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Badho Bahu 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji tells his Bhabhi to stop. I will not tolerate another word against Chotto. Kailash ji confirms with Bua if these pics are real. She confirms that it is real. Kamla ji adds that her lover dint come inside just like that. There is someone who knows about it and has helped Chotto all along. She hid this truth from us even after knowing everything. Raghubir ji says I don’t know how true it is but I don’t think it is right to discuss all this before the kids. Chotto is the daughter of this house after all. Kamla ji insists that one of these kids only helped your sister in this. Everyone saw the insult Prayga went through. I too want everyone to know your sister’s truth. Malti ji asks her about the insider who is helping Chotto and they wouldn’t know. Kamla ji takes Komal’s name.

She already knows everything about it. This fact shocks everyone all the more.

Pinki asks Badho how she was so scared the other day when she spotted her outside Bua’s room. You acted dizzy and sat on a chair. Is it that you know everything about Bua’s lover and that you are hiding it from us? Lucky also asks her a similar question. You acted weird that day. Were you hiding that man that night? She admits hiding Bua’s lover under the table at that moment. Pinki’s phone rings. She goes aside to speak to her mother. Vimla ji tells Pinki to come home soon. I am not well. Pinki agrees. Rana joins her. Pinki tells him that mother fell down and got hurt. I will have to go there. He offers to accompany her but she tells him to stay at home. I will come back soon. He sends driver with her.

Lattu brings water for Pragya. She smiles while making preps to make butterfly and its wings. She gets hold of Payal’s dupatta. She wanted to have fun troubling me. Now it will be her turn to enjoy seeing her own son running around wearing her dupatta only. She gets down to work.

Kamla ji says I already told you not to let Badho stay in the house anymore as she will take everyone down but this Chotto is way ahead than her. Badho and Chotto have decided to malign our family’s name. Malti ji seconds her. We dint expect this from Badho! She also confronts Chotto as to why she is hiding things from them. You dint respect the promise you made to Ma Babu ji. Kailash ji also questions her. Why did you backstab us? Lucky reminds Komal of their promise. You promised that we will do everything together. Why did you his this from me? She tells him to understand. Bua came in this house after so long. I wanted peace. I even threatened Bua’s lover and tried managing the situation but in vain. He asks her why she dint him once. She replies that she tried a lot but he gets upset on every little thing! You never give me a chance. Bua’s lover walks in just then. Komal recognizes him and catches hold of his collar angrily. How dare you get inside this house? I warned you to stay away from Bua and this house but now everything is ruined all because of you! Get out of her. Ahlawat family recognizes him. Raghubir ji asks Komal how she dare misbehave with Chotto’s husband. What has happened to you? Komal is stunned. He is Bua’s lover who used to come stealthily at home at night. He is the same person in photo. Kailash ji tells her it is Chotto’s husband. Chotto Bua and her husband smile.

Chotto Bua confirms that the driver and accountant in the photos are him only. Bua applauds his entry. Komal is still shocked. What? Bua nods. You dint understand that the one coming to meet me stealthily was my lover and husband only. One of Bua’s BIL relates that they cannot stay away from one another. Komal asks them if they recognized him in the morning. They nod. How would we not know? We were only enjoying playing along / teasing you. Chotto Bua’s husband compliments Komal before Ahalwat Family. She even threatened to beat me if I am seen near my wife. Chotto came in this house a few days ago only but Badho took so good care of her and wanted to make sure nothing goes wrong in her wedding. So much happened but she never doubted Chotto’s character. She is amazing. Chotto Bua agrees with him. She knows the importance of family. She turns to Kamla Bhabhi. Tell me if Komal can break anyone’s house? She can never do it! She believes in keeping everyone together. She turns to Lucky next. Remember that helping someone in the tough times is the sign of a pure heart. Badho dint do anything apart than this. She had no bad intention which is why she dint hide anything that I did. She tried handling them her best. Kamla Bhabhi is just opposite to her. She insulted me finding the right moment.

Raghubir ji tells her he was sure she can never do anything wrong. Kailash ji apologizes to Chotto. Malti ji adds that we couldn’t see the truth behind the photo. We panicked and dint think of anything and spoke ill to you. Forgive us for all the bad things said earlier. Chotto asks Kamla Bhabhi if she wont comment anything now. Kamla ji accepts her mistake kneeling down before Chotto. Forgive me. Chotto forgives her.

Komal apologizes to her Fufa ji. I said so much to you. He tells her that he actually enjoyed it. Chotto Bua says everyone said something but why is Lucky quiet. Lucky says I only wanted to apologize to Badho. I will listen to her diligently after today. Please forgive me. Komal has mixed expressions on her face. Chotto hopes God brings out Badho’s good qualities before Lucky similarly so they come close. Komal thinks this is a very special day for me today. Lucky ji spoke so nicely to me in front of everyone. I hope he will slowly begin to love me and will accept me one day. Raghubir ji suggests everyone to complete the ceremony.

Chotto Bua sits next to her husband. Komal and Lucky stand on their sides holding the ring boxes. She notices her normal ring and recalls her words spoken by her at the time of her engagement. I am sure the distances between me and Lucky ji will finish one day and this ring will be replaced with a gold ring.

Precap: Lucky and Komal dance romantically in the rain.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow super. Finally lucky started loving Badho…..:)))

  2. Great. Atlast lucky makes an affirmation to respect Komal. But when will Malti stop reacting. It has become her habit to react anything implicating Komal. after so many instances she has just not learned to accept that Komal always means well for the family. She is also very scared of Kamla and that shapes her approach towards anyone whom Kamla doesn’t like.

  3. Like I said earlier, Malti ji lack common Sense. She’s traded it for Kamla ji’s ego and in turn got a heap of stupid instead. The family needs to let Kamla know that they’ve got her number, but that’s not going to happen. They’ll keep tolerating her mean streak because they are delf righteous. And she and her idiot pinkie will continue to take advantage.
    I also observed that Kailash is a very narrow minded man.

  4. Yeaaaaay Im so happy for Badho today… ????

  5. Hi Everyone,
    After watching last night episode, I don’t particularly view highly of Kailash Ji. I always kept an open mind as his character has always been calm, quiet, reasonable and in many times, on the same page as Ragu ji. How Kailash was very quick to condemn his sister simply by the photos that was disgracefully exhibited by Kamla ji. Ragu has always been kind, sincere, reasonable and generally just honourable. Its was very good to see Kamla ji eat humble pie, but to be hones, i think she got off very lightly. As Chotto highlights, ‘Komal can never cause a divide in the family, unlike ‘Kamla’ who seeks the opportunity at a chance’. Kailash Ji was very quick to look at his wife direction, but then, how can he not use his senses and recognise the back of his BIL from the pictures?
    Secondly, no one questioned who went to the trouble to ‘spy and take and developed the images?’.
    Pinki queue call was good timing for her to dart away, but i’m sure time will catch up with PInki. No doubt her loose poisonous tongue will spill the beans to her Mother and she will have great pleasure speaking ill of Chotto and defaming Komal. This itself will be enough gossip to fill the village. PInk’s and her mother have just about as much spine as a snake, soon as the gossip leads back to her, she will point the finger to Pinki. As no doubt, Chotto brother in laws are very protective of her, should one of them hear the gossip spreading around the village, they will be quick to defend and find the source. Or worse, Juamana Ji will get to hear the hurtful words about Komal and this could lead to her worrying and calling Ragu to enquqire?
    Nevertheless, very satisfying to see the truth revealed. Looking forward to see Lucky and Komal bond strengthen and finally Lucky ji falling in love with Komal. 🙂

  6. Hi friends. Though happy for bado but rain sequence is her dream ????

  7. Hi Pooja, Please update 19th July episode. Many thanks.

    Looks like Kamla ji is being wielded by Pinki, especially when Rana questioned the dumbo who took pictures from the rear! lol Would like to see Pinki exposed for a disingenuous and toxic person she is!!
    As for Kalash ji, how can he be so blind? His wife to lead him on the right path? Really? How can he fail to see her ‘meanness’ when she tried to humiliate Chotto? If Kailash ji becomes village head, i can see Kamla ji weilding power through her husband. And, not necessarily the right decision for the village either…when there is a back lash, Kailash will have no choice but to take the flak, whilst his wife will quietly blend in the background.

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