Badho Bahu 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahlawat Family plays Passing the pillow!

Badho Bahu 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji asks Komal what is her plan. We are all here now. Komal thanks everyone for taking out some of their time and coming here. We haven’t spent time with each other since some time now. We will talk and Titli will also mix well with us. Bhago suggests watching the game. Komal gives her a bowl filled with chits which have punishments written over it. You can give it to whosoever gets out. Kamla ji asks her if they will have to go out. Komal explains the game passing the pillow to everyone. Pinki says I will only win this game. Kamla ji teases her saying that she only will win the gold medal.

The game starts. Malti ji is the first one who is caught when the music stops. Malti ji is reluctant to do her punishment. I wont be able to do it. She has to say dialogues like Hema Malini from

Sholay. Raghubir ji and Lucky ask her to go ahead. Kamla ji says we are family members only. Think of your husband as Dharmender and do it. Malti ji again says she wont be able to do it. Raghubir ji tells her not to hesitate. Act. I am your Dharmender. She mimics Sholay’s Hema Malini with her eyes closed. Everyone claps as Raghubir ji assists her happily. He appreciates her. Bhago wonders where she got stuck. I could have done so much by now.

Kailash ji gets out next. He reads his chit. Dance on your favourite song with your partner. Raghubir ji tells everyone that Kailash ji used to dance in the Baraat whenever there was any wedding in Sirsa when we were young. Komal asks him to dance now too. Kamla ji asks her husband to support her here atleast. Kailash ji agrees. they dance happily on Tareek Karun Kya Uski. Bhago thinks I wont be able to see these oldies dancing. She keeps the bowl of chits and hurries inside.

Bhago is thrilled to see the expensive showpieces in the house. She guesses the price of each item just by looking at it. I will be blessed if I steal everything in this house only! She hugs the big TV wondering when she will get one. Komal asks her what she is doing here. Bhago cooks an excuse. Komal asks her to come. Everyone is calling you. Bhago realises that she will have to first take care of Komal if she has to steal in this house! She wont let me do anything otherwise!

Raghubir ji has to sing a song for the one who loves someone very much. Kailash ji asks him to sing it. Kamla ji tells him not to be excited. He wont sing for you. Kailash ji says I don’t mind. He will sing for Malti ji. Raghubir ji stands up. Years ago, I thought I was a very good singer but the day I sang, everyone just ran from the Akhada. I dint sing after that day but I will sing for my daughter today. He sings a song for Malti ji. Bhago makes faces.

Kamla ji scolds Rana for showering love on Pinki in the game. Pass the pillow. Pragya gets the pillow in this round. Bhago is unable to bear it and hopes it ends asap. She reads the chit. You have to enact the last scene of DDLJ. Komal says Pragya will become Simran while Vardaan will be her Raj. Pragya looks down sadly. Lucky looks at Vardaan and thinks he always looks angrily. Vardaan walks up to PRagya and extends his hand. She is about to keep her hand in his when Lucky refuses to let her play this game with Vardaan. Everyone looks at him puzzled. Lucky say don’t worry. I will also join her and play Amrish Puri’s role. Pragya says the dialogue just for the sake of it. Pinki says seems like either you haven’t slept for 2 days or you don’t wish to go to your Raj. Pragya repeats the dialogue. Vardaan extends his hand towards her when Lucky says seems like you don’t wish to leave the house and family. We will send Raj away. Go Raj. You must be getting late. Everyone looks at them in confusion. Komal joins them too. He suggests Lucky to let Simran (Pragya) go to her Raj (Vardaan). He stays put. She tells him he has gotten inside the role too much. He repeats his words but she says Amrish Puri’s dialogue. She tells Pragya to live her life while he tells her to save her life. They continue to debate on this. Lucky tells Pragya to save her life. Everyone claps.

Music stops. People vouch for both Jatta and Vardaan. Titli decides that they both will have to arm wrestle. Pragya will tickle Vardaan all this time while Pinki will tickle Jatta. Pinki tickles Jatta using a feather. He agrees to give her a ticket of his concert if she will not stop. She continues doing so and ends up calling her Pinki. Jatta loses the match. Pinki looks pointedly at Jatta.

Kamla ji is also out. She has to dance as per the punishment and sings / dances herself. Bhago is also pulled in for the dance and complies. Komal looks at everyone’s happy faces.

Precap: Komal and Lucky are the last ones. They dance to Khushrang Bahara song with Komal acting as the guy. Lucky dances around holding a dupatta.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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