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Badho Bahu 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana lifts Zalim Singh on his back and throws him on the ground. Zalim Singh continues to losing out before Rana. A passerby stops down with a pretext of fixing his bicycle’s chain but Jitesh and Deepak send him away. They notice another guy up on the tree recording everything and threaten to confiscate it. The guy leaves quietly.

Rana holds Zalim Singh by his neck when Zalim Singh tells him to look around. You will not find your sister here. If you do anything to me then you will not get your sister back alive. Your victory will turn into mourning in no time. Rana reminisces old times spent with his sister as he notices Pradhan holding his phone.

Pragya is still tied in the water park. Her kidnappers wonder why the news of Rana’s death hasn’t come so far. It’s too late. Pragya tells

them they wouldn’t realise when her brother will kill them in pieces! They ignore her. They go out to check. Pragya shouts for help but in vain.

Rana decides to sacrifice his life to save his sister. Pradhan is sure Rana will sacrifice his life to protect Pragya. It will quench my thirst for revenge too. Raghubir ji is disappointed to see Rana losing his control around Zalim Singh’s neck. This is his favourite move. I have taught this one to him since childhood. Lucky too is in a fix. Zalim Singh hits Rana shocking Ahlawat Family. Vardaan looks around yet again. He walks up to his sister. Have you seen pragya anywhere? Komal denies. Vardaan points out that he hasn’t seen her since morning. She is not at home too. Komal confirms it. He goes to check.

Rana intentionally gets beaten by Zalim Singh. Lucky feels his brother is doing it intentionally. Komal too has same doubts. Rana Bhai cannot get beaten so easily. Vardaan confronts Teji. Where is Pragya? Teji acts innocent so Vardaan asks again. He shares that she wanted to go to temple to pray for her brother. She must have gone to Shiv Temple. Vardaan points out that it is far. Teji says she spoke of taking a shortcut which goes from the water park. Vardaan gets thinking.

Rana is badly hurt by now. His parents and wife look on sadly. Vardaan informs his sister about Pragya leaving for temple early morning. I feel something is wrong. Komal is sure she must have fallen in some trouble if she took the shortcut from park. She tries telling Lucky and Raghubir ji but they are too engrossed in the fight. She leaves with Vardaan.

Rana holds Zalim Singh by his neck once again. Zalim Singh asks him if he doesn’t love his sister. Rana’s grip loosens yet again because of which Zalim Singh hits him. Raghubir ji fails to understand why Rana is losing in every move.

Komal and Vardaan reach water park. They duck noticing some men there. She suggests not getting into any fight or Pragya’s life will be in danger. He offers to divert them. You can go when I will signal you. He gets into a conversation with those guys and shows them lottery tickets. The guards are also listening intently. Vardaan includes them in the convo as well. He signals his sister to go in seeing everyone focusing on the lottery idea.

Pradhan signals Zalim Singh to kill Rana now. Zalim Singh hits Rana at the main points. Malti ji asks her Bhabhi to come inside. We wont be able to see our kids in this condition. Kamla ji insists upon seeing everything even if Rana dies. Doesn’t matter. Rana tries attacking Zalim Singh but in vain. Lucky feels something is wrong. Even I cannot escape such moves of Bhai. How can Zalim Singh escape then?

Komal is looking for Pragya. She notices the giant ride and recalls her fear. It is an automatic ride which starts on its own. It also passes from dark (ghost) areas. She finds Pragya’s earring there. This is the most dangerous ride. I think Pragya must be here somewhere. Pradhan has made dangerous arrangements. I might have to go here. She prays to Lord to protect her. She sits on the ride even though she is badly scared. It starts automatically. She keeps chanting Om Namah Shivay all along. Even Lucky ji wont come to save me now. She shouts out in fear as the ride heads inside a dark tunnel.

Zalim Singh hits Rana’s head on the cemented fence. Blood oozes out from his head. Zalim Singh still shows no signs of mercy.

Precap: Zalim Singh tells Ahlawat Family to look carefully. I am killing Rana Ahlawat! Komal fights with the goons to save Pragya. On the other hand, Zalim Singh hits Rana using a heavyeight.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh no!!!! Please don’t let Rana Ji die. Please let Komal save Pragya in time and let news reach Rana so that he can beat the pulp out of Zalim Singh.

    1. Hi Summer, me too I want Rana to be saved cos his kind and respectful towards Komal as his Bahbhi

  2. Candiva007

    Komal will find Pragya and Pragya will still treat Komal like crap!

  3. Hi Eve Ive seen your reply on last weeks episode and Im glad that there are many other who watch Badho too.

    1. Eve

      Thanks aisha

  4. HI aisha we also see BB .lucky ‘s acting is awesome…..but cant comment because of late update and many other problem.
    nice. seeing so many comment.

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Yes, nice to see more comments 🙂 . Aisha, I struggle to watch Rana being beaten to a pulp, it was really painful to watch. I had to fast forward the fights. Zalim singh and his cronies are fighting dirty. Rana is such a nice character, gentle, respectful and kind.
    Candiva, I could not agree with you more. Komal will save Pragya and she will continue to be mean and horrible to Komal.
    I really hope the family learn of Teji Ji involvement, this all happened because of him, on both occassions he got Pragya in trouble. To save his own skin, he stoops low…shame on him!

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