Badho Bahu 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jatta fools everyone!

Badho Bahu 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky brings Komal in the room. She protests but he tells her not to act childish. I must tell you my dream. She refuses to hear it. He asks her why. She tells him he must not tell her or anyone about his dream. Don’t tell anyone especially me or it will be inauspicious. Shout your heart out once it is achieved. He gives up. She thanks him and leaves. He pats at his head tired of explaining to her.

Payal joins Malti ji who is stitching suit for Komal. Badho said her practise starts tomorrow. She will have difficulty running in saree so I am stitching suit for her. Payal praises her for worrying so much for Badho. If everyone gets a MIL like you then nothing is impossible for any women. Malti ji says I don’t know if I am doing it right or wrong but I am just following my heart. Kamla

ji asks Malti ji about the horseshoe necklace. Malti ji shares that Lucky is under Shani’s effect too. I told him to wear it but he removed it calling it a superstition. I am tired of today’s generations’ tantrums. Payal realises Malti ji has changed but not completely. She is supporting Badho as of now but she can go against Komal if someone fills her ears against her. I must keep a tab on her so no one is able to divert her. They hear news wherein people are protesting against Jatta’s new track. Kamla ji wonders what new problem is going to fall on them. Payal laughs. Seems like something interesting is going to happen. Malti ji leaves to check on Lucky. Payal also goes.

Vardaan tells his mother he does not wish to leave her. I will ask Kamla Ma if she will allow me to spend Diwali with you atleast. Jamuna ji assures him she is fine. I will look after everything here. Don’t worry about me. Pragya feels they shouldn’t leave the house. Vardaan asks her if she too does not want to go there. Jamuna ji explains that this way they can bridge the rift created between the families. It is a golden chance to fill that gap. You must go. Vardaan also seconds her. Pragya knows her mother well. She will never change. I also don’t like that Jatta at all. How do I tell you all this!

Kapoor is dressed up as a Sikh. He marks a circle around Teji. Kapoor hides seeing villagers come there and threaten to beat Jatta. Jatta invites them to step inside the circle if they want to beat him. It is my Lakshman Rekha. One villager is about to hit Teji but Kapoor comes first acting to beat him. He falls down intentionally and sets that circle on fire using his lighter. Villagers leave from there in awe. Teji and Kapoor smile at each other. Kamla ji is impressed with Jatta for managing the situation so easily.

Lucky is feeling tired after taking the medicine. Randeep had told me that I cannot turn to this side till the time my shoulder is fine. Komal advises him to try sleeping in straight position if he wants to win national championship. Start counting backwards if you are unable to sleep. I also do the same. He laughs at her idea. She is keeping the clothes in the cupboard. He falls asleep by that time. The ceiling begins to leak. She thinks to do something so Lucky can sleep peacefully. She takes a water jug and stands on the bed holding it right under the leakage. Now the water wont fall on Lucky ji.

Kamla ji asks Jatta how he did it. Jatta lies that it happened with his Baba ji’s grace. He said anyone who will try to come in my way wont survive. She shows eagerness to meet that Baba too. I want to achieve a lot too. Maybe I will also find a solution. He agrees but heads inside for now to cool himself. Kamla ji thinks Malti will soon believe that Komal is responsible for Lucky’s defeats. You only will stop her from wrestling.

Komal continues holding the jug for a really long time. Lucky wakes up and asks her since when she is standing like this. She shares that she is doing this since he fell asleep. I dint want you to wake up. He says I sometimes wonder about you. Your hand must be paining. She says my pain is nothing before yours. I will just massage it. She winces in pain. He praises her for her good intentions, her good will behind everything that she does for him. I want to share my dream with you but you wont tell anyone else about this. She nods. Lucky tells his dream to Komal. I want to win the National Championship and then take part in International Match and win that too. I want to come first and give my medal to Babu ji. I want our national anthem to play when our flag is hoisted! She realises that Lucky and Babu ji have the same dream yet they don’t want to burden each other with the same dream. Please fulfil their dream God. Now I will pray so much that your dream will come true Lucky ji!

Bharpayi wakes up Payal. Payal asks her why she is waking her up so early. Bharpayi says Komal Bhabhi wants everyone to freshen up and come early. It is Diwali today. Payal reminds her she is their guest. Do you make your guests work? Bring me tea. I will get ready. Bharpayi goes. Payal thinks she cannot get such luxury anywhere else. I must make a place for myself here asap.

Everyone is busy in cleaning the house. Payal greets Kamla ji and Malti ji. Kamla ji does not reply nicely to her but Malti ji does. Kamla ji decides to keep Payal occupied or she will create some problem or other for her. She asks Payal to take a bus and check on a sweet shop. Payal agrees and goes from there. Malti ji knows the shop has closed long back. Kamla ji nods. This is why I have sent her there.

Raghubir ji gives something to Malti ji. Komal and everyone else comes out for practise. He greets Rana sarcastically. Rana says I got your message from Pinki ji. Flashback shows Pinki telling Rana that Raghubir ji is readying Lucky for National level championship. You wont be remembered only by winning Iron man championship. Flashback ends. Rana shows an inclination to practise for national level championship. Lucky too expresses his wish to practise. Raghubir ji asks about his physiotherapy sessions. Lucky shares that Randeep couldn’t come today so he is going over to see him. Raghubir ji nods. He tells Komal she will learn her first lesson (of wrestling) today. Komal gets happy.

Precap: A guy gives something to Raghubir ji for all the wrestlers. Komal, Ajay and Jitesh are out for a run. A few girls also join Komal. Lucky overhears the convo between his parents. He wonders why his father is very much concerned about his shoulder wound.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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