Badho Bahu 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Servant keeps Marjorie’s luggage in Lucky’s car. Marjorie comes. Ye Dooriyan plays as Lucky looks at her. I got your luggage in the car. There is awkward silence between them. Marjorie sadly eyes the house while Lucky eyes her sadly.

Komal cries holding her Babu ji’s photo in her hands. My baraat is going to come. I am about to get married. Sad song plays in background.

Lucky sits in car without saying anything to Marjorie. She too sits in the passenger seat. Ye Dooriyan plays again. He steals a glance at her as she ties seat belt. Lucky follows suit. She stares ahead blankly when he looks at her. Lucky starts the car.

Pragya teases Komal on being excited hearing sound of crackers. Don’t be so anxious. It is your baraat only. Why are you so excited to see it? Komal

says I used to watch everyone’s. It is mine now. Let me watch this time. I have to see what’s special. Pragya says only different thing will be your groom. Look at him all you want when you will sit in mandap. Komal smiles shyly.

Kamla ji does Viren’s aarti. Ladies sing welcome song. Malti ji notices Jamuna ji tensed. Jamuna ji is looking for Vardaan. Malti ji assures her he must be around making some preps or doing some work. Viren thinks look as much as you want. A lot is going to change. Everyone must be taking good care of Vardaan right now.

Vikram beats Vardaan. Viren wont marry you! He will insult her before entire village. He will only do drama and leave her in mandap alone. Raghubir Singh will be the one who will be responsible for it! What if that fattie dies after all this? You all should also die with her! You came at the wrong time or I would have been dancing in my brothr’s marriage now and eating tasty food. Viren Bhai isn’t as calm as he seems to be. He is boiling from inside. Wait a little more. Jaimala would have started by now.

Viren sits down. Savitra Bua tells him to think once again before something goes wrong. He tells her not to teach him. Do as you want. Stay where you are. Pundit ji calls for the bride. Payal and Pragya bring Komal downstairs. VIren looks at her uninterested. Raghubir ji and Komal’s family smiles. Rana wonders where Pinki disappeared. She is always with Komal. Where did she disappear suddenly?

VIren smiles at Komal for everyone’s sake. She looks around (for Vardaan). Payal tells Komal to pull her breath in when photographer or videographer comes to click her. Even your kids will see the album and video. You have to look good. Komal nods. Bride and groom are given Jaimala’s.

Komal and Viren are about to exchange garlands. Komal asks him to wait for Vardaan. He isn’t here yet. Viren looks tensed. Viren is about to put Varmala around Komal’s neck when she requests him to wait for a minute. Everyone is puzzled. Savitri Bua thinks she too might get in problem because of Viren. Payal asks Komal what happened. Komal asks about Vardaan. Viren says i forgot to tell you. He told me he will come after lighting diya in temple. He made a mannat. He wont come before that happens. We can wait if you want. Payal declines. There is a mahurat for everything. Vardaan too will feel bad if you will stall the ritual for him. Kamla ji seconds her.

Varmala’s are exchanged by bride and groom. Everyone showers flower petals at the couple. Savitri Bua stands tensed. Viren looks at Raghubir ji. Time to insult you has come near. See how I will insult you and your beloved Komal publically.

Vikram enjoys beating Vardaan. Jaimala would be done by now. Now Viren will bring that fattie in mandap and then game will start. Your sister is a burden on world. Don’t regret if she dies. Be thankful in that case. Vardaan tries hard to free his hands and finally succeeds. He hits the goons and Vikram with hand rest of chair (that come off with the ropes).

Lucky and Marjorie are on their way. Marjorie emotionally looks at Lucky and all their happy moments flash before her eyes. Yahi Hota Pyaar plays in background. He looks at her but then looks away.

Komal and Viren get some pictures clicked. Komal wonders why Vardaan is taking so much time. Payal asks her husband to keep gifts inside. Note down everything in register. Be careful that they don’t get stolen. He asks about the envelopes (of money). She replies that they are light. I will handle them. Malti ji asks photographer to take photos of other relatives too. these are the only memories. He informs her that Kamla ji has asked him to take pictures of bride and groom only. Malti ji nods. Do like she said. He agrees. Rana is missing Pinki. He looks at the photo he took today (of her back). He zooms in the photo only to notice the tattoo on her back. He rushes to his room and takes out that gift box. He matches the photo. It means it was Pinki ji who came to meet me on that moonlit night! He thinks of all their meetings. Guru ji’s words (about couple marrying tonight) echo in his head. It means she likes me too? He almost drops the photo when he folds hands seeing Hanuman ji’s photo. I am talking to you for the first time while looking in your eye. You must bless me today!

Pinki is in the backseat of Lucky’s car. See how I work my magic on Lucky ji once Marjorie leaves. I will tell Lucky ji what’s in my heart today!

Lucky and Marjorie keep stealing glances at each other.

On the other hand, Vardaan beats the goons. He calls Raghubir ji and tells him something (in mute).

Precap: Komal and Viren are taking pheras when Viren stands rooted in his place. Komal keeps walking ahead unaware of it because of which the gathbandhan comes off. Everyone is shocked. Payal holds it to join it once again but Viren tells her against it. There is no need of this gathbandhan now. It wont happen now. Everyone should listen! I leave this Komal, with whom I took half pheras and who is unmarried, alone in the middle of the wedding!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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