Badho Bahu 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

People are happy / impressed to see Raghubir ji giving tough competition to Zalim Singh in this age. Raghubir ji throws Zalim Singh on the ground when Zalim Singh stealthily throws dirt in his eyes. People get concerned for Raghubir ji. Raghubir ji’s vision gets blurred. He tells Zalim Singh to stop but in vain. He twists Raghubir ji’s hand badly and manages to throw him on the ground. Raghubir ji is hurt. Ahlawat family members are tensed. People call it wrong but stand meekly rooted at their places. Zalim Singh might kill Raghubir ji this way. Payal asks Komal why she and Vardaan had to get into a fight with Zalim Singh. This way your wedding wont happen. Komal says you are worried about my wedding right now. We are worried and scared for Babu ji here. Payal says we all feel that ways. Komal

and Kamla ji pray to Lord to stop testing them and do some magic.

Zalim Singh pushes Raghubir ji towards a wall. He is badly hurt on the head and falls down. Lucky comes just then. He is angry to see his father being treated like this. He angrily shouts Zalim Singh and runs up to him, throwing him on the ground and not giving him a chance to retaliate. Everyone looks relieved. Rana, Ahlawat ji and Raghubir ji look on proudly. Lucky and Zalim Singh’s fight continues. Zalim Singh bangs his head at Lucky’s head but Lucky gets a hold of himself. He picks up Zalim Singh high on his shoulder, recalling all his warnings him to him when he had challenged him for a fight. He breaks Zalim’s bones before throwing him on the ground finally. People cheer for Lucky. Everyone looks relieved.

Lucky helps his father stand. He touches his father’s bruises emotionally. Are you fine? His father nods. He stealthily twisted my hand. Ahlawat never lose. They share a hug. Malti ji wipes her tears. Komal thanks Hanuman ji in her heart. Babu ji was right. You heard our prayers and took us out of our problems.

Komal is looking at the gift. Payal comes just then. It is good that Zalim Singh’s case is over or we would have been out of this house. Marriage wouldn’t have happened. Komal is about to say something when her mother tells her against it. Payal says what I said now. I anyways took responsibility of everything. You guys talk. She leaves. Jamuna ji is grateful to Lucky and Raghubir ji for what they did today for her kids. Vardaan says should we not thank them. I don’t know how to thank them though. Komal finds something and shows to her mother. Jamuna ji and Vardaan nod. Komal goes to meet Babu ji (Raghubir ji). I will get turmeric milk for him.

Pinki notices Malti ji sitting alone. My would be MIL! She is always with someone. This is the right time to play my move. She offers water to Malti ji. You were standing outside in sun since too long. You must be under stress. You are really brave. You handle the house alone. How do you manage? I feel proud seeing you. Malti ji drinks water without giving her any reply. Pinki adds she does not like how Kamla Ma ji speaks to her. She says anything to you anytime. Malti ji returns glass to her. Listen to me. Everyone should stay in their limits. Think 10 times before saying anything. Words said by sweet tongue also create bitterness in heart. Pinki looks down. Malti ji leaves. Pinki vows to make her magic work on her supposedly MIL next time.

Lucky is drinking in his room while Rana stands by the door. what happened to you? Stop now! You know how upset Babu ji will be if he finds out about this? Lucky does not stop. Rana leaves. Marjorie comes there. Lucky looks away as she sits down next to him. She is about to put ointment but he walks a few steps away from her. It’s ok ji. I am fine. She says I know I broke your heart but can we not stay friends. I don’t want to lose a friend like you. Lucky denies. Enough. I cannot live this friendship. It is good if you want to stick to what you said. I too will stop where I choose to! She shares that she is leaving today. She leaves the room as he does not react. He immediately turns as soon as she is gone.

Komla brings turmeric milk for Raghubir ji. He smiles. She asks him if he is fine. He nods. I am fit. What will happen to me? It is a day of double happiness for me. one, my son made me proud today. Two, your father’s dream of your marriage is going to come true. I am going to make it happen. He makes her sit down. You will get married tonight and then leave this house. In all this, I forgot to talk to you about something important. You will find many people in world who will make you feel you lack something or will try to show you down. This is how society works. Don’t pay any heed to them. I want you to have that faith in yourself and move ahead in life. Every father will be proud to have a daughter like you! You are really good. You are pure gold. Don’t change yourself ever. Stay happy. She nods through her tears.

Precap: Komal thanks Lucky for fighting for Vardaan and saving her family’s respect. You are not just a fighter but a real gem too. I would like to give you this medal today. Lucky asks Viren how he agreed to marry such a fat girl like Komal when he himself is so good looking. Komal hears them too.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful update. Zalim was being so unfair. However, liked how lucky came in the nick of time. Even though malti and kamla ji might quarrel but malti ji doesn’t let an outsider come between them… That’s so nice on her part. Could feel lucky’s pain. Raghubir ji is like a gem here and he’s just do right. liked komal ‘s word in the precap but lucky hopefully, lucky’s notions would change soon

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