Badho Bahu 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Komal decides to bring Pragya and Vardaan close

Badho Bahu 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhago comes to Kamla ji’s room to tell her she has done everything. She finds the room to be too amazing. I am sure there will be lots of stuff here. She gets a watch but then realises that this is too less to get from this house. I am sure that the cupboard will be full of jewellery and I am getting content with small things. She closes the room’s door and starts looking for jewellery in the cupboard. She finds a set in one of the rack and tries it on. She takes all the sets from the jewellery boxes. Kamla ji and Malti ji see her thus. Kamla ji demands to know what she is up to. You are stealing in my cupboard? How dare you touch my stuff? She takes her jewellery. We were lucky to come on time or we would have lost everything Malti. You should see it from your own eyes. Bhago scolds herself for

the goof up. Malti ji calms her Bhabhi. She isn’t like this. You called her to your room that’s why she is here. Kamla ji says I did call her but I dint ask her to steal. Bhago says I dint steal though. Malti ji adds that Titli does not know what she should do and what she shouldn’t do. She has already brought so much gold with herself. Why would she need your jewellery then? I will explain to her what she should be doing and what not. Bhago is happy to live amidst such innocent and honest people. Bhago acts to apologize to them. I completed all the chores given by you. I came to tell you this and you weren’t here. I started looking around when you came. I am not a thief. She acts to cry and leaves the room. Malti ji tells her Bhabhi that Titli is so simple. She got upset when you scolded her. She isn’t a thief.

Komal gives tea to Raghubir ji and Kailash ji. Raghubir ji asks her what she wanted to speak about Pragya and Vardaan. Komal shares that she feels everything is not so fine between them. Pragya and Vardaan aren’t able to spend time with each other. They are together but they are still not together. Kailash ji says they will have to go away from this house if they are not able to give time to each other. Komal feels he means they should live separately. It will be good but if they go to Bakriawal, Vardaan will lose his job. Raghubir ji says we have a house in a nearby location. Why don’t we get it repaired and give it to them? Kailash ji likes the idea. Raghubir ji adds that Basant Panchmi is coming soon. We will gift that house to them then. Kailash ji and Komal are thrilled with the idea. Komal is happy thinking that Pragya will be away from Jatta this way. It will bring Vardaan and Pragya close eventually.

Bhago thinks Kamla Ma ji gave her a good work. I will cut fruits and will eat them simultaneously. She talks to Bharpayi about it but she has finished it already. She gives a plate full of onions to Bhago to cut. Bhago gets ready to do it. This house is rich but I couldn’t get my hands on anything till now. I am only working since I have come here. She cuts all the veggies. Malti ji sees her thus. She addresses her as Titli repeatedly but Bhago does not respond. She shakes her out of her reveries. Bhago realises she is pretending to be Titli for them. She advises Bhago not to take Kamla Bhabhi’s words to her heart. She goes aside to attend a call. It is Ram ji’s call. Ram ji says I have been calling Titli since long but she isn’t picking her phone. Is everything alright? Did she run away from the house? Malti ji decides to not tell him what happened with Kamla ji sometime ago. She makes excuses to Ram ji. She is in my house. There is nothing to worry. Ram ji says I am assured but I am worried thinking about her habits. She gets upset on small things. I request you to forgive her thinking her to be your daughter if she ever makes a mistake. Malti ji agrees and ends the call. I assured Bhaisahab but what should I do. She decides to speak to Komal.

Malti ji talks to Komal about Titli (Bhago). Kamla Bhabhi blamed her for stealing jewellery. Komal says why she would do so. Malti ji tells her everything. Komal wonders why she had to open someone else’s cupboard. Malti ji says you are also talking like Kamla Bhabhi. I told everyone how Titli is when she came here. She does not have a mother. She does not know how to behave and live / behave around people. She is crying in kitchen. Komal agrees to speak to her. malti ji says she is new here and does not speak to anyone except you and me. What will Ram Bhaisahab think about us when he will find out about this? She was all quiet in the kitchen. What would he have thought if she would have spoken to his daughter? He would just come and take her with him. Komal suggests a game which will be played by all the family members. It will break the ice between everyone. Bhago overhears them. I was getting worried for no reason. I will tackle this Badho with my acting too.

Komal has organized everything. Malti ji wishes to know what she is up to but Komal requests her to first call everyone. Malti ji and Bharpayi go to call everyone. Komal seeks Lord’s blessings that her efforts should help break the ice between Titli and our family. Maybe Vardaan and Pragya will also get a chance to come together. Maybe Jatta ji will get out of her life then. She decides to call Lucky herself.

Komal tells Lucky she wants to play a game to de-stress everyone. Everyone especially husbands and wives are stressed because of all that has been happening in the house recently. This game will lighten the atmosphere a bit and it will also give a chance to Pragya and Vardaan to come close. Come and help me. She holds his hand but he stays put. He hopes she will not aggravate Pragya’s problem. He still agrees to go with her but stops. She asks him about it. He says you let go of my hand while walking so I stopped. She looks at him sweetly and holds his hand. Lucky smiles.

Precap: Bhago hugs the TV. Komal asks her what she is doing here. Bhago decides to fix Komal before she can steal from this house. Komal explains the rules of the game passing the pillow to everyone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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