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Badho Bahu 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal comes to Lucky’s room. She shows him the medal which her father had won when she was pretty small. It was his most treasured and last medal. I dint know much about its importance back then as I was young. I told Babu ji I would wear this medal on my wedding day. Babu ji said real fighter fights for others. I understood what Babu ji spoke about when I saw you fight for us today. Thank you for fighting for Vardaan and saving our family’s respect. I want to give this to you today as you are not just a player for namesake. You are a true player, a true fighter. Viren comes to talk to Lucky. Komal goes to make tea for them. Viren congratulate Lucky for winning match. Thanks for supporting KOmal and Vardaan. Sorry I couldn’t come to encourage you. Lucky says it is ok. He offers whiskey to Viren

who politely declines. Lucky drinks it himself.

Kamla ji tells someone to make tea and snacks for Guru ji. Ask kids to get ready. The girl nods and leaves. Kamla ji tells same to Vardaan. Kamla ji mutters that Malti does not do much work. What to do!

The girl asks Komal where she is taking tea to. Komal informs her that she is going to Lucky’s room. VIren ji is also there. The girl teases Komal. Ask Lucky to come downstairs soon. Guru ji is about to come. Komal nods.

Vardaan comes to Raghubir ji’s room. I want to say something to you. Raghubir ji tells him against saying anything. I know you will thank me. I am already tired of it. He gets a call and speaks to Sarpanch ji. He next shares with Vardaan that Viren’s papers are ready for Sarpanch’s post. I spoke to officer about it so he asked me to send paperwork. I will get them but I will need sign. Vardaan offers to get it for him. Raghubir ji agrees. Vardaan tells Malti ji about Guru ji coming soon. Malti ji nods. We will come soon.

Komal asks Viren about sugar. You enjoy tea only when it is sweet enough. He smiles. She says I thought you will also like sweetened tea like me so I added an extra spoon of sugar. Viren happily agrees to drink it. Komal tells Lucky ji about Guru ji coming soon. Lucky says I must appreciate you Viren ji. It is said God makes relations. You look so good. How God gave choose such a fat girl for you when you yourself are so good looking? Viren replies that maybe God also knew I cannot get a better girl than Komal and no other woman can love my kids like her. Komal is touched by his words.

Everyone greets Guru ji. jamuna ji tells him that it is her daughter’s wedding today. Bless her so she is always happy. Guru ji points out that today is a very auspicious day. Whatever relation is joined today will stay for many more births. Everyone smiles. Pinki looks at Lucky who is upset. Guru ji excuses himself. Kamla ji notices Marjorie lost. She asks her to smile. What happened? Marjorie shares she is leaving tonight. You all will be so busy that I wont be able to bid goodbye. Raghubir ji is confused as to why she is suddenly leaving. Marjorie replies that her tickets are already booked. Plus I have an important work. Thank you so much for everything. Raghubir ji nods. Lucky will drop you at Delhi airport. Lucky tries to cook up an excuse but his father insists. Komal tells Pinki not to go anywhere. I would need you here. Pinki makes a sad face. Everyone gets busy with work.

Komal smiles broadly as she looks at herself in mirror. Payal pats at her shoulder. Don’t you know how to feel shy? Komal says I am so happy. I don’t have time to act shy. Payal advises her not to smile so much before VIren. Thanks to Guru ji that you both will be joined for life tonight. Komal smiles shyly. Payal teases her on it. Komal asks about Pinki.

Pinki is looking for Lucky but comes face to face with Rana. He keeps staring at her which irks her. He clicks a photo with her where she has his back to him. He looks at the photo intently.

Payal tells Komal to focus on wedding. I know Pinki well. Wear some more jewellery. You look simple. Kamla ji and Malti ji walk in just then. Kamla ji points out how Payal last time said that beauty is in simplicity. They give jewellery to Malti ji. Now that we have taken this responsibility, we will live up to it too. Jamuna ji stops them. You have done so much for us already. Don’t embarrass us more. Payal says it will suit Komal. They are our people only. Am I wrong? Jamuna ji says it does not mean we loot them. Komal will wear these bangles. Her Babu ji had kept them for her. Komal gets emotional. Malti ji, Kamla ji and Payal leave.

Jamuna ji helps Komal wear the bangles. Your father left them for you. Komal feels emotional as her mother kisses her hands. They share a hug. Jamuna ji leaves. Komal looks at her bangles teary eyed. Marjorie comes to say bye to Komal. It is time to leave. You are my very good friend. Komal says the same to her. They share a hug. PInki hears their conversation from outside. Lucky ji is going to drop her to Delhi! I have to get out of here somehow. I will be able to tell Lucky what’s in my heart then only. Marjorie tells Komal to take care. I will miss you a lot. Pinki hides as Marjorie goes out. Pinki sits down next to Komal with a sad face. Komal asks her what happened. Pinki lies that Rinki called. She seemed tensed. She slipped at home and is wounded. I am worried for her. I cannot leave you alone. Komal assures her there are many people here to take care of her. You should go. Pinki thanks her. You are so sweet.

Savitri Bua warns Viren not to marry or she will kill herself. Viren tells her it isn’t needed. If anyone will die then it will be Raghubir Singh! I will insult him in his house today before entire Sirsa! He ruined my plan at the last moment. I will also show him how nice it is to ruin some plan at the end moment and how it feels to be insulted before entire village! It will happen when I will leave the girl, who he calls his daughter, who he has taken responsibility of, alone at mandap and will walk away without marrying her! Savitri Bua says I understand what happened with you was wrong. It is wrong to take a girl to mandap and then leave her alone. Don’t do this. She wont get married ever then. Viren does not relent. Revenge will be fun then. Vardaan hears them. He drops the file in shock. Viren, Savitri Bua and Vikram notice him. Vardaan says you were plotting against my family! You dint do right by doing this with my sister. You will be paid well in return. Vardaan leaves.

Precap: Vardaan has been kidnapped. Vikram slaps him. Viren wont marry your sister today. He will only do drama and leave her in mandap alone. Raghubir Singh will be the one who will be responsible for it! Komal and Viren are about to exchange garlands. Komal asks him to wait for Vardaan. He isn’t here yet. Viren looks tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Mona146

    who is vikram? What plan was viren talking about?

    1. His plan of becoming the head of the Village

  2. OMG I knew he was back stabbing Komal and her family and he was just using her for his own benefit… But Viren if you leave Komal then Lucky will take your place…

  3. i cant wait for tomorrow!! i wonder how lucky will come in time since he has to drop majorie..and he insulted komal while talking to viren

  4. wow..Viren is bad people. I feel shock. I hope Vardaan can esscape.

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