Badho Bahu 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana gifts Pinki a beautiful red dress for evening party. She excitedly hugs him. I love it! Rana cannot stop smiling. Why don’t we wear these clothes tonight? Everyone will be dressed like this only. She agrees. I cannot wear this in puja in Sirsa. He smiles. You make me so happy. I got you another gift. She gets tensed. Don’t know what he will make me do in return. I cannot leave the gift though. She tries snatching the bag from him but he tells her to wait they are back home in Sirsa. She does not want to wait. He tells her that he got a bed sheet for her. Don’t ask me anything. He leaves. Pinki looks at the box puzzled.

Vardaan tells his mother on phone that he is leaving. Pragya asks him a question. Vardaan is conscious because of the proximity. He corrects the mistake while she

stealthily steals his phone from his bag. Lucky calls Rana. Shall we go? Rana agrees. Lucky asks him to come down in 15 minutes. Rana looks at Pinki. I have a headache. I was thinking to wait for a while. I will come later. Lucky reluctantly agrees. Bring Inspector too if he comes. Rana agrees to do so. He tells Komal Rana will join them later. We should go now. Komal asks him how they will get ready being handcuffed. He tells her to close her eyes. She keeps peeking though. He cannot take the shirt off so he wears it back. She tries helping him but he tells her he can do so himself. She apologizes. He says it will be better if you will keep your mouth closed. She wishes to wash face but then dismisses the idea. He tells her to hide the handcuff using her dupatta. People will question otherwise. I wont be able to answer everyone. She nods.

Pragya calls Teji. Please come to pick me up. He suggests calling driver but she says I cannot call anyone else. I dint do my homework and Vardaan punished me. He locked me in the room. Everyone has left already. I am alone. He gets angry. How dare Vardaan do so! I will come with Babu ji. He will teach him a good lesson. She somehow makes him agree to come alone.

Lucky and Komal reach venue. They find the place unkempt and nothing ready. Prem shares that he had everyone for the respective tasks but a group of people took them away. They were anti-valentine. He fears facing everyone as he took a loan for managing the party. Lucky tells him not to fear when. Komal adds that when Lucky and Badho is here. We will do everything. Prem calls it impossible but Komal encourages him (a little too excitedly). Sorry I got carried away. Lucky says yyou spoke the right thing for the first time. Arrange a few food items. We will make everything. Prem thanks him. Lucky tells him not to say so. Your and my time is bad. Komal mutters – not mine. Prem leaves. Lucky asks Komal how they will do everything in 2 hours. You spoke too much. She says I am getting ready for work. They do arrangements first. They are happy with the decorations.

Teji finds the door unlocked. Did Pragya ji run away? He goes inside and finds the room decorated. Pragya steps out saying surprise. Teji asks her what this drama is. She says it is your valentine gift. He asks her if she lied. She says she had no toher way. Would you have come to pick me up then? He asks her if she did all this for him. She nods. You looked so upset so I had to do something to cheer you up. He thinks there cannot be any worse plan than this but acts to be impressed. She asks him to dance with her but he pulls his hand back.

Lucky and Komal look at the quantity of food. Lucky says I wont be able to do this. She suggests cooking something which is less time consuming and fulfilling. He says we will cook aloo puri. She agrees. She walks around the pots looking for cylinder. He says I don’t want to take pheras with you again. He lights it for her. They both knead dough together. Lucky accidentally touches his messy hands to his forehead. She looks at him. He asks her about it. She shyly wipes it off his forehead. Lucky offers to put poori’s in the kadhai while she heats them. He gets burnt during the same. She cares for him. He finds a heart shaped poori. What’s this? She says this is valentine day special. He remarks that it is twisted like her. She says – tedha hai par mera hai. She wishes him happy valentine’s day when the poori gets ready. They both sit down to wait for Prem after completing everything. She sweetly puts a heart over her and his dress.

Precap: Teji holds Pragya’s hand. You made my day but wont you give me gift. He leans closer for a kiss. Lucky sings Humma Song. Everyone dances around happily. Prem gives 3 awards to special couples. Last one is for Lucky and Komal. Komal excitedly claps her hands thereby revealing the handcuff.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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