be done the right way. I wont do this engagement till new ring comes. We should go now.

Payal requests him not to say so. We will arrange something. Cow moos. Komal excuses herself and runs up to her cow. She gets that ring off the locket from around her cow’s neck. This ring is of my size only. You can make me wear this. Malti ji says this is of metal. This isn’t gold. How will engagement happen with this? Komal tells her not to worry. Love is valued and not things. I assure you I will change this metal ring into gold ring one day. Raghubir ji is impressed by her words. You have won my heart. I can never find a DIL like you anywhere even if I try. Pinki is angry. Lucky and Komal sit down again on Raghubir ji’s request. Lucky makes Komal wear that metal ring. Payal smiles. Marjorie and Malti ji is unhappy. Komal too makes him wear a ring. Raghubir ji is happy with the engagement.

Precap: Komal tries to feed ladoo to Lucky but he holds her hand. Vimal ji suggests that both the girl should marry on the same day in the same mandap as they will be going to the same house. Later, Payal tells her MIL that she wont let Vimla Massi intervene in their happiness anymore. Tell her clearly that both weddings will happen on a different date. Vimla ji informs Kamla ji on the same. Vimla ji advises Pinki to marry Rana. You will rule the house if your husband and your MIL will be under your control.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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