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Badho Bahu 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji says this girl is completely shameless. She dint think of anything. Malti ji also scolds Komal. You dint think about anyone. You dint even ask me once before getting a haircut. Pinki too says the same thing. you could have asked me before doing something like this. I would have advised something to you. Kamla ji says she has Chotto on her side. Why would she ask you! I am sure it must be her idea. She only would have taken her to beauty parlour. Chotto agrees. Long hair suit old people. My Badho Bahu is modern. Such haircut suits her. Malti ji says this fashion is called shamelessness in our village. She asks her husband’s opinion. He replies that they will grow back with time. There does not seem to be any issue. Kailash ji reasons that everyone must maintain the respect and dignity of their

family. Komal dint value it though.

Lucky scolds Komal on her new haircut. Why did you have to get a haircut? You could have atleast asked me once! Do you know how much I liked your long hairs? She asks him if he really liked her long hairs. He affirms. Bua smiles hearing his answer. She again asks him the same thing and he nods. She cannot believe it. Are you saying it from your heart? He retorts that he speaks from his liver and kidneys. She says I cannot believe that you really praised me. All the elders look at the couple. Komal removes her wig. Raghubir ji says she dint cut her hair. Malti ji asks her what this thing is. Chotto bua compliments Lucky. You praised Badho finally. Lucky asks Komal why she fooled everyone. She denies. Bua relates how she never wanted a haircut. She just agreed to whatever I said. Lucky has won my heart also today. She tells her Bhabhi how the real beauty of people can never change with the change in their appearances. Kamla ji thinks just wait for some time. I will then tell everyone, especially your brothers, how shameless you are! I will see how your engagement will happen then.

Raghubir ji suggests eating something till Bua’s husband comes. Bua’s BIL’s go outside for a walk as they have already eaten. Ahlawat Family is eating when Kamla ji and Malti ji stand up to announce the decisions taken by their husbands. Both Kailash ji and Raghubir ji get up to announce their decision – they are willing to contest for the elections for the post of Sarpanch.

Payal is drying clothes while Pragya is sipping coffee. They both look at each other pointedly. Vardaan notices Lattu’s sad face. Vardaan asks him where he is off to and why does he look so sad. Lattu relates that there is fancy dress competition in his school tomorrow. We all have to dress up as some animal or bird. I have been asked to become butterfly. I don’t want to become a butterfly. They are so much like women – weak! Pragya glances at them. Vardaan explains to him that butterfly is also not weak. Tiger kills others to become strong. Butterfly makes food for others also to become strong. We should never underestimate our inner strength. Who is more powerful – the one who just satiates his hunger or the one who satiates everyone’s hunger including herself? Butterflies are much more strong, responsible and powerful like women. There are many situations wherein men get scared and run off but women stay strong. Never ever underestimate women. Pragya too overhears everything. Lattu understands his Chachu’s logic and agrees to become butterfly. Who will help me though?

Bua is impressed that both her brothers will contest for the elections. Kamla ji thinks Raghubir ji will surely win against her husband. I have to make him win at any cost. She asks Raghubir ji why he is suddenly getting into politics. You said you were not at all interested. How did you suddenly have a change of heart especially when my husband has decided to contest too? I would advise you to change your decision. Malti ji says how it is possible. Everyone in the village knows no one else is more concerned about them than my husband. Why should he back off today when he is getting a chance? Kamla ji asks him why she is advocating for her husband today. Malti ji replies that she is just supporting her husband in his decision just like you are supporting yours. Aren’t you also advocating then? Raghubir ji stops her. If Bhaiya has decided to contest in elections then I respect his decision. I wont be a hindrance in his path. It doesn’t matter if I become Sarpanch or not. I will take care of the villagers like I have been doing. My brother has my full support. Malti ji looks upset whereas the brothers stand together. Raghubir ji says we both will go together to distribute pamphlets tomorrow. Kailash ji nods. Raghubir ji asks for Bua’s husband. Komal thinks Fufa ji isn’t here till now. Hope Bua’s lover doesn’t come here and ruin everything. Please take care Lord. Raghubir ji takes everyone outside.

Lattu runs up to Pragya. Chachi will make me butterfly. Vardaan tries diverting him. Your mother will help you. Lattu declines. She will get upset at me like always. He sweetly asks Pragya if she will help him. she looks at Payal’s dupatta and gets an idea. I will help you. Lattu gets excited.

Ahlawat Family gets tired waiting for Bua’s husband. Bua’s BIL’s share that he is reaching soon. Kamla ji asks them if their brother has decided not to come here at all. Maybe he found out about his wife’s true colours and refused to come altogether? Ahlawat Family is stunned. What are you saying? Kamla ji tells them to ask Chotto instead. Ask her who she will marry and who will she get engaged to – her accountant or her driver? Who all will she get engaged to? She throws the photos on the floor which are picked by Kailash ji and Raghubir ji. Som Singh tells her to stop. We wont be able to hear anything against our Bhabhi. Chotto Bua stops them from intervening. Kamla ji reasons that they have every right to be upset but look at the photos first. I dint want to say it but now I will speak up. She is extremely characterless! Komal thinks situation has gone way out of hand.

Precap: Kailash ji confirms with Bua if these pics are real. She nods. Kamla ji adds that Komal already knows about it. This fact shocks everyone all the more.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. oh…thn dat lover was chotu bua’s husbnd….it seems kamalaji n pinki will become characterless by poking their nose in someone else’s private life & filming them….missed the episode…any way,waiting for lucky n komal’s monsoon episodes?

  2. Some how Komal gets linked with anything negative. This time Kamla and her trainee pinky will fall on their face.

  3. Kamla ji has once again proven herself to be mean through and through. Pinky’s smirk and pleasure in the knowledge of Chotto will be exposed goes to show her poisonous nature. When the innocent truth is revealed, I shall see who will dish the first sting?! Will it be Kamla ji blaming Pinki for taking the pictures or will Pinki divert the blame to Kamla ji by simply following orders? They are a disgrace to the family and to themselves! Malti ji words are spiteful and derogatory. Good to see Chotto Bua set her right, image does not make you ugly on the inside. Pinki may be beautiful but in the core, she is certainly rotten.

  4. Did anyone notice the disagreement between Malti ji and Kamla in the support of their husbands? If Malti ji is a sensible woman she ought to know now that Kamla is nothing but an envious, selfish and immoral woman. But I guess I don’t need to hold my breath because Malti is not that sensible

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