Badho Bahu 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Lucky gets suspicious of his wound!

Badho Bahu 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji tells everyone to run today. Komal, Ajay, Jitesh and Rana leave for a run. Raghubir ji asks Lucky why he looks so sad. Lucky is bored sitting idle. Raghubir ji takes him with him. He removes 2 medals and shows them to Lucky. They were won by our ancestors. I want you to clean them well. It is Diwali. We will also do their puja. Lucky asks him why he always cleans these medals. I wanted to so this since forever. Raghubir ji points at their home. It is because of these medals. They are our biggest asset. It is our duty to take care of them and do their puja. Lucky nods. He takes few more medals with him and goes.

A guy gives forms to Raghubir ji for all the wrestlers. Photos also need to be pasted. You must also fill fitness certificate and send them together. Raghubir ji agrees. The

guy leaves.

Komal, Ajay and Jitesh are out for a run. Rana keeps leading everyone and asks everyone to run faster. Badho is running so slow. She will get us all late because of which Chacha ji will scold us. Jitesh reminds him that Komal faces problems while running. Rana tells him to stay in his limits and resumes running. Komal tells Jitesh to drop it. They also resume running. A few girls also join Komal. They also ask her if she will start wrestling soon. Komal replies that it will start from today itself. Other girls stop in their tracks noticing their fathers. They wish Badho all the best. We will come to see your fight. Komal understands their problem. Do come.

Kamla ji asks Teji (aka Jatta) about his Baba. I have to meet him. I want to show Lucky and Komal’s kundli to him. I have to find out if some problem is going to come in Lucky’s life because of Badho. Teji understands that she wants to create a rift between Lucky and Badho. It is anyways a good chance for me to gain her trust. I don’t mind anything else. He advises her to hand over Lucky and Badho’s kundli to him instead. I will show them to my Baba ji. She asks him if there would be any problems. He tells her to trust him. You have done so much for me. I wont disappoint you. I will get you Baba ji’s blessings at any cost. She agrees to get the kundli’s for him and goes out excitedly. Teji smirks.

Lucky is cleaning the medals. Bharpayi asks him about the medals. He shares that they belong not just to him but also to his father, grandfather and ancestors. He tells her all the success stories behind each of the medals. Pinki sends Bharpayi to bring sweets for puja. Lucky thinks Babu ji is right. Money is nothing before these medals. My International Medal will be soon in this lot. I will show Babu ji how nicely I have cleaned them up.

Malti ji notices Raghubir ji pacing worriedly. What happened? He shows the forms to her. I have to fill them and send them asap. I am really concerned for Lucky’s wound. I don’t know when it will heal. I wonder if I should actually fill it or not. Malti ji tells him not to worry. Have faith in God. Our son will recover soon. Lucky has overheard everything. Babu ji is worried if he should send my form or not. I have to make him believe that he can send the form without any second thoughts.

Rana returns from the run. Raghubir ji asks about Badho. Rana replies that it is no use training her. She cannot run in suit and runs like a tortoise. Our training will be of no use because of matching up her pace. Raghubir ji suggests him to focus on his training instead of focusing on someone else’s. Ajay, Jitesh and Rana head to Akhada for practise. Komal also joins them. My practise begins today, right? Raghubir ji nods. You are going to step inside the Akhada for the second time. Nisha (another wrestler) comes there. Raghubir ji introduces her to Komal. She has come here to train you. She is not a complete pro but she will surely help you a lot. They both also get ready to enter in the Akhada. Komal notices a kid praying to Bajrang Bali and also prays silently before finally entering in the Akhada. She rubs dirt on her head as she does so. The same girls, who had joined Badho for a run, come there to watch Komal practise. Raghubir ji advises Komal to follow what Nisha will do. Komal follows her. Raghubir ji also tells Komal to look Nisha directly in the eye. Don’t look down. Komal does as told.

Kamla ji takes Malti ji aside. Your DIL stepped her foot inside the Akhada and your son went outside. Lucky has stopped his practise since she has begun it. I am sure Lucky stopped fighting because of her only. He will resume fighting when she will stop. Malti ji denies. She has started her training on such an auspicious day. What’s the relation with her and Lucky’s wrestling practise? Kamla ji insists there is a connection. I know a Baba. I showed their kundli to Baba when Lucky was hurt. I dint believe it intentionally but I have seen it with my own eyes. See for yourself. Who is fighting right now – Lucky or Badho! Malti ji refuses to believe it. It cannot be. Kamla ji uses emotional blackmail. Malti ji agrees to meet that Baba ji today itself. Kamla ji tries to divert her but Malti ji stays put. She gives in.

Teji watches everyone practise and recalls his practise sessions. I am saved this time. Kamla ji notices him going back inside. She thinks of something and goes back inside on the pretext of some work. I will be back soon. Malti ji agrees to wait outside.

Kamla ji is with Teji and Kapoor. She shares that Malti isn’t ready to believe whatever he told her earlier. She wants to meet him herself. Do anything but tell Baba ji we are coming to his place right away. Give me his address. I have to clear Malti’s doubt at any cost. Teji gives her a fake address. Kamla ji thanks him and leaves.

Raghubir ji and Malti ji see all the kids practise. Some villagers also look on. Badho’s kurta gets torn while practising. Malti ji stops her and calls her aside. Kamla ji smiles seeing it.

Precap: Lucky reads his report. It means my wound is critical. What will happen to Babu ji’s dream if I don’t recover soon? He has so many dreams for the championship. Later, Ahlawat family is doing Diwali puja.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    Please don’t let Kamla ji spoil the bonding relationship between Malti and Komal. It is so nice to finally see Malti accept Komal and is willing to give her chance. Kamla has already created enough rift in the family; its long overdue to see Kamla have some of her own medicine. Her evil squints and tight lips pursed like she is constantly sucking on sour grapes is just unbearable. I am hoping Kamla will embarrass herself by making up Komal and Lucky horoscopes. Please let everyone include villagers see through what a evil and wicked person Kamla is. Indeed her destructive behaviour has caused too many misfortune for Ragu and his family, waiting for the day when Kamla is exposed.
    Rana’s behaviour is becoming quite crictical towards Komal. Thank goodness Jitesh has the kindness and see fairness in supporting Komal. Rana’s boots are looking like they are too big for his own good.
    Finally, Jatta/Teji is unbearably annoying to watch. He is really a awful character and appalling person who knows no shame. Be glad to see the back of him! Even Pragya doesn’t like him. Perhaps if Pragya was not blinded by Teji handsome looks, she will notice he is a dreadful person and only has his on interest at heart. I am hoping that when Pragya learns the truth about Teji/Jatta, she will start noticing how sincere and endearing Vardan is.

  2. Hi Summer,
    You took all the words out of my mouth???????

    Kamla wasn’t this evil but acceptable but now she’s like a devil in disguise!
    I really hope this time Malti does not listen to kamla but follows her own heart by seeing how happy her husband and son is with Komal.

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara,

      Exactly, i remember earlier part of the series, there was humour and the odd stirring here and there. I wouldn’t call Kamla’s behaviour acceptable, perhaps mean. But now…Kamla tactis are becoming more ‘bold’ to the point she couldn’t careless of the consequence or who got hurt, as long as she attained her goal of status, fame and being number 1. Sad that she is so short sighted!


    I think either of 2 things will happen-
    1. Malti will allow Komal to wear track pants and dress which will ease her practice.

    2. She will come again in Kamal and all other supertitious words and will again lose trust on komal..

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