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Payal tells his MIL she thinks her mother does not care about you and how did she find a guy for Badho. Badho’s mother asks about the boy’s background and earnings. Payal asks her if she is in CID. Payal’s husband says mother only wants to know if everything is good with the guy. Payal does not answer to that. They will come at 1 pm. Badho should look good. Badho nods. Payal’s husband suggests taking an off but she tells him to reserve them when the alliance gets fixed. She goes to bring sweets. Badho notices Vardaan all tensed. You will go to library. He offers to study at home but she insists. He finally leaves.

Badho asks Lattu if she should tell mother (about the locket).

Lucky is saying Pari in his dreams. His friend walks in. I am not your Mallika. Lucky’s eyes are still

closed. What happened to your voice Pari? His friend opens curtains to wake up Lucky. Lucky stands by the window and is drinking water when he notices a car coming to his house with the same foreigner girl in it. He rubs his eyes. I was dreaming and she just came out of my dream? The girl also smiles noticing Lucky. He wonders if this is dream or reality.

Badho stands next to his mother quietly. Her mother asks her what happened. Badho shows the medal to her which she recognizes to be Lucky’s. Badho tells her everything. Her mother asks her if there is something else too which she is hiding. Badho tells her mother what happened with the cook yesterday. I will return this medal and come. Don’t worry. Her mother does not wish her to go. Someone is coming to see you. Badho reminds her that this isn’t the first time. I will just go and come back fast. Babu ji used to say that everything depends on your karma. If you do good, good will come to you. I don’t want any bad to happen to us. Her mother allows her to do what she feels is right.

The girl touches everyone’s feet to seek their blessings. Lucky happily looks on from a distance. Rana recognizes her to be in the event yesterday.

Kamla ji talks about the girl’s name. Marjorie. Raghubir ji introduces her to his family. She has come from Germany and will stay with us only. Malti had gone to Germany with her husband in the first. She is the daughter of the wrestler friend Raghubir ji had in Germany. Lucky’s sister (Pragya) teases Lucky as he is smiling broadly. The girl speaks in Hindi which surprises Kamla ji and Malti ji. She has come over to stay with them for 2 weeks. Marjorie gives gift to Malti which she gives to Kamla ji.

Marjorie greets Lucky. His father asks him if they know each other. Lucky mumbles that I am dreaming about her only since last night. Marjorie shares that Lucky is really good. He helped me. He dances very well. His father is surprised. Raghubir ji welcomes Marjorie in their family. He tells Pragya to take Marjorie’s stuff in her room. Malti ji asks Lucky about his medal but he has no clue about it.

Badho misses the bus which could take her to Sirsa. She wonders what to do now. Pinki is waiting on road. She calls someone but looks upset. Her friend comes just then and informs about Chamki. Pinky wants to give the box to Lucky anyhow today.

Marjorie girl gets dressed in Indian dress whereas Pragya dresses up like her. She thanks Marjorie for her clothes. I have never worn them. Marjorie asks her if they should go out. Pragya denies. no one would like it.

Badho is waiting at the bus stop. I have to reach Sirsa soon and be back soon too. Bhabhi will kill me otherwise. She notices rahim Chacha all tensed. He shares that his daughter is ill but he has to deliver the eggs at Raghubir ji’s house. She offers to do it on his behalf. He thanks her and goes.

Lucky is exercising when he notices Marjorie in Indian attire. He is mesmerised. Pragya comes to tell Lucky that she checked everywhere but couldn’t find medal. Chachi is asking where you kept it. Lucky replies that any medal is less for the medal in front of him (Marjorie). He sends her away.

Marjorie wants to cook food today. Kamla ji allows her. Marjorie gives an album to Malti ji sent by her mother. Kamla ji takes it instead. It has photos of Malti ji wearing western clothes. Malti ji gets tensed. Pragya diverts them to medal. What will we say to CM Sir? She sends Tai ji (Kamla ji) outside to speak to pundit ji. Kamla ji leaves. Pragya asks Malti ji about Tai ji’s reaction.

Badho rides bicycle. She notices Pinki. She is looking so beautiful. She asks Pinki for her help. Pinki asks her where she is going to. Badho replies that she is heading to Ahlawat ji’s house. A family is coming to see me today. I wanted you to help me get ready. PInki’s friend laughs. Pinki scolds her and talks sweetly to Badho. I will do it. I also want a small help from you. Give this box to Lucky only, please. Don’t give it to Rana. Badho agrees and rides away. Pinki’s friend is taken aback. Why did you give box to Badho? Plus, what’s in the box? You were so worried. Pinki sent chocolates for Lucky along with the photo of her back. Pinki says if I had taken that box and anyone could have recognized me then my entry in that house will get banned. Now Badho went there with the box. She will become shameless if anyone recognizes her. My work will be done.

Badho is on her way to Ahlawat ji’s house. I hope nothing goes wrong and that I am back on time.

Precap: Badho asks Lucky and his friends where she should keep the eggs. Lucky thinks of a mischief. He guides her. She slips over some cloth which is in her way and falls down. Lucky is wiping something off Marjorie’s head when she pulls him aside. Eggs and flour and Badho fall down. Lucky and Marjorie look on in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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