Badho Bahu 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli returns to Ahlawat House

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Raghubir ji asks his brother to bless Pragya for her sake. Kailash ji is not keen for this wedding. They have made wedding a game. They make or break relation as they please. Raghubir ji says I can understand your pain. I can see what you are going through but Pragya is happy with this decision. Do you want her to live with this burden her entire life? Our kids have thought well before coming to this decision. We should respect their decision. Malti ji says we all agreed for this wedding. How will we say no now? We must go ahead with the engagement. Think about Vardaan once though. How difficult it will be for him! Raghubir ji tells her not to think about Vardaan. He is my responsibility. Kailash ji says there was a time when I was against Pragya and Vardaan’s wedding. I saw him over time and he

is a really nice guy. We were really lucky to find him. We will find a very nice girl for her and get him married. Malti ji says we must get them legally separated before they can move ahead in their lives. Kamla ji shares that Rana had a discussion over it. He said that husband and wife will have to stay under the same roof before divorce. I have faith in Vardaan. He would try his best to save the relation but I don’t trust Pragya at all. She will try to strengthen her relation with that Teji.

Lucky comes to Pragya’s room. He blesses Pragya and Teji. Teji assures him he will give Pragya all the happiness in the world. Lucky says you are really lucky to be engaged on Valentine’s Day. After all the highs and lows, you guys will finally be together. Support each other through everything. Every day will become Valentine’s Day. Everyone will accept you then. Villagers will ask you a lot of questions but don’t be afraid. We are with you. You both have to answer their questions yourself though. Teji wonders if Lucky came to congratulate them or scare them. Lucky tells them to be with each other always. It will make things easier and your relation stronger. Pragya says I understand what you are saying. Don’t worry. Teji ji and I will stay together under any circumstance. Teji nods. Lucky asks them to come outside now. Put a kala teeka too. They nod.

Everyone has gathered for the engagement. Teji smiles at Kailash ji and Kamla ji but they keep a straight face. Teji tells Pragya that the situation seems tensed. Let’s exchange rings before something goes wrong. She nods. Raghubir ji says it is Pragya’s engagement. There should be some entertainment. Malti ji nods. It is Valentine’s Day as well. There should be celebration. Komal adds that it is a very special day for lovers. We should be happy that Pragya is getting engaged to the one she loves. Lucky seconds her. Let’s begin now that everyone is here. Teji and Pragya pick up the rings. Komal smiles a sad smile at Lucky. Teji tries to make Pragya wear the ring but it is too tight. He asks her to make him wear his instead. The same happens with his ring. Lucky looks at Komal. You dint get the rings from our jeweler? Komal says I gave their size to our jeweler. He said he already had rings of their sizes and will send them. Don’t know how it turned out to be wrong. Kamla ji asks her husband if this is a sign from God. Kailash ji says I don’t know about all of that but whatever is happening is not right. Pragya blames Komal for doing it intentionally. She does not want this engagement to happen. Komal denies. Pragya is not interested to hear any of her excuses. You dint want me to be engaged which is why you did this! Lucky tells Pragya it is enough. Are you mad? There is no doubt that Komal is not happy with this engagement but she has done every possible thing for this engagement even if that meant not listening to her own heart. She did it for your and my happiness. Look at the décor that she has done alone if you don’t believe it! Raghubir ji agrees. You are our family member and we love you very much. Why would we do anything like that? Malti ji nods. Such things happen. Badho might have given the right size but it might be jeweler’s fault. It happened during Badho and Lucky’s engagement too. Kamla ji says what should we do now.

Lucky takes the rings from Pragya. Komal takes them instead and goes inside. Lucky thinks Komal might have felt bad. Kamla ji tries to postpone the engagement but Lucky points out that it will happen today itself. He thinks to go somewhere but Komal comes back with the rings. She has cut them from behind making them adjustable rings. Lucky is impressed. Raghubir ji asks her what she did and so soon. Komal explains that she cut them to make them adjustable. Malti ji smiles. She has a solution for everything.

Pragya and Teji exchange rings. Kamla ji and Rana look upset. Komal claps sadly. Malti ji asks Pragya if she is happy now. You are engaged now. I have cooked your favorite food. Let’s eat together now. They all go.

Lucky holds Komal’s hand so as to stop her. Thank you. Pragya said so much to you but you did not take it to your heart. You are indeed the best wife in this entire world. I apologize to you on Pragya’s behalf. She tells him against it and begins to go but he pulls her towards him. Everyone is watching. He points out that no one is here. She shares that Titli will be back soon. Her Bapu ji is fine. Lucky replies that her name only worries him. Why did you take her name now? She speaks of the tests which Titli will take. That is a thing to worry. He does not mind. We will pass for sure. They high five.

Malti ji tells Kamla ji to leave it all on God. Someone knocks the door. Malti ji stops Komal from opening the door. The banging continues. Lucky goes out to check but there is no one. Kamla ji sends Komal to check too. Titli enters just then. Lucky says I told you it must be some mad person who will be banging at the door like this at this hour! Titli warns him not to get into a fight with her. I couldn’t have sat outside now that I was here. I agree I got late which is why I was banging the door loudly. Lucky teases her. You were going to come tomorrow. How did you come so soon? Malti ji tells him to let her eat something first. Titli has eaten outside already. Malti ji asks about Ram Bhaisahab. Titli says he is fine now or I wouldn’t have come back. Lucky murmurs that it would have been better if she had not come. We would have been at peace then. Titli stares at him while Lucky smiles. He blesses her. I wish I could say that. You thought to scare me like that? I am a wrestler. I can read what the person in front of me is thinking. She raises her hand acting to slap him but stops surprises him. I am swift like electricity. I don’t give time to a person to think or react. The game is over by then. I want to sleep now. My training starts tomorrow. Komal asks her about her plan to test them. Titli mumbles that she is not interested. Lucky suggests Komal to give her home made food. Titli asks him if he is done. I don’t want to take anyone’s test. Titli asks Malti ji to tell this to her father too. He will be relieved. Lucky says it is good. We were really scared. Titli tells him that they got saved because of her Bapu. Live your life now. They head inside. Lucky teases Titli again calling her kabootari.

In his room, Lucky says she was trying to scare me. Komal mumbles that she might be small but she can scare anyone like anything. She speaks well of Titli before Lucky. He is sure she will not let them live in peace. Komal tells him to think from Ma’s perspective. She is concerned for Titli’s marriage. We will train her well so she can get happily settled in her new life. Lucky doubts if Titil can find a guy for herself. We should get her married to the first guy we find. Komal tells him not to joke about marriage. My family was very much worried when my family couldn’t find a groom for me. Payal Bhabhi did everything possible to make it happen. Lucky says you are different. You are smart. Titli does not even know how to talk to people. Komal reasons that this is why they will train Titli. She too will become lucky like me and get a good guy. Lucky says I am already worried for that guy, Titli ka Titla! Komal asks him if he is also feeling like that poor guy. He asks her why she is asking when she knows about him. He holds her hand as she gets up. Will you also become like that Titli now? I was kidding. She smiles. I was also kidding. How can I be upset with you? They both smile sweetly.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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