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Badho Bahu 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinki thanks Payal for telling her to marry Rana instead of Lucky. Payal says you will always stay happy if you will listen to me. They both get shocked seeing Komal standing at the door. Komal says Bhabi and runs towards her. She pulls the dupatta out safely. Your dupatta would have caught fire just now. Thankfully, Pinki is here. She turns to Pinki. Let’s do this together. Payal takes her with her.

Vardaan notices his mother limping as she comes holding buckets in her both hands. He makes her sit. Why are you doing all this at this age? Where is Bhabhi? Jamuna ji replies that she has gone outside. Don’t meddle in household matters. Vardaan decides to talk to Payal once she is back. I cannot see you in this condition. I will work hard to become a big man one day. I want to give you

a happy life with luxuries and peace. She says if you will cry then I will cry too. I am sure you will become big guy one day in life. Concentrate on your studies so you can reach your goal.

Payal is busy eating while Komal makes all the preps.

Kamla ji and Ahlawat ji come home. Kamla ji is impressed with the decorations. It is decorated like a palace. I am so lucky to have a DIL like Pinki. Payal feels bad and looks at Komal who stands quietly. I wont let someone else enjoy the hard work of someone else. She tells Kamla ji she understands her happiness but I feel Malti ji is luckier. She got Komal as her DIL who did everything on her own. Pinki did help a bit though. Kamla ji and Pinki make faces. Malti ji keeps a straight face. Ahlawat ji compliments Komal on her hard work. Everyone sits down. Payal makes Komal sit next to Lucky. Ahlawat ji says I want to tell you something. It would have been great if Raghu was here too. He went with Sarpanch ji for some important work. Pinki thinks to do something to pacify Rana. Ahlawat ji adds that the entire family couldn’t trouble him as much as his wife did in all these years. It is also true that no God can also make me as happy as she did. She gave me Rana and Pragya. I am so lucky to have her by my side. She has been with me through thick and thin. She filled my life with happiness. I thank you all for arranging all this in such a short time. Kamla ji smiles shyly. Ahlawat ji says I hope our kids spend a long life together with their partners just like us. Rana and Pinki look at each other. Lucky and Komal sit tensed.

Pragya switches on music. Ahlawat ji dances with Kamla ji. Malti is not happy to see Komal and Lucky sitting together. Pinki is shocked to see Rana’s cold reaction. She thinks of Ahlawat ji’s words and imagines life 30 years after. All elders are dead. Rana is pressing Pinki’s leg. I wanted to say something. Can we send some money from the money we won in championship? Pinki allows him to help Lucky financially. Rana says I could never think like you all my life. I am so lucky to have a wife like you. She asks for her sandal. He goes to get it. Pinki addresses her dead MIL. You could never become number 1. I made your son number 1 in wrestling and also became no. 1 DIL of Ahlawat family. Kamla ji calls out for Pinki so she comes out of her reverie. Pinki dances with them. She sweetly holds her ears and looks at Rana. He ends up smiling.

Komal tells Lucky she is really happy that he is going to Chennai for sports camp. Only lucky people get this chance. I hope you become better after going there and that you became the biggest champion! I never want to come between you and your wrestling. I only wish all your dreams come true. I cannot tell you how happy that will make me. I will support you whenever you want. The walls of my room will be decorated with your medals. I will feel proud seeing them daily. Lucky gets emotional.

Rana wonders how 30 years would pass with Pinki. He imagines life 30 years ahead. Pinki gets tea for him when he pulls her into his lap. She gets shy and gets off. His son asks him to come outside and see the fight. Rana gets happy.

Back to present,
Pinki pulls Rana for a dance. Malti ji feels bad seeing Lucky with Komal. Komal too imagines life after 30 years. She is pressing Malti ji’s leg who sweetly tells her to let it be. Lucky comes home with another medal. Malti ji blesses him. It is because of Komal. Give it to her. Lucky turns to Komal. I can never thank you enough. If it wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t have been able to do this. You are my inspiration. Where are our daughters and Babu ji? She says they are in the training area. Babu ji said men have done enough. It is turn of women now. Lucky is happy to hear this. He is fulfilling my dream. He gives her a ring. She shows it to him happily.

Back to present,
Komal smiles at her thought. Payal thinks it was good that I managed Pinki before she could go out of hand. I still have a lot to do. I am sure I will do it. Pinki and Rana are flirting with each other right before everyone’s eyes. Badho is only busy clapping for everyone else. Lucky is feeling uncomfortable. He gets up to go but Payal stops him. You too have to dance like everyone. Anniversary does not come daily. She holds Komal’s hand as well.

Malti ji asks Payal why she is insisting when Lucky does not want to dance. Kamla ji says you act like a lawyer on everything. Payal is right. It will be fun when Lucky and Komal will dance. Ahlawat ji agrees with her. It wont be fun till Lucky and Komal will dance. Payal takes them for dance. Komal dances a bit whereas Lucky only claps. Kamla ji tells malti ji to see. They look like some hero heroine of a film. I like their pair a lot! May God bless them. Komal is dancing happily but then Malti ji steps in between. Komal stops seeing her angry stare.

Precap: Komal offers food to Lucky who throws it away angrily. Forget about next 30 years, I cannot even spend another minute with you. you have no right to destroy my life like this! Everyone looks at them in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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