Badho Bahu 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Malti ji meets fake Baba!

Badho Bahu 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kailash ji shows Vardaan and Pragya their room. Vardaan will work here only. I will send everything her. My last clerk made lot many mistakes. I hope you wont do anything wrong. Vardaan assures him he wont disappoint him. You gave me my first job after CA. Kailash ji blesses him and Pragya.

Pragya thinks Vardaan is useless. He became a CA yet he couldn’t find a job for himself. He has come to stay in my father’s home only! My Teji ji was capable of doing everything on his own. I cannot find anyone else like him. Lucky comes to meet them. He congratulates Vardaan on getting his CA degree and now a job. Put your heart into it. Vardaan nods. Lucky says we want you to manage the responsibilities of both the houses well. He goes. Pragya seems irked.

Komal walks up to her MIL. Malti ji

wraps a dupatta around her and advises her to change immediately. Komal goes. Kamla ji gets another chance to fill Malti ji’s ears. What if this happens during the real match? We would be embarrassed before everyone. I hope this does not affect Lucky in any way. Payal hears them from a distance. Malti asks Kamla ji to take her to her Baba ji. Payal wonders where they are going to. She gives sweets to Kamla ji. The shop where you had sent me has closed down long ago so I ordered sweets from Sirsa. Malti ji smiles. Payal tells Kamla ji to just send money to the shop. Smile disappears from Kamla ji’s face as she goes inside to keep the sweet boxes. Payal praises Malti ji for encouraging Badho in wrestling. Everyone should get a MIL like you. I saw Komal struggling with her clothes during wrestling. The other wrestler (Nisha) is so quick. It is because she is wearing track pant. I feel you too should order a track suit for Badho. Defined clothes suit defined fields. Kamla ji hears them.

Lucky comes to Randeep’s clinic. He meets a girl named Anita. She offers him a seat and goes to meet her friend. Lucky calls Randeep but he is unreachable. How to find out if I am fine or not? I want to clear Babu ji’s doubts. He looks for his report and finds it on the table. Lucky reads his report. It means my wound is critical. His convo with Badho flashes in his mind. It cannot be! My wound cannot be critical. He rereads the report. If Babu ji finds out about it then he wont be able to live. I must hide it from him.

Teji thinks to see if Pragya will recognize him or not. He greets her in English and she replies. He makes a remark on it calling her Juliet. She thinks of the play Romeo and Juliet and turns happily. I have seen it. He says I thought you villagers don’t know English but it is amazing. She walks away in a huff.

Kamla ji brings Malti to a strange place. Malti ji is hesitant to go in recalling how Komal had saved her life. Kamla ji asks her to come. Malti ji reasons that she does not think it is right. Lucky is Komal’s husband. Why would a wife do something which is against her husband? I misbehaved with her yet she saved my life. I don’t find it right to go against her and come here to meet a Baba. Kamla ji says you forgot all about your son after your DIL saved your life. She plays some emotional drama! A mother cannot see her son’s problem anymore. Who will worry for Lucky now? Malti ji agrees to go in.

Jamuna ji gets Vardaan’s call. She wipes her tears as she picks the call. He asks her how she is. She tells him she is fine. How is everything there? He shares that he got responsibility of everything on Diwali. I will be handling all the accounts related to all their work. It is a big responsibility. Jamuna ji is pleased for him. They wish each other happy Diwali. He tells her he wont be able to meet her this time even though he wants to. She says it is ok. They both get emotional by the time they end the call. Vardaan knows his mother wont say it but her voice is clearly telling him how sad her Diwali is. Jamuna ji cries. This Diwali seems to plain without my DIL’s, daughter. I wish they were here.

Vardaan asks Pragya if it will be ok to wind up everything here quickly and go to Bakriawal to celebrate Diwali. She refuses. I will stay in my home only. Vardaan leaves. Pragya is missing Teji. What’s the point to celebrate any festival when he isn’t here! I have to be with him at any cost.

Teji has dressed up as Baba ji. Kamla ji and Malti ji are standing right behind him. He acknowledges their presence without even looking at them. I also know what your problem is. You (Malti ji) feel Komal is unlucky for Lucky. He cannot progress because of her. Kamla ji asks Malti if she wont agree that she was right to come here. This Baba did not even look at us and has pointed out the problem already. It means there is indeed a problem. Teji (aka Baba) says it seems like Malti has some doubts. I have a solution for that as well. Kapoor walks in dressed as a servant. Kapoor gives them a pot of water and a stone. This stone will blast if someone, who has a doubt in their mind, will pour water from this pot on it. Kapoor hands him a small wooden log. Give it to the person who has a doubt and make him do a havan. Add ghee. If it catches fire without any instigator then understand that the other person has jealousy, hatred in their mind against your son. If you still have any doubt then take this mirror. If anyone lights a diya in front of it and the mirror breaks then understand that that person does not have a pure soul. Use all of this on your DIL Badho. If they come true then understand that your son is in problem because of her only. You must ask her not to continue wrestling then. Kamla ji is relieved. The ladies leave. Payal walks inside the moment they leave. She thinks this Baba seems amazing. I must see if his words come true or not.

Lucky is walking around absentmindedly. He cannot stop thinking of what was written in the report. Yeh Honsla plays in the background. His dream echoes in his head again and again. He comes in the temple in the Akhada and folds his hands sadly. Tears well up in his eyes. He comes to his parent’s room and looks at their photo. He understands why his father insisted that he must rest for a while.

Raghubir ji asks Kamla ji why Rana’s medal isn’t here. Rana brings it and Raghubir ji keeps it in the lot. Pinki signals Rana. He gives Raghubir ji his form (of national championship). Please keep it there as well.

Lucky looks at the form sadly and thinks of his father’s words.

Precap: Jatta removes his turban before Pragya. She hugs him happily. Lucky keeps his form in his father’s feet. I assure you I wont disappoint you. Just have faith in me. Komal is touched. Later, Lucky and Komal lights diya’s together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. This Pragya is so nasty!! All that love and care Vardaan and his mum gave yet she still thinks of Teji?
    What’s his plan now he’s exposed himself to her?
    My thought : take her away and get lost! Break her heart but no one accepts her back!!!!

  2. Summer

    Hi Sara,

    I was shocked seeing the precap too! How can she be so stupid, foolish and easily hoodwinked by that cheap, awful scoundrel Teji/Jatta! I hope Teji gets caught…its long overdue!
    Vardaan is a simple man but his heart is in the right place. Simple pleasures in life makes him proud and happy which i find endearing. Some people like to have drama in their life;Kamla in this case. I find the current track with Pragy and Teji story flimsy…it is not true love as they portray her to be love sick over Teji. She still carries a torch for him, but yet fails to notice subtle difference in his lame disguise and importantly his voice! I sometimes fail to recognise people i am not familiar with, but soon as i hear their voice, it brings back memory to where i met them. Yet, Pragya is ‘suppose’ to be close to Teji!
    I am not liking how Kamla is always managing to manipulate Malti. I really hope that when Teji gets exposed, this will also expose Kamla’s ulterior motive before everyone else; manipulating Malti, to ‘stop Badho from wrestling’ again!
    I’m already getting fed up with the track badho resumes wrestling and the cycle of her stopping going round and round etc. Also, i hope Lucky doesn’t think it was his fault that his shoulder got aggravated, in fact it was Rana who took advantage. I hope this gets exposed too!

  3. Don’t hold your breath my friends! Evil keeps winning and waxing stronger. If pragya’s affair with Temi continues and malti hi gets manipulated by Jamal- we are back to square one! Meaning the story is static- no progress whatsoever!

  4. Teji- Malti ji and Kamla

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