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Badho Bahu 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Lucky apologizing to Komal thinking she is sleeping. Happy Birthday! He walks away. She opens one eye and smiles. Lucky lies down to sleep. She thanks him. He sits up surprised. She looks at him for a second and then covers herself with the duvet. He switches off the lights again still boggled. Komal sleeps with a smile on her face.

Ahlawat Family comes outside upon Kailash ji’s askance. Everyone is curious to know what happened. Kamla ji notices Lucky in a happy mood. Did Komal’s magic work on him? Ahlawat ji had ordered the gift (still hidden) on the day of Rana and Zalim Singh’s fight. I knew he would win. Komal goes aside to speak to Vardaan. He notices the happiness in her voice. What’s so special about today? She shares that Lucky is not upset with her anymore.

Everything is fine. I hope it remains like this always. He is pleased to hear it. I called to tell you Ma is disturbed staying away from you. I cannot see her like this. She agrees to do something. Don’t worry. They end the call.

Payal cannot find those watermelons anywhere. Hope no one got them! I am so tensed. Who can steal them? I should ask my MIL. She would know about it. It will be a problem if someone else finds them. I will have to call Ma ji now.

Jamuna ji is surprised to receive Payal’s call. Payal lies to her that she is missing her a lot. Jamuna ji knows her too well. You don’t think of God without a reason then who am I! Payal asks her about those watermelons. Have you seen them? Jamuna ji calls her a miser. Go to market and buy them. They aren’t expensive. Payal asks her again. Jamuna ji shares that she kept them inside. Payal hurriedly disconnects the call and checks inside. She is relieved to find them safe in the house.

Lucky removes the cover. Everyone is delighted to see the new bike. Kamla ji asks her husband how expensive it is. Kailash ji laughs. This is of 25 lacs. It is imported. She nods. Kailash ji tells Komal to do the puja. Bharpayi goes inside to bring puja thaal. Lucky is excited to go for a ride. Komal loves the bike too. I have seen such motorcycle in films only. She does the puja. Lucky holds the thaal for her as she adorns the bike with a garland. Ahlawat ji is in a fix as Rana, Komal and Lucky had contributed in their own ways to win the challenge. I cannot divide it in three parts though. Who should be getting it then? What should we do then? Kamla ji says Lucky was the one who won the fight. Rana got out of the Akhada in the end! Raghubir ji reminds her it would not have happened if Pragya’s life was not in danger. He wouldn’t have spared Zalim Singh then. Rana stuck to his ground; continued to be beaten even after knowing everything. His contribution is commendable beyond words. Rana suggests giving it to Lucky. I anyways don’t drive bikes. Lucky can drive and is fond of them too. Lucky refuses to take it.

Rana takes the key and gives to his brother. Lucky accepts it. Jitesh and Ajay take out their phones to click Lucky’s photo as he sits on it. Teji walks closer. Bharpayi wishes Lucky drives it over Teji. He should mow him down. Pragya too wants to go for a ride. Lucky is eager to go when Raghubir ji points out that Komal too has a share in it. Lucky asks him if she will drive the bike now.

Payal checks the jewellery. The jeweller relates someone else’s experiences. She keeps the stuff down. Tell the nearby jeweller to come over when you leave. Tell him I have cash. Jeweller backtracks in his words. He takes 12k for things worth 23k and leaves. Shankar comes just then. he asks about the jeweller. She shows him his new watch. He asks her about the money. She complains that he does not care about the fact that she loves him. You doubt me? He denies. She lies that she used her savings to buy these things. He hugs her impressed. She thinks it is the sweetness of watermelons. I will make most of the use of it. I have my share left.

Lucky points out that Komal cannot drive it wearing ghagra. Komal agrees with him. You can teach me though. He backs off. Kamla ji offers to get her jewellery. She is a girl after all. Why will she ride a bike? Raghubir ji refuses to let her discriminate between them just because she is a girl. Komal says I don’t want anything. I am happy that you love me enough. Raghubir ji says the situation is still same. Lucky tells them to hurry up. I cannot wait anymore. Raghubir ji says she can sit on the back atleast. Komal sits on the bike. Ajay and Jitesh click their photos.

Precap: Villagers complain to Lucky that this bike has come from the money that Raghubir ji has taken from them. Lucky refuses to believe it. Komal asks for proof. People advise them to bring Raghubir ji before them. We will get things out for you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I think it’s the money that payal has … i hpe dat no mre misunderstandings happen between lakha and badho….

  2. i think i must have missed some scenes. did they show where payal got the money from?

  3. Hi Preeti and Satya,

    Satya, Payal got the money from the guy who wanted to hold a stall at the fun fair. Payal husband refused and asked the man to queue up like everyone else. Payal got bought off, her weakness for money made her bend the rules. No one has the knowledge of this but herself as the money was taken discreetly hidden in watermelons.

  4. Thx Summer
    oops! I hope KOMAL or her brother doesn’t fall in trouble.

    1. No worries 🙂 Well, the fact that Ragubir ji is getting the blame, we all know that Lucky Ji is going to blame Komal all because of Payal greed. It was really nice to see Lucky slowly warming towards Komal and showing her affection. I’m hoping Lucky will be able to differentiate the act was not caused by Komal but Payal.

      1. Both Komal and lucky doubt Payal. Lucky won’t blame Komal till she doesn’t interrupt in lucky trying to clear his fathers name at cost of bringing Payal into the open. The episode ends with Komal skimg her brother where he got the gold watch and chain from? Let’s see what game Payal plays to cover herself up.

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