Badho Bahu 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajay and Jitesh show the magazine to Rana and Lucky. They tell them to give these kind of clothes as gift to Bhabhi’s. Girls these days like these things only. Lucky warns them to be quiet. Don’t give me such ideas or I will beat you badly. They ask Rana to do it atleast. Rana says who will go to buy them. They speak of ordering online. Rana tells Lucky to hit them more. They flee from there.

Bharpayi is selecting clothes to wear to the classes tomorrow. Pragya thinks she wont stop following me. She will cry if I will say anything to her now. She manages her nicely. I am going to study there. You will only sit quietly. Plus we are only going for classes. Take rest now. Bharpayi agrees.

Komal and Pinki do aarti and then give aarti to everyone. Ahlawat ji sends Pinki to call Kamla

ji, Rana, Pragya and Lucky. Raghubir ji tells his brother that he has sent Lucky for some work.

Ahlawat ji and Raghubir ji sit down on the sofa. They laugh thinking of how they were the thieves (of butter) in their house since years. Everyone comes there. They are surprised to see the brothers laughing amongst themselves. Raghubir ji says we have everything but I still feel we need something. Rana hints at Pinki that he is speaking about baby. She makes a face. Malti ji asks her husband what he is saying. Raghubir ji speaks of clicking a family photo together. Why don’t we have one? The ladies say we thought it was something important. Raghubir ji says family is most important. Everything else can take a backseat. They have called a photographer home in the evening. We will click one then. Komal points out that Lucky isn’t home. Raghubir ji says he will be back before then. I will not forget my iron man. We must be ready by 8pm. Pinki speaks of the trend these days where everyone wears similar clothes and then get a pictures clicked. Raghubir ji agrees for the idea. Kamla ji compliments her DIL on her idea. What should we wear then? Pinki suggests ladies to wear red. Men should wear bright clothes. Raghubir ji jokes on the same. A guy comes to deliver jalebi’s. Kamla ji gets tempted and excited. Everyone smiles seeing her reaction. The guy says Lucky really likes it. I got it for him. Raghubir ji gets happy. people love Lucky so much. He tells the guy to inform his boss to come visit them sometime. The guy leaves.

Komal brings jalebi in the kitchen. She thinks of her childhood incident with her Babu ji. Her father used to love halwa and her mother loved jalebi’s. She gets little emotional at the memory. Pinki gives her clothes to iron for her. I have some urgent work. Komal readily agrees to do this for her. You do so much for me. I can do this for you surely. Pinki tells her how the dress will be delivered at their home in 2-3 days. We don’t live in a big city which is why it is taking time. Don’t worry. Lucky ji will go mad seeing you thus. Komal goes to iron the clothes. Pinki too leaves. Kamla ji enters inside the kitchen stealthily and eats some jalebi’s. Someone clicks her photos. She keeps the box back together hearing the sound of footsteps. She tries washing her hand but there is no water. Malti ji comes there. Kamla ji is taken aback. I wanted to wash my hand. Malti ji finds buckets lying empty too. Kamla ji suggests her to take her to the well. Fetch water and help me wash hands. Bharpayi comes to tell them there is no water. Motor is not working. Malti ji tells her to call the mechanic. Kamla ji tells her to ask Komal to get 4 buckets of water too. Bharpayi nods and goes. Kamla ji is excited to get ready for the family photo. Help me wash my hands. I have to get ready too. Malti ji and Kamla ji go to well.

Jamuna ji and family do puja. Payal is waiting for rag picker.

Komal is ironing clothes. She is missing her father a lot today. Someone comes to call Komal outside. She leaves the iron on a cloth and goes. Kamla ji and malti ji are posing for pictures while Komal fills buckets of water. She keeps a stick on her shoulder. Malti ji and Kamla ji fall down in the mud as they get hit by the stick when Komal turns. Bharpayi and Pragya also fall down while trying to help Malti ji and Kamla ji. Everyone’s clothes get dirty. Kamla ji scolds Komal. Could you not see us standing right here? You walk like an elephant. See what you have done. Komal tries to say something but malti ji tells her to be quiet. You only break things since you have come in the house. The happiness of our house has gone since you have come here. Let us be in peace for some time. Kamla ji complains that she made Bharpayi wash these clothes. What will I do now? Komal tells her not to worry. I will wash them just now. She pours bucket of water on them. Kamla ji asks her if she has lost her mind. Do you think we are buffalos? First you threw us in mud and now this! Malti ji takes Kamla ji with her. Komal thinks I cannot do anything correct.

Precap: Doc comes to see Kamla ji. Kamla ji isn’t waking up or moving. Pragya asks Komal if she is happy now. How many more people will you hurt? Jamuna ji and Vardaan argue with Payal for trying to sell stuff belonging to Vardaan’s father to the rag picker. She tells him to let her know the day when he will need any of those. I wont sell it then. Vardaan angrily says I told you it wont happen!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode! Watching Kamal ji reaction when she got battoned was funny! Then Komal goes and throw another bucket of water to wash them down…lol Brilliant!

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