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Pinki asks Teji if he will do another small favour on her. Badho acts too smart. I want to make her realise how happy Lucky ji stays without her. He told me himself that his life is messed up since Badho came in her life. All elders are going out tonight. Why not make use of this and have a small party? I will record video during party. Let my beloved Badho come. I will show her how happy Lucky ji is when she isn’t around. Teji praises her on her idea. Party is on. What should I do? She asks him to invite some of his male and female friends. It will keep Lucky ji diverted. He would enjoy is when they will shower attention on him. will you be able to do it? He assures her about it. Pragya can come, right? Pinki nods. He leaves. Pinki looks upset. Now Badho will see how happy her husband is happy

in her absence. You will come running to me to ask me how I did this. You were lecturing me so much the other day!

A girl gets down from her car. Everyone clicks her pictures. One of the guys hold her from the shoulder or waist while clicking selfies. She looks uncomfortable. He tries doing the same again. This time Lucky holds his hand. women of our country aren’t safe because of people like you. Leave or I wont spare you! The guys run away. The girl thanks Lucky. He says that isn’t needed. I know such guys well. She introduces herself as Rasika. Lucky too exchanges introduction. She calls him a model. He denies. I am not a model but a role model for many. I am a wrestler. She shares that the salon is of her friend’s brother. Her friend’s brother is pleased to see both of them together. He also requests them to inaugurate his salon together. They agree. Lucky excuses himself. She asks him to call her by her name. Lucky agrees. Let me know if you have any problem. She asks him where he lives. He smiles. My name is Lucky Singh Ahlawat. You can ask anyone. They will bring you to my home. She nods. I have nothing to do afterwards. I will call you if I get bored. He invites her for the house party. She accepts the invitation.

Kamla ji thinks of how Malti ji refused to listen to her. Malti ji comes there. She asks her Bhabhi to look and listen to her. I know you are upset with me. This is important. Kamla ji refuses but Malti ji says I feared my husband getting upset; but when I saw my son happy, I decided to do anything to make him and my family happy. Kamla ji says I know you wont be able to do anything. Malti ji denies. I will surely do it this time. I know I am late but this time I understood your point well. I wont delay this time for the sake of my son and my family.

Vardaan ends the class. Bharpayi asks Pragya to go. I need to ask Master ji something about homework. Pragya asks her what she has to ask every time. Go ahead. Bharpayi walks up to Vardaan. I don’t know I am not a student of this class or deserve to ask anything. I still want to ask something. Vardaan says everyone has a right to ask and study. I am impressed by your dedication. Ask whatever it is.

Kamla ji takes Malti ji to temple. Malti ji follows whatever she does. Kamla ji asks her to swear on God. However tough it gets, you will stick to the path that I will show to you. Malti ji repeats after her. I wont back off ever from my word of worry about the consequence. I promise you I will do whatever you will ask from me. Kamla ji looks pleased.

Teji calls Rasika. You dint tell me you are in my village. She says you called yourself Bombay Babu. How would I know where you are! He invites her for house party in evening. She declines. I have been invited by a friend in party. Teji says you just came in Sirsa and made friends. You already have an invitation! Who is that person? She says you know me. I cannot break anyone’s heart. I will come next time. He asks her to meet him atleast today but she agrees to meet him next time. He gives in.

Pragya comes out. Teji asks her about the class. She calls it boring. Bharpayi cannot stop asking questions even when class ends. My life has become boring. He suggests going on a date. She is clueless about it. He explains her about a guy and a girl going out for coffee or long drive alone. She is surprised. They go out alone? He nods. That is how they understand if they are compatible for each other or not. She asks him if he has ever gone on a date. He nods. Will you go on a date with me? They notices Bharpayi coming there and go quiet. Teji asks them to sit. I forgot to tell you that there is a party tonight at home. The girls are surprised.

Ahlawat House is fully decorated for party. Teji is managing the music console. Pragya smiles seeing him and adores the decorations. Teji compliments both Bharpayi and Pragya when the other isn’t looking. Pinki too likes the preps. She praises Teji on the same. did you do what I asked you to do? He nods. I always do what I say. Don’t worry. I will manage Lucky in such a way that he will be really happy. She tells him to play his card this time. We wont get this chance again. No one is going to come home till morning. She asks about his special friend. Teji says she dint come. She has gone to another party in Sirsa. I will manage something. Pinki tells him to make sure there is no hindrance in Lucky ji’s way. Keep him happy. Click pictures. I will see Badho how happy her husband is when she isn’t around. Rana comes there. Teji diverts his attention by praising him. Rana asks about Lucky. Pinki says even I was looking for him. Lucky says I will come if you will remember me so sweetly. He extends his hand and Rasika walks in. Everyone looks on at them in surprise.

Precap: Rasika tells Teji how she can so to a handsome guy like Lucky. I am thinking of taking him to Mumbai. Teji tells her Lucky wont fall in her trap. She vows to make Lucky her boyfriend. Everyone dances and drinks simultaneously. Lucky is inebriated. Rasika tries to come close to Lucky.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. The sooner Pinki is exposed of her insincere character the better! And that Teji, is no better either, what a slime ball!! Hope it all backfires on Pinki and the family learns what a snake she is. However, the actress playing Pinki does a good job! She plays Pinki so well!

  2. Thanks Pooja for speedy update. 🙂

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